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Sunday November 27, 2011

I am two Borussias

(shark) Amazing. As is well known, there is only one Borussia, but now both lead the Bundesliga table. Gladbach after the exciting 3: 0 (felt 5: 0) in Cologne and Dortmund after the equally confident 2: 0 (felt 4: 0) against Schalke. Derby winner at the top, behind the third in the table sulks FC Bayern (felt champions with ten points ahead of the rest of the world and since the preparatory games declared prematurely the second champion. Me me on three, four would have grieved you much better? Hm. Can happen if you go down in Mainz with a 0: 1 swatter.

Anything else? HM Yes. In the other six games, there were 13 goals and only two winners: FC Augsburg won their very first Bundesliga home game against Wolfsburg, who had been indisposed for a change, 2-0. And Nuremberg was amazed at how good victories felt when the 1-0 win over the wine-red devils from Kaiserslautern was dry. Hoffenheim remains Hoffenheim. Stani doesn’t feel like singing and laughing. Let’s see how long it takes until he throws the chunks at the traditional club from 1899.

The HSV, on the other hand, continues to march with its knock-like trainer. In Hannover there was a 1: 1 (felt 1: 3). And Hertha took a point just before the 3: 3 against Eren Derdiyok. Berlin had led 2-0 and the Leverkusen-based Swiss with Turkish roots had turned the game upside down with his hat trick (not flawless). Everyone subsequently complained about the loss of two points. Makes four. Both won a counter, together how much? Clear six-point game!

Today Werder and Stuttgart also draw, while Mainz sends Bayern home with a 1-0 swatter at the end of the game day.

Philosophers of Journaille XXVII

(from the 11Freunde newsletter from November 25, 2011)

* Since when have mental illnesses actually been public? And: is there anything more private than the state of your own body and / or soul. And II: Is it still possible, dear colleagues?

Saturday November 26, 2011

Firefighters in green

Always stupid, 1080 kilometers
to drive and without
Points again after
To have to go home.

(Mobile fotto:
Thomas Ottensmann) To the amazement of the very few, exactly 5437 spectators (Revierderby Dortmund – Schalke, Christmas market, wet and cold weather) in the stadium on the Hammer road the Prussians needed a tender 24 seconds to take the lead against the aspirant from Heidenheim, 540 kilometers away. To dominate the game with a surprisingly offensive 4-4-2.

Prussia coach Marc Fascher, who had flirted with it at the Friday press conference because of the tense personnel situation in the SCP hospital, even before the kick against Heidfenheim "to go on a winter vacation", With this unusually offensive orientation of the promoted coach, the guest coach Frank Schmidt, who apparently had assumed that Prussia was at a low level, also duped. But the SCP made a lot of steam, especially in the strong first quarter of an hour.

Björn Kluft, the creative head in the middle of the field, and Patrick Huckle, did the most "Locomotive on two legs", on the left defense. But that’s not all: Patrick Kirsch earned a top rating from a strong SCP team, especially before the change, as did Jens Truckenbrod, whose game as a 6-player is rarely spectacular, but mostly highly effective. See also Sami Khedira.

Isn’t there one missing? Of course: The top scorer of the SCP, Radovan Vujanovic, often scolded in the past for not being ripped off enough before the goal, made his first double pack (1st, 61st) in eagle dress and now leads the internal ranking – we almost had "scoring charts"said – to. With three hits. Should have been four. Because the hat trick (not flawless) was tangible. With links.

In the first half, Vujanovic (32.) was the famous tick earlier on the ball than Heidenheim’s goalkeeper Frank Lehmann ("New Vahr Süd"), to then paw with his left foot – eight meters to the left of the box. The Prussian tried to push in with his weak foot, but a FC leg was able to clear the Kullerball, which was shot too weakly, easily and loosely. You have to know that Vujanovic unfortunately only owns his left leg for static reasons. Some returns have been sharper than this attempt by the Prussian leadership.

The guests, who had to leave their striker Nico Frommer injured at home and brought their other top striker (four goals in five games) with Marc Schnatterer in the last half hour after surviving a midfoot break, remained in this away game despite the late connection goal by Jabiri (82 .) only the realization that you sometimes have to travel over 1000 kilometers in the 3rd league – and still get home empty-handed. Heidenheim had hardly any air to breathe because the SCP was constantly looking for salvation on the offensive and kept the FC busy for a long time.

The spectators sometimes gave the Prussians a very courageous appearance with a standing ovation. Without asking from the standing ranks, where the tough fans do, anyway, all the time. "attack is the best defense" may be a bulrush, but on Saturday in the Prussian stadium mutated into banal truth. Because it was definitely on the pitch. And this is – as the interested football fan has known since Adi Preißler at the latest – known to be decisive.

Marc Fascher (SC Preussen Munster) "It’s really good today. Nothing beats victories. I told the team that we just wanted to appear like this from the beginning, as we do so often when we had to outnumber. Where the team knelt down mightily and took the coals out of the fire with passion and verve. It worked just fine. We worked well against the ball and deservedly won."

Frank Schmidt (1.FC Heidenheim) "In German professional football, there was probably no such thing as standing on the pitch and being 0-1 after 24 seconds. It really hurt us. We didn’t really recover from that. We got into the game a little better after a quarter of an hour, but the Prussians did it cleverly by keeping the pressure high. We had not expected that. Congratulations to the Prussians, the victory was deserved."

SCP lineup
Masuch – Kirsch, Duah, Huckle, Kühne – Loose (90th Riemer), Heise (87th Bourgault), Halet, Truckenbrod – Vujanovic, Kluft (62nd Daghfous).

Released November 26, 2011 at 3.48 p.m., produced by: Thomas Ottensmann (text and photos), exclusively for

My first Kodak

Friday November 25, 2011

No more fun

In recent years, however, hardly anyone in the stands has really been scared when Cologne plays against Gladbach. Except Cologne. But that’s an old camel, which suits Cologne quite well. The Eff-Ceh has a worse record against no other Bundesliga club. Did I take stock? Even the word seems too high. It is a mediocre disaster, to say the least. But at least it’s a predictable, because known disaster. And in the city with the big church they are satisfied with little things. That, for example, Peter Wynhoff and Kalle Pflipsen no longer play. The Eff-Ceh could have played against the duo in the 90s and "High-rise missed" (Toni Polster) – and even if you had still put Uwe Kamps in the box, that would have been just a big hello for the Cologne ball boys, who should have kept the convinced highlight bearer and Limahl lookalike warm.

Speaking of keeping warm. The rivalry between the two clubs does not need a warmer. Traditionally, fans of both camps don’t treat themselves to the dirt under the cleats. Even if they always hope that the rival may please keep the league. Gladbach, because otherwise six points are missing. And Cologne because. Well, because. Hm. Derby. Last year the foals won 4-0 in Cologne and 5-1 in Gladbach. So doesn’t speak for Poldi, but everything for Reus. The real Borussia can with an away win, away win! become leaders again for almost 19 hours. On match day 14. What an incentive! Gladbach has not lost 31 times and 22 times away from 46 games in Cologne directly won, 36 of 49 games at home not lost (won 26 times). Overall statistics from a Borussia perspective: 48 wins, 19 draws, 28 losses. Clear thing: 1.FC Cologne – VfL 1900 Borussia Mönchengladbach 2: 0

A high-risk game rarely comes alone. On Saturday from 3:30 p.m., you will see the Westfalenstadion, which has long been called an insurance group and is a park. Revierderby in the opera on B1. The German champion (only BVB!) Receives the German cup winner (only the S04!). Both extremely strong, both in office, whereby the question is actually allowed, what is it actually about

The Signal Iduna Park.
Pure harmony.

Spectators and stadium
are both always full.
(Cellphone photo: Hacky Wimmer)

officiate there. Twice a week with the studded shoes out on the manicured green, paddling around a bit and in between times an autograph session in the hardware store or kindergarten. Abba doesn’t matter. Where was I? I see. Dortmund against Schalke! What a blast! Tension, thrill, explosiveness. Both are separated by a point, both are only two or three points away from the top of the table. You don’t have to say more. By the way, after injured regular players, it is already before the kick-off 2: 2. Dortmund without Bender and Subotic, Schalke without Farfan and Höwedes. BV Borussia Dortmund 09 – FC Schalke 04 2: 2

Finally a northern derby! HSV against HSV. Hamma. Clear thing for the top game on Saturday evening. The boys in the observatory on the Isar needed only one cube. And where would we get there, in this tough club league there would be only one such match day without a northern derby, which – who wouldn’t know – is the mother of all derbies. Because of England. Hamburg against Hanover. That’s it! That sparkles! That shreds! The big HSV has plowed into the lower middle of the table with its beating-like coach. The small Hannoversche sports club from 1896 has arrived where it is after an ogotto season with fast descent (2010) and a hurray season with participation in the Fast Champions League (2011) Redden, which funnily call black-white-green as club colors, would locate under normal circumstances. But what’s normal in this tough club league with derbies churning? Just. HSV – HSV 0: 4

Anything else? The derby check:
Nuremberg – Kaiserslautern. Derby factor 0.0. Result 0: 0
Hoffenheim – Freiburg. Derby factor 0.1. Result 0: 1
Augsburg – Wolfsburg. Derby factor -1.0. Result 1: 0
Berlin – Leverkusen. Derby factor 0.2. Result 0: 2

The Sunday question deals with the tricky problem of how the tension can still be maintained after a standard Saturday evening. Especially when it ended in a northern derby. The answer is simple and – what a miracle – it comes from an office in the observatory in Munich that is still brightly lit even at night. The game schedule on the last Sunday in November is chosen with a steady hand. Even if it doesn’t seem that way at first glance.

No derby, hardly any rivalry and where is explosiveness? When Werder Bremen kicks, there are always many goals. Either way. Even on Sundays. Now VfB Stuttgart is coming to the Weser Stadium at 3:30 p.m., which has long been called the river that winds its way around the arena – and the game looks as if – in contrast to last season – European Cup seats are being played. Would you? We can also delete the subjunctive. Fifth against sixth with three (Werder) and five (VfB) points behind in second place. Both were already ahead and have had some, well, bagged up recently. If you didn’t notice Thomas ‘Botox’ Schaaf, he looks the same after a 0: 5 as after a 5: 0. Bruno ‘Beau’ Labbadia does. The hairstyle always slipped a little after defeats. What does that mean for Saturday, 3:30 p.m.? No idea, the hairdresser has long since closed in Bremen. SV Werder Bremen – VfB Stuttgart 3: 3

Mainz – Bavaria. Not a derby, with all the love. Mainz used to love to win against Bayern. In the old stadium, which was always called the little street with the unfortunate name on which it was located. When the carnival club shook up the league, it was even easier. With Holtby (now: Schalke 04), with Fuchs (now: Schalke 04), with Schürrle (now: Bayer Leverkusen). And the others? Bayern are reluctant to lose. More reluctantly twice in a row. And if you are not challenged in the Champions League, then you can really step on the gas in the Bundesliga. Speaking of power wear: save time, then you have in need. The SSC Napoli as opponent to construction? Others have to do that first (see also the German champions, only the BVB!).
1.FSV Mainz 05 – FC Bayern Munich 1-3


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