Online casino making money 2019 – is it possible?

Do you really want to cash in on your games in the online casino in the future? Then you are right in our guide on the subject of "Can I make money at the casino?".

  • We’ll show you which ones Play with tactics, strategy or training to increase your winnings can.
  • classic games roulette must not be missing in any online casino and offers you the opportunity to win more with strategies.
  • But also with the digital machine there are tactics that can increase profits.
  • poker is probably one of the few games of chance where you can increase your winnings through training.
  • Blackjack with strategy and the right diagram? No problem, we’ll show you how you can win more in blackjack.
  • And if you ask yourself whether it new live casino gamesThere are also tactics to win more, you will find the answers with us.
  • We’ll show you how to build your own strategy with our tips and how to do it Avoid spontaneous wrong decisions in the future can!

Earn money in the online casino – I can make money in the casino?

Get rich in the online casino: Everyone dreams of a carefree life in financial security. Some players try to achieve this dream in the casino. But is this idea real at all? Can Really Big Winnings Be Realized In Online Casinos? Yes! With our tips for making money in the casino. All first hand and all tested by real experts. We provide you with the best strategies for the most important casino games to make money in the casino!

The casinos with the highest payout ratio
1 Experience report

Payout rates of almost 98%

Perfect for roulette players

Payout rates of almost 97%

Great 100% welcome bonus for beginners

Payout rates of 96%

Up to € 100 welcome bonus

Ideal for high rollers

With these games you can skim off properly in the online casino!

We now go straight into the topic of making money online and introduce you to the most important games in which you can maximize your winnings with strategy, training and tactics. When we talk about games in which you can maximize your winnings with maximum training, it certainly means online poker. A real poker professional calculates probabilities in your head. This mental arithmetic has to be trained. The more and more games are played, the faster this will happen. That In online poker you can maximize your winnings by training regularly and a lot.

It looks a little easier with games of chance where you can play with a strategy. Classic roulette should be mentioned here, for example. As a rule, there is always a 50/50 chance if you limit yourself to betting on one color and the La Partage rule is used (if the 0 is hit, the stakes decrease). That Here you can always generate a safe win with a betting strategy and doubling the stakes. But it is relatively boring. It would be much more interesting to work with a Fibonacci application adaptation, for example. How it works? In the course of this guide, we provide the appropriate tactics and strategy explanation!

You can also tact against the luck factor at slots

For a long time, the following rule applied in the online casino: Profits from digital machines cannot be maximized through strategy, tactics or training. One speaks of pure games of chance that cannot be influenced by one’s own actions. A random generator decides. We see it a little differently: Because now there are newer slot manufacturers that allow you to use, for example, an automatic deployment adjustment strategy.

The machine then automatically increases or minimizes the stake in the car game based on the winnings or losses. In that case, one could already speak of a smaller strategy. However, we will also tell you in the further part of the guide that you can also proceed with a general strategy at the machines with a strategy. Because we have editorial experts who swear that they can also win strategically with digital machines. How it works? Continue reading!

Roulette strategy: this is how you win with roulette

The classic gambling game roulette probably know most of the players. We are talking about one of the simplest games of chance that no casino can do without. Whether as a table game or as a live game. If we now take a closer look at the roulette table and here the Tabelau, then there are a variety of options. In addition to risky options such as betting on a certain number, there are also betting options that give a 50/50 chance. That would be, for example, betting on the color red or black. And this is where most of the strategies come in!

Betting strategies in roulette: Martingale or Fibonacci – which is better

In the so-called Martingale strategy, we are talking about a classic doubling strategy. Here stakes are stubbornly doubled. A stake is set. We use ten euros for the example. The color is always the same. We bet ten euros on red and lose. Now we double the bet to € 20 and bet again on red. We lose again. Now we double the bet to € 40 and bet on red. This time we win. The casino pays € 80. If we now deduct our stakes of € 40, € 20 and € 10 from the € 80, a net profit of € 10 remains. We start the game again with ten euros and bet on red.

At the latest now it becomes clear: This system could be taught to a trained monkey. Say: super boring to earn this kind of at Ged Casino. At the same time it is the case that the profit is only as high as the first chosen bet. If we were to choose this bet extremely high, for example € 100 and lose it twice as in the example, you would have to place a bet of € 400 in the third bet. If you lose it twice, the stake already amounts to € 1,600. Now, at the latest, we are encountering the betting limits of the online casino and the strategy is not working. Therefore, this strategy can actually only be successfully played with a small initial bet!

In this case, the so-called Fibonacci application adjustment is much more interesting. In this case too, a certain color is always used. The stakes are not stubbornly doubled, but increase with the help of a number column. it looks like this if you start with a 1:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, …

The bet increases are linear with the doubling strategy. If we use the Fibonacci strategy, the stakes only increase exponentially. In that case we don’t bump that way fast to the betting limit of the online casino.

At this point we want to dig deeper into the matter. We already mentioned very briefly that there is also zero on the tableau. Typically, hitting the number causes the bets to be lost. Unless, of course, a certain regulation (La Partage) is used. It can be different. Either the stakes are paid back in full to the players. That would be the best possible solution for players. Or the bets stop on the board and the wheel is turned again. This option also allows players to live. Depending on how the hitting 0 is scored, the house edge in roulette also changes. This is usually 2.17%. If the rule is used, it is reduced to 1.35%.

Slots – don’t let anything tell you: Here too there are tips for maximizing profits

As already explained in the introduction, we believe that also with digital machine can be played strategically. Before we get into this topic, however, it is important for us to point out one aspect: These strategies with the digital machines never work 100 percent. We are talking more about a tactical approach and "taking advantage" of the payout ratios. This strategy cannot be proven purely mathematically. As a rule, however, it rises to a high percentage. Also an option to make money in the casino.

Therefore, you should understand the following tips and tricks as a suggestion if you love digital machines like our editors. Then you try to develop your own strategy based on the tactic tips that are now presented. First read the following paragraphs. At the end of this part of the guide, we explain again exactly what we mean by using our tips to develop a personal strategy.

Earn money in the casino: The choice of slots is crucial! That’s how it’s done!

Let’s get started very simply: digital machines differ in their payout ratio. A high payout ratio means that winnings are fairly common. When they come, however, they turn out to be quite low. A low payout ratio means that profits rarely come. If a profit is made, it is usually high. We now use machines with a relatively high payout ratio for our tactics. Preferably the new releases from the new game manufacturers. For example White Rabbit or Rocket Men.

White Rabbit has a special function. You can win a free spin round here by hitting a certain bonus symbol often enough. But you also have the option to buy this bonus game for a very high stake (from ten euros). As a rule, this bonus game doubles the purchase price. Rocket Men is one of the machines that offer a variety of additional features and bonus games. Here, winnings are not only hit relatively often, the bonus games actually appear every few spins.

Our recommendation: White Rabbit and Rocket Men – two new ones with high RTP

We use exactly these two machines and start playing with a total credit of € 100. An application value of EUR 0.10 is set. First, the machine (Rocket Men) is played with the variety of bonus games. And that until a bonus game is reached. After winning the bonus game, this machine will end for today. We switch to the White Rabbit slot. If we have won ten euros or more with the previous bonus game, the bonus game is immediately bought here (ten euros).

If the bonus game at Rocket Men was less than ten euros, this machine is now played with a stake of ten cents in the car game. With a loss limit of half of the previous win of the bonus game. It is played until ten euros or more have been won. Unless the credit runs out first. These ten euros are now being used to buy the bonus game.

Our editors have found that only in exceptional cases is it really less that the bonus game costs. If things go badly, the profit fluctuates between 11 and 13 €. If it goes well, you can win up to € 50. No matter how it goes after you’ve played this bonus game, it’s over again. We use strategically, so to speak, that the machine has paid us off and do not want to feed this machine again with credit. However, this procedure is a purely subjective perception. This cannot be proven mathematically! But just give it a try.

Earn money in the casino? At the end of the day, a jackpot slot is “taken away”

As a final step in this tactic, it is important that a certain number of spins are played on a jackpot slot every day. Here always with minimal effort. We really only do this to take away the opportunity to become a millionaire every day. Similar to the weekly lottery ticket. You also fill it out, without assuming that you will be the lucky winner of the millions. If you would refrain from filling out the bill, there would be no chance of becoming a millionaire and never having to work again.

What about the slots with 243 lines or more? That’s a good question. Their RTP would offer to change the tactics significantly. Namely the White Rabbit against the 243 line slot. First Rocket Men and then winning the XXL line slot. We believe that our variant is the better one because we have been very lucky with the White Rabbit bonus game many times. You would then gamble on the 243 line slot to win the Rocket Men. Hoping for a big win. If it falls like in our screenshot, it starts again the next day. At least that’s how our editors go about making money from slots in the casino

You should now adapt these specifications to your personal specifications!

If you have followed the steps carefully up to this point, you could say: Yes, but what if I only lose? Of course, you set a daily loss limit at the beginning of this strategy. With a starting credit of € 100, this amounts to exactly € 20 per day. That if we start with Rocket Men, we gamble here a maximum of ten euros in total. If you lose them completely without hitting a bonus game or generating a profit (which is actually almost impossible with the high payout ratio), he changes to the White Rabbit after losing ten euros.

In this case, we recommend that you immediately buy the bonus game for ten euros. It is apparently not your day and the losing streak is at the start. Now watch the machine as the other ten euros are slowly used up in the car game or take full risk and use these ten euros to buy the bonus game. With an almost certain probability, you should assume today that in this case the profit will also be relatively moderate. You cannot completely do without it. Finally, we want to start the tactic again the next day.

This cannot be proven mathematically, but …

Basically, this tactic is based on skillfully buying bonus games and consistently quitting when bonus games are hit. The latter is high art: if you win, happiness will be released in your brain. You want to continue playing now because your brain wants these substances again. It is now time to stop here. By the way: The whole thing can now be combined with an automatic deployment adjustment strategy. However, this is not offered in the two machines.

The house edge with slots can be seen in the RTP (payout ratio). an RTP of 98% means a house edge for the casino of 2%. At 97% it would be 3% for the casino.

Win with poker – when training and hard work really pay off

Long before online casinos really got going, online conquered poker the segment. Millions of players worldwide played against other players at online poker tables. The hype really took off when the big poker providers moved celebrities to play on their portals. News portals and poker reports about big tournaments were on everyone’s lips, so to speak. Players who have mastered classic online poker started playing at several tables online at the same time. Multi-tabling was born. Real professionals were able to play a handful of games at the same time and thus maximize their winnings per hour. Other players formed so-called poker networks and tried to generate high monthly sales with swarm intelligence. And in online poker, we’re talking about one of the few games of chance where players can improve their winnings, especially with intensive training!

Earn money in the casino: Poker providers with learning opportunities

When it comes to poker, the following applies: If you don’t fight your way through a whole series of specialist advice and start to internalize the learning material, you can’t play with the really big ones. A real poker professional has a high level of expertise and is able to carry out complex calculations in his head within a few seconds. Both are aspects for which you either have a talent or which you have to train. On the other hand, this is also an exceptional case in online gambling: Because If you train regularly and a lot in poker, you consistently increase your performance level. It’s like video games. Whoever plays daily reaches a certain level. He is then much better than a player who only plays every few days.

However, in order to catch up with the level of eSports professionals, a talent is now also required. You can’t train that. The same applies to poker: whether you rise to a real ace depends on your talent. You can do better than the average player by increasing your training volume. And since there are always new players in online poker, there will always be opponents who are worse than you. Tournaments are much more interesting than cashing in on fish (beginners). They also take place online. They have prize money for cutting off certain positions. And these tournaments are especially worthwhile if you have already acquired poker expertise. You can get this on relevant portals with learning opportunities. A whole range of poker providers now offer this.

Due to the training and tactics options, players can expect a house advantage of 0.5%.

Blackjack Strategy: How Can I Count Cards Online?

Maybe you have heard of that in classic casinos Blackjack-When it comes to tables, there are always players who are counting cards. By card counting we mean that a player at the blackjack table is able to use the cards that were revealed to the players in front of him to assess whether it is worth playing his cards. That sounds a bit complex now. Put simply, the whole thing looks like this: The card counter is in the last position.

The players in front of him all receive a card. He also takes and pays for this bet. Then he looks at which second cards the players receive in front of him. Five players sit in front of him and are dealt two cards each. Now the card counter already knows ten cards from the card deck, which he can no longer hit with his second card. Based on these ratings, the player then tries to predict when particularly good cards will be hit in his hand. Offline a risky option to make money in the casino.

Card counting is prohibited and is not clear online

The system assumes that the counter pays a whole series of bets and then stops playing. That stands out. Only when he is sure that a good hand will follow will he play a very high stake to recapture the previously lost stakes. At this point at the latest, card counting in most offline casinos stands out 100 percent. The card counter is removed from the table and its winnings are retained.

Card counting is prohibited in offline casinos. If players are caught, they lose their winnings. At the same time, they land on a black list and have a hard time playing in larger offline casinos in the future. When playing online you don’t have to worry about the aspect. Card counting is not possible there. Because there the card decks and sledges change several times per round. That card counting of the other players is impossible.

Nevertheless, you can play strategy online at blackjack!

The so-called blackjack diagram is used here. The whole thing looks like our screenshot. Basically, this diagram tells you exactly what to do with which cards face up. You see the dealer hand on the diagram and choose your values. Exactly at this entry there is, for example, the request to pass or to increase now. Basically super simple. By the way, a real blackjack professional has this diagram in mind.

The house edge in blackjack is between 0.28 and 2%! In addition to Texas Holdem one of the games that bring the best advantage for the player. However, the 0.28% is only achieved if the blackjack diagram is used!

The new ones in the league: This is how you clock Live at Dreamcatcher & Co

The question still arises, how is it with the new one in the federal government? Because in the live casino there are now a few new games of chance that are not adaptations of classic games of chance. In this case we are talking about the new Deal or No Deal, Dreamcatcher or Monopoly live. All super exciting games of chance with which game manufacturer Evolution brought significant movement into the segment. And before we get lost in explanations here: With these games, it looks similar to digital machines. Gains or losses depend solely on a random number generator. A real betting strategy doesn’t work either, because we’re not talking about 50/50 chance games. But what’s going on and what we urgently recommend to you: Even with these games, we can play a kind of daily bet, so to speak, similar to how we presented it with digital machines. The same applies here: if the payout ratio was met and a profit was generated, it was the same as with the games on this live game on the day.

Dreamcatcher owns about 3.42%. Deal or No Deal brings it to around 2.7% and the digital live monopoly to around 3.1%.

Infobox: These winners did everything right

  • in the Casino ClubIn 2014, for example, a player managed to generate a profit of 30,000 euros only with free games. The special thing about it is that the lady did not have to use a cent of own money for this.
  • Sensational $ 4,188,719.98 was cleared by Sylvia P. at Joyland Casino, and while she was only running the game on the side, but actually called her brother on the phone.
  • A player from London earned eight million US dollars at his first online casino session at the Intercasino
  • In the end, $ 1,427,369 was on the check from Londoner Amanda, which she received from Roxy Casino.

You have to avoid these mistakes, otherwise you will lose money in the casino

1. How high should I bet? No money management = sure loss!

If you want to play strategically, you have to use a monemanagement system. Colloquially also called bankroll management. Basically, a formula tells you exactly how high your bets can be. The use of such a system is essential for success! It doesn’t work without it! Read our guide on bankroll management and try to orientate yourself on its guidelines.

2. One more is possible? Master the art of quitting

The most important element of our slot strategy: In right Stop moment. In the very same place in which your brain releases the dopamine as stupidly because a high profit is just appearing on the screen. Playing now would be fatal. Quitting, even if it’s hard, is the great art of making money at the casino. At least with slots!

3. I don’t know the game at all! Knows your game, otherwise it won’t work!

Without knowing a game, be it slots or classic games of chance, you cannot make money with it. But on the contrary. You spend money. And that in the form of "teaching fees" (lost bets). And only to understand the game. A fatal beginner mistake: Because for this procedure you can play any game in play money mode. Here you can expect the same random generator and an identical game principle as the real money colleague. Just with the difference that you don’t have to pay any bets here and train with play money!

4. Daily limit exceeded again? patience & Self-control leads to high profits

That mustn’t happen to you! If it happens, you have not followed the quitting rule. Or bankroll management. But it doesn’t matter. Just can’t happen. If you want to earn money in the casino, you have to stick to your own guidelines. See it all like a company. As an entrepreneur, you do not buy raw materials without end and wonder why there is no money left for wages.

Game selected, tactics considered? Then make a plan

Let’s summarize the most important steps again:

  1. Pick a game you know (otherwise play money mode and train until you master it)
  2. Pick out one of our tactics. Adjust these to your specifications (stake via your bankroll management)
  3. Prepare a plan now. Use a tool like Excel or something similar. Record your daily gains and losses for each day
  4. Now start to implement your strategy and stick to the guidelines!

If it gets too boring – you prevent spontaneous wrong decisions

Many of these tactics are rather boring. Or you could teach them to a trained monkey. But in order to be able to successfully earn money in the casino, you have to adhere to the strategy. Even if it seems boring. In the long run, this will generate decent profits. But we have a hot tip for you: If you are looking for variety, you will not gamble away any winnings in the casino. Plays with a full-service provider that also offers a bookmaker portal! And now switch to the sports betting portal and bet a little. It’s also fun and makes a change from the strategic game in the casino.

Conclusion: Now go, choose a game, choose tactics and earn money in the casino!

Enough words. Now it’s your turn. starts earn money with it in the casino and follow our guidelines. Start with roulette and betting strategy in a play money game. Find a suitable casino from ours beforehand Casino comparison out! This gives you a first feeling for strategic gaming. Document these games for fun with paper and pencil. Are you having fun? If so, find one of our tactics to make money in the casino and start winning! We have provided you with the necessary background knowledge! And make sure you get a bonus from the Casino bonus comparison, then there is double credit for your strategic play!


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