Organize children’s birthday, ideas & tips for preparation

The birthday is the most important day of the year for every child. Nice weeks beforehand, the little ones count the days and tell grandparents and friends what they want. The birthday party is almost as important as the gifts, the opportunity to invite several friends and to be the center of attention for several hours. Anyone who takes some basic advice will be able to celebrate the big day of the offspring effortlessly and with much joy.

Organize tips for children’s birthday parties

Determine location and number of guests

First, parents should clarify with their child where to celebrate. If the child has a birthday in the summer months and there is a garden, this is optimal. For larger children or birthday parties in winter, it makes sense to look for a suitable location for the festival. Indoor playgrounds, soccer halls and swimming pools are popular with almost all children. (Celebrate children’s birthday in the swimming pool) When celebrating in a foreign environment, parents must organize a sufficient number of supervisors. Then you should decide how many children are invited. The rule of thumb for the number of guests says that one child can invite a friend per year of life. However, depending on the space situation and budget, this number can vary up or down.
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The invitation cards

A nicely designed invitation card is part of a well-organized children’s birthday party. There are suitable handicraft templates for creative invitation cards on the Internet that can be designed to match the location or the party motto. If this is too expensive, parents can buy pretty cards. Approximately two weeks before the party it is time to hand out the invitation cards. If a few children are prevented on birthday, there is still enough time to provide replacement. The birthday child’s phone number should be noted on each invitation card.
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A clown brings fun to the children’s birthday party / Photo © oksun70

gift ideas

Of course, a nice gift is part of a birthday. So that not all guests arrive with sweets, it is advisable to make a small wish list so that the guests or their parents can get a gift that the birthday child will definitely be happy about. If your child wants something bigger, you can too with the Parents agree to pool the money for it. Sometimes a big gift is much nicer than a lot of small gifts that you can’t do with.
Birthday gifts for kids

Children’s birthday meal

Celebrating makes you hungry and every child’s birthday has a nicely decorated cake. Nevertheless, parents should not expose themselves to too much stress when preparing the food for the children’s birthday party. Because if only between coffee table and dinner few Hours lying in the meantime and luring sweets as small rewards at games, the hunger is usually not too great. Instead of a birthday cake, there are also mini muffins that disappear as small bites in the mouth and do not crumble. For dinner, classics such as French fries and pizza are still very popular with children. If Muslim children or vegetarians are among the party guests, pasta with tomato sauce is an uncomplicated meal that everyone can enjoy and that everyone tastes good. If you are celebrating at home, you can also bake a pizza with the children, which everyone can enjoy to their liking. It is fun and tastes delicious. Since allergies are widespread these days, parents of children who have not yet been guests should always be asked about possible intolerances.
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The decoration

No children’s birthday party without the appropriate decoration. Children love colorful garlands, balloons and streamers. Confetti can also keep you in a good mood. There are birthday sets in the supermarket and on the Internet that contain cardboard dishes and decorative items in a uniform design – just the thing for little princesses and wild pirates!

The party

Even if parents want to give their child the perfect party, they should not forget that children can always think of something to do. Three or four short party games are completely sufficient for kindergarten children. Classics such as egg walking (with plastic eggs, of course) or pounding pot are still fun today. Crafts or sporting competitions such as tug-of-war and sack jumping also ensure a good mood. It’s not just girls who love dress-up games and stop dancing. Boys need a lot of exercise and can prove themselves excellently when throwing cans at their birthday. A game console is also great fun, e.g. with a karaoke game. (Children’s karaoke party)
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Small gifts for guests

In many areas, it is customary to give the party guests a small present as a goodbye. Even if other parents may exaggerate, nobody should be drawn into a competition. A pretty colored pencil, a sticker and some sweets are all you need. Children are happy to fish nice little things out of the bag and are not interested in what the gifts cost.

The code of conduct

A child’s birthday is the feast of the year in a child’s life. Those who are excited for weeks sometimes sometimes behave impossible on that day. Parents should not be surprised at this and should refrain from taking measures. Crumbs on the floor, stained curtains and holes in the pants are simply part of a real birthday party.
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