Omega green

Omega Green Linseed Oil Mixture by Bio Planète

The linseed oil mixture was tried by our expectant product testers in various recipes. Bio Planète Omega Green accompanies you in the context of a health-conscious and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


The linseed oil mixture Omega Green is a finely tuned composition of various organic oils. The base is our very mild, 3-D-filtered linseed oil. With its diverse and rich ingredients, the oil mixture is the ideal companion to an active lifestyle. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. In particular, the contained omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid contributes to the maintenance of a normal blood cholesterol level in the context of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and health-conscious diet with a daily intake of 2 g (about 1 tbsp Omega Green)


Linseed oil (58%), pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, black cumin oil (10%)

Various application possibilities and tips:

Cold-pressed oils from the seeds of borage and black cumin and pumpkin seeds enrich the oil mixture with its exceptional taste and valuable ingredients. This makes Omega Green versatile: Breakfast quark, salads, soups and egg dishes, it gives a natural splash of color and strong flavor accents.

For example, in the smoothie


  • Special taste, pleasantly nutty, not bitter, balanced composition
  • Pleasant smell
  • Interesting color to use as a blob of color well
  • Pleasant “mouthfeeling”, round feeling on the tongue
  • Versatile: on the breakfast quark as well as in salads, vegetables, soups, as a refinement on cooked food and egg dishes such. scrambled eggs
  • Almost all testers can imagine using it regularly


  • The smell is – depending on preferences and tastes of (first) users – in some cases getting used to
  • The price moves in the upper segment
  • In one single case there were incompatibilities in the form of abdominal cramps, yet this subject also confirmed the extremely good taste of the oil


The oil mixture “Omega Green by Bio-Planetè is a high-quality oil, which is very versatile in its applications. The basis of the Omega Green oil mixture is native linseed oil. This consists of about two-thirds of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Alpha-linolenic acid contributes to the maintenance of a normal blood cholesterol level at a daily intake of 2 g. It is suitable for cold dishes such as salads or quark and yoghurt cereals, as well as to refine warm dishes such as soups, vegetables and eggs (eg scrambled eggs). For pleasant taste is still the aspect of a decorative “blob of color”, including, for example, on soups.

The test results in detail

High quality product and excellent quality – created by Jessica on 25.05.2016

1. First of all, many thanks for the Omega Green product test!

The test time is over, so here is my mail with my review and a few pictures.

The oil has a brownish-greenish color and its smell is at first somewhat unfamiliar and very intense, the black cumin is clearly visible here.

The taste is very special. You can tell immediately that this is a really high quality oil and not a supermarket product. Based on the smell, I wondered if it will really taste, because this particular had to get used to the intensity in the first place. It actually tastes absolutely not bitter and also feared by me intensive black cumin taste, instead, was a pleasantly slightly nutty taste to notice.

I have prepared different recipes with the oil, but it was best for me to salad tasted. It was the full taste and the oil was given the salad something special.

Overall, I think the Omega Green is great. One tastes that it is a high quality product and has excellent quality. At a price of just under 10.00 € for 100 ml, it is also very expensive. Quality has its price, for a regular use of the oil are 10,00 € still very much.

Best regards Jessica

Very pleasant – created by J. S. on 19.05.2016

  • How do you feel the smell of the oil??
    Very pleasant. The dark green color takes some getting used to, but the smell is good.
  • How do you feel the taste of the oil?
    It tastes better than many pure linseed oils (Bio-Planetè is the most pleasant one anyway). It goes perfectly with salads, soups or scrambled eggs.
  • What about the "mouth feeling", the sensation on the tongue, on the palate and in the entire mouth?
    Pleasant and “round”, so soft.
  • For which dishes is the linseed oil mixture in your opinion especially good?
    Vegetable soups (as a splash of color on top), salads, scrambled eggs (also dribble on the finished egg on top)
  • Can you imagine using the oil regularly??
    Yes, so far I have also liked to use Omega Pink, but there is always so much hanging down (despite vigorous shaking). At Omega Green, the individual oils do not separate and it tastes very good, so I’ll probably change.

Fine, fine-smelling linseed oil mixture – from F.B. created on 20.05.2016

The oil mixture Omega Green by Bio-Planetè is a fine, fine-smelling linseed oil mixture that is wholesome, light, balanced and without any bitterness in the taste. The various ingredients are precious and well-balanced in the mix, so that no flavor prevails, and no dominant flavor bothers the image.
When unpacking, it feels comfortable and light.

It is environmentally friendly and original packed in strips of cardboard, which protectively envelop it for transport. The cardboard cover is well suited, but can be z. T. difficult to close again.

Suitable is the oil m. E. for salad dressings, where its subtlety and freshness come to the train, together with goat or sheep’s cheese and also for the Budwig muesli. The oil gives a freshness and nourishment without annoying taste.

In soups and cooked or baked dishes, it only makes sense to add at the end, because otherwise it loses many valuable parts.
A lentil soup with celery, carrots, cream cheese wins but very much by this addition, as we found.

The price is certainly slightly higher compared to larger containers.
It would be interesting to analyze the influence of filtration on omega3, minerals, vitamins and other valuable substances.

Thank you for coming to know this good product and I wish you every success!

Kind regards

Taste really delicious, but unfortunately not tolerated – by N.H. created on 24.05.2016

4. Unfortunately I did not tolerate the oil at all.

Whenever I used it I had abdominal cramps.

The taste has been really delicious and he has really improved the food.

I am thrilled – by A.F. created on 24.05.2016

5. My rating for Ölmixtur Omega Green

So I’m excited about the mix of 4 different oils. Already the smell of the oil I like. First, the black cumin came to meet me. I’m a fan of it anyway.
I have often used this oil for salads.
On the other hand, I also do it on cooked dishes on the plate.

I even used it in my morning quark with nuts and oatmeal.
The pure oil on the tongue I can not judge that I do not like in principle.

From me the oil mixture gets full 5 points.
I can imagine using the oil regularly.

Intense taste – from A.O. created on 29.05.2016

6. The test questions

  • How do you feel the smell of the oil??
    Somewhat intrusive
  • How do you feel the taste of the oil?
    Very intensive
  • What about the "mouth feeling", the sensation on the tongue, on the palate and in the entire mouth?
    pleasant feeling
  • For which dishes is the linseed oil mixture in your opinion especially good?
    Vegetables and salads
  • Can you imagine using the oil regularly??
    Already, since it is very healthy


Pleasant taste – created by Kerstin on 12.06.2016

7. The test questions

  • How do you feel the smell of the oil??
    I like the smell of the oil
  • How do you feel the taste of the oil?
    The taste is pleasant to me
  • What about the "mouth feeling", the sensation on the tongue, on the palate and in the entire mouth?
    The oil is good to swallow, also pure
  • For which dishes is the linseed oil mixture in your opinion especially good?
    Happy in all salads; In the morning I also make an EL to the oatmeal

Great taste, successful blend – created by Andrea on 13.06.2016

8th. Hello dear Naturheilmagazin team,

Finally, my experiences with the Omega Green Linseed Oil Mixture:

The oil smells very pleasant, the scent of pumpkin seed oil outweighs. As soon as it is pure on the tongue, the black cumin oil dominates the taste. It tastes very delicious, I like to take half a teaspoon pure. The oil tastes great in lettuce, especially rocket. Also in smoothies with vegetables, it can mix well. Personally, I like it best in dairy products. Yogurt with Amarena cherries and a dollop of omega green were my favorite. In the picture below, I mixed a small amount with Demeterquark, pears and Amarena cherries. But that is certainly a matter of taste and not everyone likes this composition :-)

I can imagine very well to take the oil also pure daily to me. However, I had the problem that I have to break up the black cumin oil for a while. But does not have to be like that with everybody.

Thank you for allowing me to test this great product.

Slightly aromatic, pleasant, unobtrusive – by U.D. created on 13.06.2016

9. The test questions

    How do you feel the smell of the oil??
    slightly aromatic, pleasant, unobtrusive

  • How do you feel the taste of the oil?
    • What about the "mouth feeling", the sensation on the tongue, on the palate and in the entire mouth?
      mild, without aftertaste, pleasant feeling
    • For which dishes is the linseed oil mixture in your opinion especially good?
      Combination with dairy products, salads, meat dishes
    • Can you imagine using the oil regularly??
      well imaginable

    Nutty flavor – from T.G. created on 15.06.2016

    10. The smell was pleasant and not disturbing!
    The taste was nutty on the finish!
    The mouth feeling was good, no aftertaste and no coating on the tongue!
    I used the oil mainly for salads!
    I could imagine using the oil regularly, but the bottles are so small, you always have to buy new ones too fast!

    Very intense taste – from M.H. created on 19.06.2016

    11. Dear Naturopathic Magazine,

    I have now added the oil to my diet for several weeks and now report
    about my feelings.

  • The smell of the oil: It has a slightly strong smell, but not unpleasant.
  • The taste of the oil: The oil tastes very intense. It spreads quite quickly in the mouth and can not be neutralized as quickly with “too much”. Delicately dosed, it has a warm taste that is intense, special but friendly.
  • The oil is suitable m.E. For:
    1. (especially) salads that have no proper flavor, such as Lettuce and for soups it was very very fine. Otherwise, I tried it in all dishes and found to be good.
    2. For vegetable chips and steamed vegetables, I can recommend it as well as for tomato mozzarella and for Ruccola and Nusslisalat.
    3. The potato salad has a very fine note as well as leek, pasta salad and quinoa dishes.
    4. My personal highlight with the oil was asparagus quiche and baked asparagus.
    5. For muesli I find it personally not suitable. Also sweet quark dishes I found not fine.
    • I can imagine using the oil regularly.
    • What I feel as a shortcoming is the size of the bottle. Since I feel the oil is quite intense and it’s really just a tiny drop by drop I probably need forever to empty the bottle. Half the bottle size would be absolutely sufficient for me in a 2 person household. We are vegetarian and like to use and a lot of fine oils, and there are also different. Not always just one.
    • I give the product 4 stars. I do not give the 5 star because of the product size.

    Thank you so much that I was allowed to test the oil. I had a lot of fun trying it out and
    also on discovering new food.

    Best regards and a wonderful summer time

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