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Speed ​​and security – these are the key factors that make Opera Download the most competitive with competing browsers. Besides, Opera is of course completely free.

Note: Opera is available as an installation version for both 64-bit and 32-bit machines and as a portable version. Opera Portable does not need to be installed and can be run on any computer from the USB stick on request. The corresponding downloads can be found via our buttons above or to the side.

Opera for Mac is also available:

The browser is also available in the pre-release versions Opera Beta and Opera Developer:

Download Opera Beta * Download Opera Developer *

Furthermore, there is Opera Mini as an app for Android. More information and the APK download can be found under the link.

As an alternative, portable version of the browser in the popular version 12, Opera @ USB also exists:

Furthermore, Opera 12 is also available as an installation version:

With Opera GX, a version of the browser is also available for gamers with corresponding features.

The Opera browser of the Norwegian manufacturer of the same name has since developed from an underdog to a true alternative. Of the Opera Download convinces above all by an appealing interface and allows the user to surf the net quickly and safely.

Like its competitors, the Internet browser offers a private mode. If this is activated, the visited pages are neither stored in the browser cache nor can they be found in the history. Also for Opera are a lot of add-ons available, with which you can extend the functionality of the browser.

By default, the address field of Opera Download is also a search bar at the same time. Here you can enter search terms, Opera will offer you suggestions for the most frequent search terms as you type. The search is done on the preferred by you search engine, which you can set in the options.

Opera Download – user interface according to your wishes

The user interface of the Opera Download can be adapted to your wishes and needs. So you can choose from a whole range of colorful designs your favorites or create your own design. Even buttons and toolbars can be easily adapted to your preferences and move.

A preview of individual tabs can be obtained by moving the mouse pointer over a tab. With the Opera Download you can also make tabs out of several tabs. So you also keep the overview with many open tabs. If you move the mouse pointer over such a tab group, a preview of the tabs contained therein, from which the desired tab can be selected.

The accidental closing of tabs can be prevented with the Opera Download by right-clicking a tab. Fixed tabs are automatically placed to the left of the other tabs, making them easier to find. If you have accidentally closed a non-fixed tab, you can open it again by clicking on the “Closed Tabs” icon.

In addition to annoying pop-ups that the Opera Download blocks by default, you can also selectively block images and videos on a web page. Select “Block content” and then click on annoying elements. As a pleasant side effect the page loads with blocked images much faster, since the browser does not even load them. In order to optimize the browser speed even more, plugins like Flash can only be loaded when appropriate content has been called up.

Opera web browser with focus on speed and security

Another novelty that should increase the speed of loading web pages on slow network connections is the Opera Turbo technology. Opera Turbo is activated by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner of the browser. With activated Opera Turbo, a website is always first sent to the Opera server and compressed there. This compressed version is then loaded by Opera, making it up to five times faster than other browsers. But do not worry: secure connections will not be redirected via the Opera server, but will be exchanged in direct communication with the website. Your confidential data will remain reserved for you.

Opera’s collaboration with leading security vendors enables the browser to check in real-time the web pages you visit, warning you of potentially dangerous sites. Colored icons on the left edge of the address bar also indicate how good the page’s encryption quality is, giving you a quick overview of whether the page is transferring your sensitive information securely. You can also protect your privacy by using private tabs or windows. After closing private tabs or windows you delete all traces of your internet history.

With Dragonfly, Opera offers an integrated debugging environment that lets you examine the DOM tree and CSS files of an HTML document as well as network traffic. Furthermore, you can also identify errors in the JavaScript code and analyze the data store.

On the subject:

Opera is the first browser to offer mouse gesture support. Frequently used browser functions can now be executed with a quick mouse movement. For an introduction to the available mouse gestures, simply hold the right mouse button on a web page.

Since Opera 45, the browser has introduced the new features of the Reborn project in the final version. Most notable changes are the completely redesigned interface as well as the integration of Messenger WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Opera Mini for Android as APK download

Opera Mini is the little brother of the PC browser Opera, which is available for both Android and iOS. Here you can download the Android version of the smartphone browser for download as an APK file.

The Opera Mini APK contains an ad blocker, and the content is compressed before being transferred to the terminal. Through these two measures, the browser reaches a high speed while surfing.

Use the browser on Android smartphones with the Opera Mini APK

Furthermore, the Opera Mini-APK web pages can be automatically searched for downloadable video and music files and these are also downloaded. Downloads made with the browser are displayed in a clear window.

Opera Mini for Android is also available in the Play Store as an alternative to the APK download:

Opera Mini also includes a Facebook notification bar that shows you new posts from your friends on the social network. Furthermore, an incognito mode is implemented, which allows you to surf without saving visited pages in the history.

An intelligent night mode for eye-friendly reading is also integrated in the app. With an Opera account you can compare currently accessed pages, speed-dial entries, bookmarks and opened tabs with Opera on PC and on other devices.

Furthermore, the Opera Mini App shows you favored websites and new content on the homepage.

Conclusion: Despite its many additional functions, the Freeware Opera is largely lean and clear – this should evoke respect even among fans of Internet Explorer. Phishing protection, BitTorrent client and above all the short loading times make Opera an excellent web browser

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