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Ticket presale 2016, New Year’s Eve party

From now on the first tickets u. a. for Olivia’s cult love tours and harbor cruises for 2016 on sale (Here you can already secure your desired dates) and also our gastronomic planning for the turn of the year is:

  • Olivia Jones Bar: Last regular opening day Wed 23.12.15, special opening on 30.12. (from 20 clock) and to New Year’s Party (from 21 clock, admission free!) and from 08.01.16 on Fridays and Saturdays (from 20 clock). From Thu. 04.02.16 open again normally.
  • Olivia’s Wild Guys: Last regular opening day Sat. 12.12.15. From Fri 05.02.16 open again normally.
  • Olivia’s Show Club: Last regular opening day Sat. 19.12.15, special opening for the New Year‘s Eve party (from 22.00, admission 10 €) on 31.12.15. From Fri. 12.02.16 open again normally.
  • Olivia Kiez Oasis: Last regular opening day Sat. 19.12.15. From Fri 06.05.16 open again normally.

Season final spurt, bachelor news, Cologne extension

The main season is coming to an end, but you still can not seem to get enough of us. Tickets for our autumn and winter Kieztouren are still here to buy and from the end of November so again opens “Santa Pauli”, Hamburg’s hottest Christmas market, which makes a visit to us even in the cold season even more attractive. ;)

News is also available on our »Miljö-Kieztouren«, which we have been organizing together with Willi Herren in Cologne since this summer. The feedback from you and the press is so positive and the demand so great that we have now extended the season by the end of the year and will expand capacity next year. Here’s more info, videos, tickets and dates.

And because of the great demand you can now in the »Olivia Jones Bar« z. B. Book a table for stag and hen parties – including unusual exams for the wedding party. Sing with the shemale or spit or swallow. Here you can learn more.

We look forward to seeing you :)

Willi Herren: From the big city to the summer jungle and back

This coming Saturday, Willi Herren will briefly exchange the urban jungle of Cologne with the »RTL Summer Jungle« (»I’m a star, let me go back in!«, RTL, 10:15 pm). His goal: to be the first jungle camp veteran to win a wildcard for the 2016 issue of “I’m a Star, Get Me Out of Here” in the new TV show. Of course the Olivia Jones family keeps their fingers crossed for him and chooses his fingers on Saturday. We would be glad if you could support him as well. And if you really want to experience Willi live and explore the red-light jungle of Cologne with him, then we warmly recommend his Miljö-Kieztour, which he designed together with us (information, tickets & Dates here) – in the extraordinary city tour of the wicked Friesenviertel (St. Pauli Cologne) even Cologne can learn something else:

Ticket alert / Newsletter

We inform via WhatsApp or Mail, z. Eg if there are new tickets for Olivia’s tours (about 1x / month).

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