Organic cotton bibs buy cheap

Bib made of organic cotton

Beautiful ecological bibs for babies and kids in different designs!

  • ecologically
  • easy to clean
  • never again food stains
  • nice designs

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The bib for the baby

The bibs are off absorbent material made, which absorb the spit quickly. This will prevent shirts or sweaters from getting wet. The bibs can be worn with practical press studs or Velcro straps created quickly and be taken off again. For those who prefer the classic shape, bibs with ribbons are also included that can be tied at the neck. Even when feeding each bib makes a big contribution to less dirty laundry. Fast is just something wrong with the first essays. A bib will quickly catch the porridge or tea and make sure the clothes do not get dirty.

Different shapes and colors

The bibs are also in fashionable colors and designs available, which complement the baby clothes perfectly. So her little darling is always well dressed with a bib and looks great. Whether trendy striped design or plain colors, every bib adapts beautifully to the baby’s wardrobe. Bibs with arms or in the form of a fashionable bandana are also included in the range. Every wish is fulfilled with the variety of pretty bibs and even the little ones feel really comfortable with bib around their necks, as they are all through one high wearing comfort distinguish.

The material

From an ecological point of view, the bibs meet all the requirements that are made on laundry to feel good. For the production are exclusively pure natural fibers used, which by their skin compatibility distinguished. Also on pollutants is omitted in the production. This ensures that the baby no pollutants is exposed.

Bib with sleeves

Bibs with sleeves are particularly useful because sleeve bibs cover an even larger area of ​​the body or clothing. This protects your child even better from dirt spots. Depending on the material, they can also be easy to clean. If the products are made of polyester, they are dirt repellent and the food can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. But bibs protect not only from food stains, but also from splashes of paint, if something goes wrong during painting.

Buy Bibs: Pay Attention?

Bibs are used daily and repeatedly, so why not large stock of at least 6 pieces should be purchased. With this product it makes particularly sense to one good quality to pay attention, as they wear out quickly, by the constant cleaning and frequent use.

In addition to the quality and quantity, the properties of the substance should be known. A bib out 100% organic cotton is good for the skin her child. Despite the absence of pollutants should be bibs Washed twice before use and the label are removed as children like to take the substance into their mouths and despite the non-toxic substance, the contact with the label or generally a new product lead to skin irritation.

Make bibs yourself

If you do not want to buy a bib, you have the option of sewing your own bib or a simple one Use fabric cloth. You simply tie the cloth around the child’s neck, paying attention to the size of the cloth. If you are looking for a replacement for bibs with sleeves, then you can also do a simple one children jacket Take this and close it on the back. This ensures that the zipper stays clean, as it is the hardest to clean. The best alternative you can choose is one Baby raincoat. With its liquid-repellent fabric, you can simply wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth.

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