Organize parents’ evenings successfully without frustration

How do the parents feel about their parents’ evenings? At the information evening for the new parents, the decision is made: parents’ evening – lust or frustration? Because those, to those the 1st parents’ evening is enjoyed, we will be happy to come back to the next one!

The first parents’ evening is decisive for the further interest of the parents. Therefore, you should prepare it very carefully and place value on varied methods. If the parents get a good impression of the first parents’ evening in the day-care center year, this will shape their attitude towards such events and they will come back. Plan your first parents’ evening with the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Start with a "acquaintance ad"

The parents should first have the opportunity to get to know each other in an entertaining way. Hand out moderation cards and pens to parents. Ask the parents to imagine that they have moved to a new city. They want to meet friends in this city by means of newspaper advertisements. The parents write an advertisement that they describe themselves. You can specify everything that seems important to you, e.g. B. the profession, age, hobbies and children. However, they must not reveal their name.

All acquaintance ads are hung on a large pin board. The parents read the other people’s ads and choose one that they personally address. In the round everyone now reads the selected acquaintance announcement in turn and may guess 3 times who this advertisement belongs to. If the person is not guessed, he can report. In this introductory game, parents learn a lot from each other and it goes beyond the sometimes quite dry information of a pure introduction round.

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Step 2: look back

Now ask the parents what they still know from their own kindergarten time. Ask them to call you the answers out loud. A colleague notes the statements on the flipchart. Then read the notes out loud again and start talking to the parents about their own kindergarten time. After this brief retrospective, introduce yourself to today’s day-to-day kindergarten.

Step 3: present your work

Place a prepared slide on the overhead projector. Explain to parents
Focus of your work with the children. Make sure that you explain a catchy example from everyday life in the kindergarten to the parents. Then ask the parents to ask their questions.

Step 4: ask for action

The content that you have shown to the parents is better remembered if they can link what they have heard with actions. Therefore, invite the parents to an exploration rally through the daycare. The parents can visit all group rooms.

In each group, educators have prepared stands to try out, e.g. B. with creative material, with picture books, with experiments, with musical instruments and movement games.

Step 5: Round off the evening

You offer a successful exit with a short summary. A short video or slides about the daily routine in your kindergarten deepen the essential content for the parents and round off your parents’ evening impressively.


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