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A bomber on the road withstands storms and is suitable for use in meadows

  • Advantages: easy handling, large tires, thick soft mattress, large shopping basket, wind and stormproof, indestructible, flexibly convertible, functional, difficult to tip over, soft bag can be used well up to the 7th month (71 centimeters), stable in crowds, safe feeling
  • Disadvantages: stiff turns, wheel profile wears out quickly, weaknesses in workmanship, poor instructions, difficult assembly, many options, shopping basket difficult to reach
  • Suitable for: long trips, girls, short trips, babies and toddlers
  • I am: parents

I thought about which model to buy for a long time. And in comparison to the other insanely expensive sports models, I think he can keep up well. There are always advantages and disadvantages.
My daughter is now in the 7th month and weighs 73 kg at 71 cm. It still fits well in the soft bag and still has space. But in the 7 month the kids want to see more, so I even rebuilt the model without instructions. (The instructions are really bad. At the time, I was unable to set up the stroller, although I have very good technical expertise. The video instructions also look very easy, but they are not.) Expensive models can often be easily moved around Storm or storm is a disadvantage. The mother of an expensive Hartan model cannot drive straight out next to me. She drives us in the stroller all the time. That happens with the "bomber"-Not Pramy Luxe. It is a tank on the road and is difficult to steer in sharp turns.
The shopping basket is large, but it is difficult to reach. I’ve hurt myself a lot when clearing in and out. There is simply not enough space for the handeling. This is difficult to assess before buying.
My stroller was a little crooked from the start, but I was afraid to exchange the monster-sized packaging. With the current conversion into a buggy (I managed that on my own without any problems), a belt in the foot area was much too short and could not be attached. A push button in the foot area was totally bent and could not be used. The model I purchased is made in China. The tires smelled so bad when they were delivered that I had to store them outside the apartment for a while. The abrasion is also enormous. My parents scolded a lot because the pram that had been driven for many kilometers had already run down its profile. Otherwise I like it "bomber" and I’m curious how the buggy time will be now. I hope the tires will still do that. I took it with me over sticks, meadows and stones when I was looking for mushrooms last year and also recently in the forest and moor. The large, tall wheels enabled me to cross a flooded bridge area in the bog well and dry. ;-)

Very good car

  • Advantages: easy handling, simple construction, good quality, good for off-road use, good suspension, large tires, absolutely functional
  • Suitable for: boys, long trips, girls, short trips, toddlers, babies, infants and toddlers
  • I am: multiple mother

We used the Pramy Luxe at our daughter and we are very happy with it.

In terms of design, functionality and quality, the car is in no way inferior to the significantly more expensive models from other manufacturers!

At some point I was disturbed by the fact that the front wheels cannot be swiveled, which would have contributed to significantly more driving comfort. Since we bought the car online and not "test driven" we didn’t notice that.

Otherwise absolutely TOP

super dare

  • Advantages: easy handling, simple construction, good quality, good for off-road use, good workmanship, good suspension

so I’m super happy. my daughter 4 months fits 2 times in the carrier bag so I cannot complain about a carrier bag that is too small. The suspension is awesome not strong on poling when you drive on the sidewalk and the child does not wake up. So I have already tested 3 strollers in the 4 months and the is the best of all ^^

I wouldn’t buy it anymore.

  • Advantages: good for off-road
  • Disadvantages: backrest difficult to adjust, not for small trunk
  • Suitable for: boys, long trips, girls, short trips, toddlers, babies

We didn’t look around enough at the time. We had an old one and since the new stroller should not be too expensive we decided on the Pramy Luxe. In the beginning everything was good and in the summer our son was so big that he lay in the car without a soft bag. The first time he grumbled and kicked, he looked in the back under the hood. I thought that was very dangerous. Since he then on our ground I went to get it from ours second out again is so so in a great optical condition. In the winter he paste it in but there was hardly any space. But he slept great. Now he is back without a bag and I almost fell out of it at the back. I have not been able to find out what the two push buttons on the outside of the backrest are for. The space to the shopping basket is also unacceptable. It is a good size, but what good is that if you can’t get it.


Well, if you don’t buckle up your child, you can expect it to slip with constant movement.


The push buttons are there to attach the rear part of the hood and thus that "to avoid the child slipping backwards;)

very good stroller

  • Advantages: easy handling, durable / stable, light, simple construction, good quality
  • Suitable for: long trips, infant
  • I am: parents

I have this stroller for 8 months now and my child still fits in the soft carrycot!
The car is light and easy to transport.
I use the stroller on a daily basis and cannot complain that something is not working or, as some write, de Federung borrows.
You can drive the car well on uneven terrain, and had hardly any problems even in winter.

However, I find the small opening to the "shopping basket", but you can also make friends with it.

I think you should always know what you need the car for!

Once and never again. a big mistake!

  • I am: parents

We chose the ABC stroller based on the price – a mistake! Our baby only fit briefly in the much too small soft bag. Then it slipped backwards. Out of sheer necessity, I sewed the lying surface to the folding top until our child could sit. After only 1 1/2 years, the suspension is worn out so that the entire lying area tilts backwards.

For the stroller you need at least one station wagon for transportation.

Super stroller.

  • Advantages: easy handling, durable / stable, light, simple construction, good quality
  • Disadvantages: unsuitable for very small cars, but that’s all combi prams
  • Suitable for: boys, long trips, girls, short trips, toddlers, babies
  • I am: multiple mother

My son is now two, he was born in August 2006, he was a big, heavy baby, he even survived the first winter in the tote bag with the matching pram cushion, then the footmuff time came, it was great. I have 5 children, I drove 4 different strollers, it was the best. The carrier bag is so stable that you might think it’s a tub. I sold the car on to a really young mother-to-be, she immediately fell in love with this car.

Top KiWa

So I’m super satisfied with how a predecessor wrote that he is great on forest and meadow;)

Well, the only mako is the stretcher but I find that you can still keep an eye open;)


I am also impressed by the car. I really don’t understand why the rating is so bad. It is true that it turns out a bit small in the interior! But the children sit very quickly in the car and are no longer transported in the carrier bag from the age of 6 months. (At least that’s how it was with us). I bought the car used and still it was in perfect condition. I have also pushed pushchairs from more expensive manufacturers that are top rated and was horrified by the poor maneuverability. Also the design was not very nice because the ABC design could easily keep up.
LG Dany

way too small

Our daughter is just five months old and no longer fits in the soft bag. In addition, we always run the front left wheel, and no one is able to repair it. Thank goodness we bought the car used, otherwise I would have been totally annoyed. We have now switched to Hartan, but also much larger and more stable, so far we haven’t had any problems.


Hello, this stroller has everything you would expect from a stroller. It is light, easy to fold and fits in the smallest trunk (Renault Twingo). It is also well sprung and offers good comfort even on bumpy forest trails. The child has more space in the width than with many others. The only thing to complain about is the length of the soft carrycot. This is not only the case with this stroller, but also with e.g. Hartan and many others. The large shopping bag is very positive. All in all, we are more than satisfied with the car and can only recommend it.

super stroller

very stable very good driving feeling softly padded


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