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TNS – 90 ° and get the decorative waffle or grid disc. Recommended accessories: the TNS left-over holder also fits this grater. Gray, blue, orange, Kiwi. Do not dry it, just let it drain. Wave cut: pull the fruit through the wave knife without turning, the wave-shaped device plate guiding the fruit safely.

You get spirals from fruits and vegetables if you fold the fruits that were previously cut into wave slices and then pull them through the wave knife again with a vertical wave. You purchase an original TNS 2002 wafer and garnish cutter. For the production of perfect fruit and vegetable decorations as well as pens.

ORIGINAL TNS 2002 WAFFELSCHNEIDER + GARNIERSCHNEIDER – The simplest wise cut various fruits and vegetables. Waffles, waves and spirals in 2 different strengths. With the tns 2002 you get delicious and decorative fruit and vegetable preparations. Made of food-safe plastic. Cutting knife made of high quality, rustproof stainless steel.

The cleaning is only done by rinsing under running water, please do not put in the dishwasher. Thanks to the spikes in the floor and the steel pins in the movable inner part, even small pieces of the grated food are held securely.

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TNS TNS 3000 – Of course with detailed instructions for use. For french fries mixed vegetables, kohlrabi, carrots, onion cubes, soup vegetables o level 3 with the fine pre-knives approx. The tv original, known from teleshopping channels as well as from trade fairs and markets. 36 different setting options. 3 and 4 mm thick discs, e.g..

ORIGINAL TNS 3000 VEGETABLE SLICER ALL IN ONE MADE IN GERMANY COLOR WINE RED – B. 5 mm thick, e.g. B. 5 and 6 mm thick slices, for. B. Original tns 3000 vegetable slicer All in one color WINE RED. Free delivery within Germany – without postage and packaging. For peppers, leeks, kohlrabi, lemons, carrots, cabbage levels 5 and 6: for approx. For oranges, apples, laucho levels 7 to p for slices 7 to 9 mm thick, without slice there are slices o level 1 for slices, this level allows fries thicker than 6 mm to be cut o The knife adjustment: o with the right button you set the knife for the strips, zucchini, z.

B. 7 mm thick, e.g. B. For strips of radishes, carrots, celery, apples and Asian cuisine. For cucumbers, radishes, radishes, cabbage, carrots, onion ringo level 2 with the rough rough knives approx.

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