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Geilenkirchen makes children strong with the Safe-Strong team!

It was time again in Geilenkirchen. The parents of the city of Geilenkirchen make your children strong! The nationwide well-known child prevention concept from the Sicherheit-Stark organization was very well received by parents and children. Mother and organizers Sabine Fischer invited and performed in the AWO day care center in Geilenkirchen.

Cities and communities make children strong!
AWO day care center Geilenkirchen makes children strongly!
Abuse, violence and bullying also exist in Aachen and other cities. It is all the more important to strengthen children in the region with the Safe and Strong concept. And that is exactly what the Federal Office Safe-Strong takes care of with the "Strong Kids Network", which has been branching out ever since 1992. “Many day-care centers, primary schools and clubs in Germany have already been supported by the nationwide network and parent forum. In Baesweiler, a complete project day was used again to protect children from abuse, violence and bullying. The work is not a matter of course, ”says host Sabine Fischer,“ because there are parents in the region who believe that their child would be adequately protected. ”

The police crime Statistics However, there are other figures: child abuse has continued to increase, around 40 new cases per day are reported, but the number of unreported cases is much higher!

Cities and communities make children strong!

For this reason, it is important to be active in advance, because every child who is abused is one child too many.

AWO Kita Geilenkirchen makes children strong!
For this reason, a Safe and Strong course for preschool and first and second class children will take place on July 13, 2019. These Safe and Strong events are already running every week in Germany.

As with football, the focus is on the team. The preschool children set up group rules with the Safe-Strong trainer and took part in a one-day training session on the topic of “doing well”. All the children were very impressed by the dolls Felix and Lara, which must not be missing from any of the Safe-Stark events.

Cities and communities make children strong!
The child prevention concept from the Sicherheit-Stark organization enables children to have a special learning experience on the premises of the AWO day care center. Every child experiences strengths that they didn’t know about before. For years, primary schools in Germany have been trained in workshops lasting several days.

AWO Kita Geilenkirchen makes children strong!
This includes the focus on violence and addiction prevention. We hope that the preschool children will remember this Safe and Strong Day for a long time and never come into such dangerous situations.

There was special praise for the organizers Sabine Fischer, who had prepared the event perfectly and received the children and parents with a lot of warmth.

More information about the prevention program here.

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Cities and communities make children strong!

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