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As a child, everyone is an artist. The difficulty is to remain one as an adult. – Pablo Picasso

With our children’s theater plays, your children will experience adventures they have never seen before. Fire-breathing dragons, brave magicians and beautiful princesses are not uncommon here. Well-known fairy tales in a new guise and current, modern stories combine pleasure and educationally relevant content that convey important values. In addition to plays, you will find many other offers for children here.

ProTicket presents:
Bibi Blocksberg "Everything as if bewitched!"

Bibi Blocksberg "Everything as bewitched!" Suitable for children from 5 years Bibi Blocksberg "Everything as bewitched!" – The musical Everyone knows that, there are days when everything just goes wrong! It starts with getting the wrong foot up in the morning and lasts all day. Then it is simply "Everything is bewitched!". The little cheeky witch Bibi Blocksberg e

ProTicket presents:
Conni – the school musical!
musical fun for the whole family

"Conni – The school musical!" – The new musical production from Cocomico! The sensation is perfect! After the first Conni musical was such a huge success, the new Cocomico musical "Conni – The School Musical!" Has now started for Conni’s 25th anniversary! Conni is at school and experiences a lot of exciting things with her friends Anna and Paul. Every day g

ProTicket presents:
A story about fear and fearlessness

THE GRUFFELO CHILD – A story about fear and fearlessness from the theater Fata Morgana The dark forest, as the old Gruffalo warns his child, is full of dangers. Because the big bad mouse will get you there! And then he tells him the whole story. The gruffalo child shivers, but it is also curious, and one night it bravely and courageously sets off, because it finally wants to know whether it is di

Theater Mario is playing
The ugly young duckling

Theater Mario playsThe ugly young ducklingA duck mother hatelessly hatches a swan egg. The chick becomes because of its different kind of feather clover >tickets

ProTicket presents:
persecution & W >THE UMBRELLA CODE – Pursuit & W >tickets

ProTicket presents:
the princess and the Pea
A well-known fairy tale, told a little differently.

The princess on the pea: Once upon a time and is still such a king. He lives happily on an island with his prince son. But the prince lacks something: exactly, a real princess. And because there are none on the island, the prince sails, clattering across the seas to find the princess. And he meets her: princesses, only interested in her beauty, only dreaming of

The musical experience
Jungle book – the musical
for the whole family!

The musical experience jungle book – the musical for the whole family! Turbulent jungle action about friendships that transcend borders: the jungle comes to life in the energetic musical jungle book. Mogli and his animal friends take young and old on an adventurous journey. Specially composed musical hits, a lot of excitement and humor ensure an entertaining live experience

German Radio Philharmonic
My playlist Beethoven

German Radio Philharmonic – FAMILY CONCERT – My Playlist BeethovenDeutsche Radio Philharmonie Azis Sadikovic, conductor Ingr >tickets

ProTicket presents:
Felix and Fanny on the road
Music theater piece v. Jörg Schade u Franz-Georg Stähling

Felix and Fanny on trips for children from 6 years and the whole family Jörg Schade u Franz-Georg Stähling1. The journey starts. Minuet from String Symphony No. 8 and "Songs without words" op. 102,3: the travel song. 2. See only the magnificent mountains. Scherzo from String Symphony No. 9 ("Swiss song") 3. Guess where to go! Goethe / Hensel: "Yearning for Ita

ProTicket presents:
Fireman Sam-The great camping adventure!

Firefighter Sam – The great camping adventure! Suitable for children from 4 years of age When two famous biologists arrive in Pontypandy looking for a rare animal, fireman Sam and Elvis volunteer to help them while to lead their expedition through the forest. When Norman Price joins the hunt for the animal and gets lost in the forest, the whole group ends up in Gefa

ProTicket presents:
Ms. Meier, the blackbird
After the book of the same name by Wolf Erlbruch

Ms. Meier, the Blackbird – According to the book by Wolf Erlbruch Ms. Meier is worried. Big and small – and completely unnecessary, as Mr. Meier thinks. But one morning she really has a reason: In her garden she finds a young blackbird that has just fallen out of the nest. Ms. Meier takes her under her wing, nurtures the tiny bird and raises it until it is fledged

ProTicket presents:
Lint, tassel and painting
Colorful theater fun

Lint, tassel and painting – a colorful theatrical funA painter, two brushes, one picture – and many beautiful stories Why do the pictures hang in the museum? Why is the Mona Lisa smiling and why is Michelangelo so famous? And how do you actually paint a famous picture? … The painter in this piece has many questions – and not always the right answer! He would so much like to touch you

ProTicket presents:
Hans in hapiness
based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

Hans in luck – after the fairy tale by the Brothers GrimmThe game follows the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and thus asks its audience the old question: is Hans in luck now wise and clever or is he a stupid fool and loser? Happily, Hans exchanges his earnings from the big lump of gold to the whetstone. Finally the stone falls into the fountain and Hans in luck runs home happily. "H

ProTicket presents:
Heavenly rascals
An enchanting opera for children from 5 years

Opera workshop on the Rhine presents: Heavenly Strolche – an enchanting opera for children from 5 years old THE SPECIAL An enchanting opera about unborn life with well-known classic melodies and cheeky new texts. CONTENTS Three young rascals go to heaven. How did you come here? What are they supposed to do here? And why did it hit them three? Two adult eng

ProTicket presents:
Lydia’s table theater
Two children’s stories from winter

Lydias TischtheaterTwo children’s stories from winterWe once again want to prepare the Menden families a cozy and wintry children’s story day. Lydia’s table theater tells us two winter stories: Friends in gloves: The animals in the forest find a cozy home on a lousy, cold winter afternoon. Or is it just a warm glove? Who owns it

ProTicket presents:
Fairy tale concert of the music school
with Heike Koschnicke & the ensemble of the music school

Fairy tale concert by the music school with Heike Koschnicke and the instrumental ensemble of the music school Since March 2017, the music school has been holding a fairy tale concert with great public approval. The well-known Grafschafter storyteller Heike Koschnicke presents a fairy tale that is performed together with a music school ensemble specially put together for the occasion

Theater presented on tour:
Peppa Pig – The surprise party

Peppa Pig – The surprise party surprise! Peppa Pig ™ from the famous Super RTL TV series is finally coming to Germany! The successful team of "Feuerwehrmann Sam" starts a sensational family musical with the sweetest pig and all his friends. There is a big party! Garlands and balloons fill the entire room. A large delicious chocolate cake is on the table

The musical highlight
Pinocchio – the musical
for the whole family!

The musical highlight Pinocchio – The musical for the whole family. Towards the adventure of life: In its musical highlight "Pinocchio", Theater Liberi sends the most famous wooden doll in the world on the way to humanity. With perfectly coordinated compositions and a lot of excitement, young and old are taken on a magical journey full of fantastic moments – a live E

Theater Knuth plays
Pumuckl wins the lottery

Theater Knuth plays – Pumuckl draws the big ticketPumuckl persuades Master Eder to take part in a competition, and in fact Eder wins the boat trip. However, this is a trap: the big blue Klabauter and his little Klabautehilfe want Pumuckl back to the sea to fetch. On the deck of the holiday steamer, Pumuckl befriends one of the little Klaba

ProTicket presents:
Knight’s helmet compulsory for little dragons
A medieval Fairy tales for miners and maids

Knight’s helmet compulsory for little dragons – A medieval fairy tale for miners and maidservants A medieval fairy tale about a dragon lady, bold warriors, daring castle ladies and a brave minion – with large characters, lots of music and play along. The brave dragon lady Lanzelotte has set herself in the head to be knighted. But there is one

Theater con Cuore plays
Robbi, Tobbi and the FlieWaTüüt

Theater con Cuore plays – Robbi, Tobbi and the FlieWaTüüt Dear mom, dad, don’t worry. I am traveling with Robbi. He is a robot in the third robot class and has built my FlieWaTüüt. He had only forgotten the raspberry juice. I help him to solve his robot test tasks, and for that he needs my FlieWaTüüt and someone who knows about it. Like we the G

ProTicket presents:
Pink and sky blue
About girls u. Boys, false prejudices and a kiss

Pink and sky blue – About girls and boys, false prejudices and a kiss Podewitz is a prince and he gets everything he wants! Still, he misses something, but what? When he looks in the mirror one morning, he sees that he only sees himself. And now he knows what’s missing: a friend! So he goes on a quest to give his crown to his friend

ProTicket presents:
Snow White – The fairytale musical

Snow White – The fairy tale musical suitable for children from 5 years of age Snow White is a beautiful girl, as white as snow, as red as blood and as black-haired as ebony. This arouses the jealousy of her vain stepmother, the evil queen. She seeks Snow White for life. Snow White finds protection and help with the dwarfs and forest animals. The piece lives

ProTicket presents:
Spex – The Space Mekanix
A planet has to go to the workshop

Spex – The Space Mekanix – A planet has to go into the workshop Deeply hidden in the last corner of our solar system is the planet Spex. It is a little like our earth, round, blue, green – simply beautiful – the Spexians live on it. The Spexians are very similar to humans. They look like us, like to eat, like to sleep, get older and do strictly, almost everything like w

The crazy musical
Urmel hatches from the egg

Yes, right heard: The Urmel as a musical! This probably the most entertaining version of the book classic traces the original by Max Kruse, with a headstrong as well as catchy music composition, which present the characters full of character with verve. The ensemble "The complicit" writes about himself: "When the hall suddenly becomes silent, when dozens of pairs of eyes in the

Cultural experiences are extremely important for children’s development. Not only because they promote imagination and imagination, empathy and social skills, but also simply because they are fun.

Children are naturally the ideal recipients for art and culture. You are curious, curious and enthusiastic. If they don’t understand something straight away, they ask questions instead of being embarrassed. And they are honest. Children never pretend that they like something just because it’s trendy. For that they are fired up when they feel addressed. When it comes to how to deal with art, some adults can still learn a lot from children.

Knight Rost experiences exciting adventures, Snow White meets seven dwarfs, Emil the detectives and Mogli in the Indian jungle a bear who loves cosiness. In our children’s theater plays you will find both classic and contemporary stories, staged as child-friendly speech theater or as an exciting musical. Not to be forgotten and has always been popular with children: the puppet theater.


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