Other offenses dating back to new york?

Other offenses dating back to new york?

Immersed in himself, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick © Paul Haring (CBA)

There are new allegations against former Washington archbishop Theodore McCarrick. A new letter reveals that the former church leader allegedly abused more boys under the age of 16.

Under the name Nathan Doe, a man who says he was sexually abused by McCarrick accuses the former church leader of abusing other boys under 16 while he was a priest in the Diocese of New York.

That's according to a letter released Thursday (local time). The private Catholic media network CNA, citing Doe, reports seven minors were affected.

Reference to McCarrick's time in New York

While previous allegations have focused primarily on the time McCarrick served as a bishop in New Jersey and later in Washington, Doe points to the years beginning in 1969, which McCarrick spent in New York. "I refer to McCarrick's goals and sacrifices before he was given power and control over all these seminars. I refer to the first act in McCarrick's career of sexual abuse, which no one talked about until the summer of 2018. I refer to young Catholic boys, almost always between 12 and 16 years old," CNA quotes from the letter. No one has spoken about "McCarrick and the boys" until now, Doe said.

Citing "Vatican sources," CNA reports that between 1971 and 1977, the ex-cardinal allegedly regularly invited high school-aged boys to accompany him on his travels as then-secretary to New York Cardinal Terence Cooke. According to the report, Doe states that evidence to that effect has been turned over to law enforcement in the past.

Dismissed from the clergy

McCarrick was accused in 2018 of sexually abusing minors and fornicating with young men. In June 2018, the Vatican suspended him for assaulting an altar boy in 1971.

After other credible accusations were added, the cardinal had to answer to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. She dismissed McCarrick from the clergy in mid-February. The verdict at the time said he had sexually abused minors and adults and also used the sacrament of confession to do so. This is among the most serious crimes in canon law.

McCarrick lives under strict conditions in a monastery in rural Kansas. He says he spends most of his time in the library or chapel and observes a strict curfew. He participates in the life of the community but does not attend the basilica across the street from his new residence. On a weekly basis, he would make confession. He is making an effort to accept his new living situation, the ex-cardinal said.

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