Organize a scavenger hunt in winter

Reading time: 2 minutes There are many different ways to celebrate the children’s birthday with a scavenger hunt. With our tips, this fun also works in winter. We present five variants suitable for all weather.

How to organize a scavenger hunt in winter

Classic scavenger hunt in winter

In the classic scavenger hunt, the group of children divides into two groups. The first group gets a lead of 10 to 20 minutes and sets the track. These so-called foxes marked the way with torn newspapers. Hence the name scavenger hunt. The other children, the hunters, try to find the first group and eventually catch up with them. It is not so easy when the others leave a lot of wrong tracks.

When it comes to the scavenger hunt in winter, you’d better avoid snippets of newspaper. They pollute the environment and are likely to blow away. The children can mark the way with stones and sticks. If the scavenger hunt takes place in the city, the children draw arrows on the street with chalk. If there is snow, mix water with food coloring. Pour the liquid into a narrow-mouthed beaker.

Task scavenger hunt in winter

The scavenger hunt is particularly popular with children when they also have to perform exciting tasks. This time, the parents set the trail, for example, in the forest, park, in the pedestrian zone or in the surrounding area. First, think of a route. Go ahead and think about the tasks you can do. You may also involve friendly neighbors. Mark the route shortly before the scavenger hunt. Divide the children into small groups and send them off at intervals. The goal is, if possible, a café in which the children warm up again with cocoa.

Tasks for a paper chase

  • Bring a sheet.
  • Bring an acorn.
  • Bring something blue.
  • Bring a stone.
  • Bring a string of grass.
  • What is shown on the sign at the entrance to the park / forest?
  • Who is in 11th position on page 111 of the directory??
  • Bring a forest monster.
  • Name four forest dwellers.

Stations scavenger hunt in winter

This scavenger hunt leads from one place to the next until the goal is reached. Make one out of it treasure Hunt, all children search together or in groups. Write the instructions on pieces of paper, which you pack in transparent film and hide in safe places. Involve neighbors, business people or institutions such as museums. If the information is publicly available, write the note: “Scavenger hunt! Please do not remove the slip. ”If the slip has disappeared, the companions should definitely have a copy with them. There is a on each piece of paper mystery, that hints to the next Contains target. For example, the note is in a cold place in the warm where there is always delicious food: the note is in the fridge. Sometimes the children only get the piece of paper when they solve a task: putting together a puzzle, bursting a balloon, making a plane out of paper, answering a prank question.

Photo scavenger hunt in winter

This search is like the station scavenger hunt. However, the information about the locations is not a piece of paper but photos. The pictures are so cleverly photographed that small details lead to the next destination.

Orientation rally in the shopping center

If you find the weather too cold and uncomfortable in winter, move the scavenger hunt to the shopping center. A café is the starting and finishing point of the orientation rally. Go through the center a few days beforehand and ask yourself questions: How many pizzas does the Italian restaurant offer? Where is a cookbook in the shop window. What is the headline of the regional newspaper. In addition, each group receives one euro and the task of buying as many things as possible.

General tips for the scavenger hunt in winter

  • One adult with a cell phone accompanies a group of children.
  • In the invitation card, ask for warm, winterproof clothing.
  • Shape the length of the scavenger hunt according to the temperatures.
  • Choose a destination where the children can warm up.
  • Have a little treat in the form of candy for all children.

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