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In addition to the professional Microsoft Office, the free OpenOffice, which emerged from the German StarOffice, is the most well-known and widely used office suite. Calculating, writing and presenting – no problem with the open source office package.

Note: OpenOffice is available both as an installation version and as a portable version. OpenOffice Portable does not require any installation and can be run on any computer from the USB stick on request. Both versions can be found under our download buttons.

Furthermore, OpenOffice templates are available. More information about these and a download possibility can be found under the previous link.

OpenOffice: Full functionality, completely free

The free office suite OpenOffice, as a combination of various programs, is a welcome alternative to Microsoft’s paid office suite

  • word processing
  • spreadsheet
  • presentation
  • To draw
  • formula Editor
  • Database program.

In addition, most OpenOffice files and modules are compatible with Microsoft Office without much difficulty, making them easy to import and export.

Specifically, the program modules of OpenOffice are for editing texts Writer (equivalent to Microsoft Word), for tables Calc (Excel), for presentations Impress (Powerpoint), for drawing Draw and for databases base (Access). A mail application such as Outlook in Microsoft Office is missing. The current OpenOffice suite is cross-platform for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux / Unix. Especially in the Linux and Unix area OpenOffice often already belongs as a standard office for the first installation.

OpenOffice: A look back into old office space

StarOffice was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1999 and split into the free and GNU licensed OpenOffice branch and the still commercially distributed StarOffice. The OpenOffice or (which is the correct name of the software) program, which was co-authored by free and Sun developers, quickly became a viable alternative to Microsoft’s office.

The birds in the logo of Apache OpenOffice stand for the free usability of the office suite. As a free alternative to Microsoft Office, the free Office suite for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, and other Unix variants quickly became generally popular among software users.

Originally known as, the freeware since version 3.4.0 leads the name Apache OpenOffice, to avoid trademark issues with proprietary products that fall back on the product OpenOffice. Also occurring confusion with the meanwhile adjusted StarOffice of Oracle brought this change with itself.

The relationship between the two non-identical programs can be traced back to a common origin in development. In 2000, Apache OpenOffice originated from the published source code of Oracle’s StarOffice (which was acquired by Sun Microsystems) and has since been further developed by the manufacturer Apache Software Foundation.

Discrepancies between Oracle and the former developers over Oracle’s licensing and developer policies occurred in 2010, culminating in the transfer of all rights to the Apache Software Foundation the following year.

Apache OpenOffice: Programmed Diversity

With Apache OpenOffice, you get a whole package of free-to-use programs to help you cope with everyday office life. In addition to the Office Suite for various operating systems and in many languages, OpenOffice also offers an open source project, which is constantly being improved by many honorary members.

OpenOffice templates

Anyone who uses a word processing program and often needs it, is certainly happy to be in possession of templates for certain correspondence, presentations and the like. And that also in the German language. OpenOffice templates makes it possible.

The freeware is aimed exclusively at the users of word processing programs OpenOffice-Variant, who uses about Microsoft Office, the free download does not bring much. Users of LibreOffice, the successor to the OpenOffice suite, benefit from the templates. Whether for invoices, professional correspondence or even for private matters such as keeping household books, at least one of the 130 different templates can certainly use anyone who works with the open source software.

Templates of every conceivable color

There are labels and labels included, templates for all types of forms, templates for calculations, for correspondence of any kind and for presentations for any purpose, for project management, but also some templates for advertising on their own behalf or the pure fun in between. All these templates can be used as you like, they are completely released by the developer Apache OpenOffice.

Trying out harms nothing

The multitude of these templates goes far beyond the ability offered by commercial vendors such as Microsoft with its Microsoft Office suite. The developers have thought of almost everything. Anyone who has worked hard while working with OpenOffice until now, because the corresponding templates are missing, should take a closer look at the free download offered here.

OpenOffice Writer – The intuitive word processor

The most frequently used module, the word processor OpenOffice Writer, offers extensive formatting options for texts, as known from Microsoft Word. For example, page numbers can be inserted in texts for professional pagination, individual pages or entire documents can be set to landscape format, the line spacing can be changed, or the structure of documents with various directories such as tables of contents can be documented.

OpenOffice Writer templates also simplify repetitive tasks such as writing a resume for an application or writing letters. Users can also create their own OpenOffice templates. Help in using the various possibilities of Writer is e.g. the likewise free OpenOffice Writer manual.

OpenOffice Calc – The General Purpose Spreadsheet

Also the module OpenOffice Calc offers its counterpart Microsoft Excel similar functions. The program can be used to create, manage and analyze data in tables. For calculations, there are a large number of functions, to illustrate table contents, OpenOffice Calc offers various diagrams. For both functions and diagrams, the module provides wizards that make it easier to use or create them.

Furthermore, OpenOffice Calc can import many file formats such as Excel spreadsheets or even CSV files and even tables from HTML documents. In addition, many additional functions can be added as add-ons to the spreadsheet.

OpenOffice Impress – Impressive Presentations

With OpenOffice Impress can be created similar to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. These can be provided with many different backgrounds as well as with different visual extensions, such as diagrams or multimedia objects. In addition, for the slides also transition effects can be set, which may also be different for individual slides of a presentation.

OpenOffice Impress also offers a wizard as well as various templates for presentations, which can be supplemented with your own and downloaded from the Internet templates as desired. You can also export Impress presentations to Powerpoint format and import Powerpoint presentations. In addition, an export of presentations in PDF format and even in SWF format (Flash) is possible.

Note: In addition to Apache OpenOffice, there is also the offshoot LibreOffice. There is currently no OpenOffice 64-bit for Windows, only for Linux a 64-bit variant was compiled.

On the subject:

Microsoft Office or a free alternative?

Microsoft Office has long been the undisputed leader in office software. Meanwhile, there are numerous alternatives that can be downloaded for free. What do you prefer? Take our survey and find out how the other readers voted!

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