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All parents want to create a unique and magical space for their children. Such girls or boys room decoration often involves choosing a model of Interesting Bed .

Here are some original baby bed suggestions that will stimulate your children’s creativity and imagination and help them rest at the end of the day.

Girls or boys original bed with small storage for small bedroom

Our first example of bed original child would fit a place for girls and boys of small size. This is a bed in a wooden closet that opens at night and has two levels, making it ideal for a shared room or for your little one’s going on a weekend with a friend.

Original wooden baby bed that is inspired by Indian teepee

The bed, inspired by Indian teepees, seduces the boys and the girls, as it is also a zone of play and rest. This original cot is the ideal solution for parents of children who do not like bedtime! In addition to this not insignificant advantage, some models of this type of furniture also have integrated storage: an important plus for small spaces.

Wooden cot with practical storage and integrated bedside tables

Boy’s bed original train bed set

Here is an original children’s bed that was specially designed for a boy’s room and especially for a fascinating little train!

Image of the cot in the shape of a modern car

In the same spirit, a boy’s bed can also take the form of a red sports car. Chouette, isn’t it?

Cot boy and bedroom inspired bedroom furniture

In addition to the boys who love trains and cars, there are also those who worship planes. This bed for boys with bedside tables leaned against airplane hoods is made for them!

Pirate boat-shaped boy’s bed with space-saving storage

We saw models of original children’s cots inspired by trains, planes, and cars. In short, almost all means of transport except the ship. So here is something to complete this list: a pirate ship with impressive accessories!

Original wooden cot with light garlands

A cot cabin for girls? Yes, but not just one: here is a real wooden bed, with its mini-staircase and its windows, which are decorated with bright garlands, like those on the terraces of adults. And there is also a lot of playground!

Princess girl bed with furniture inspired by fairy tales

For little girls dreaming of a princess’s life, nothing better than a canopy bed (and all the furniture that goes with it)!

Girl or boy mezzanine bed and space saver for children’s rooms

With this original children’s bed model, we are moving on a number of more practical, but equally interesting and fun pieces of furniture.

Original mezzanine bed for boys boys rooms

The bed in the picture above is an interesting interpretation of the mezzanine models that allows its little users to chat among themselves by looking at each other.

Mezzanine bed and storage solution saves space for children’s bedrooms

In this picture, another example of bed in mezzanine for shared rooms: it will please children who like a little more privacy. And thanks to its practical shape, it also allows you to save space for a closet!

Bed on two levels for more playground in the children’s room

Here’s another space-saving bed that was specially invented to offer little space for games in your bedroom!

Boys room decoration and original headboard

If the bed in the form of an Indian tepee becomes too small, it is necessary to develop another solution. This does not mean that your child should give up his interest in the indigenous peoples of North America!

Boys bedroom furniture with practical storage and modern bed

Aircraft and spacecraft enthusiasts are likely to develop a passion for cult films about space travel. Here is an interesting bed model, the colors of which correspond to the universe of some of these feature films (like the posters above the furniture show).

Original beds for teen girls and boys

Technically, teenagers are not in the category of children as such. But decorating a teenager is often a mix of accessories and furniture for the little ones and for the adults.

Foldable bed for girls bedroom decoration

This foldable sofa-shaped bed is for a teenage girl-bedroom is a good example of this principle.

Original four poster bed for teenage girls or boys

This picture lets us discover another confirmation of this concept: a bed for teenagers, girls or boys, inspired by canopy models while transforming them into something even more original.

Bedroom decoration accessories and bed with canopy for girls

Of course, you can also put on a classic four-poster bed to decorate your daughter’s room or your son’s room. Only in this case would you have to choose the original accessories to make this piece of furniture more interesting!

Room decorating ideas and bedding for teenage boy

And these accessories can be a little everything that excites your daughter or son at the moment: varied hobbies, sports, music, cinema.

Original headboard model for teen bedrooms *

Not convinced So take a look at the original headboard in the photo above and you will understand what we mean!

Bed linen for girls bedroom and decoration for small space

Bedding for boy’s room and modern decoration


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