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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention, detection and treatment of dental and jaw malformations.

It is assumed that only with a perfect dentition can all the functions of the dissecting system be completed. In this case, a perfect dentition is very rare and usually only by an orthodontic therapy to achieve.

Not every deviation from the perfect dentition may be treated at the expense of the statutory health insurance. Thus, the Federal Social Court in 1973 ruled that only pathological changes and no cosmetic deviations may be treated at the expense of health insurance. In Germany, the subsidy from the statutory health insurance is based on the severity of the malposition. This is determined on the basis of the findings-related orthodontic indication group – KIG – recorded. The statutory health insurance company grants subsidies for orthodontic treatment only at a grade 3, even if treatment for medical reasons is more advisable.

Basically, it is only after a detailed diagnosis and planning with X-ray images, models and photographs a statement about the alternative therapies possible. It is often different between removable and fixed braces. In order to achieve a satisfactory result, however, it is often necessary to combine these two variants with each other.

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1 Biological Orthodontics

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2 Bionator therapy

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3 Crozat therapy

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4 Fixed braces – Damon System

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5 oral atrial plates

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6 pacifier withdrawal therapy

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