Our 10 favorite books as a gift for the 2nd

Your child is soon celebrating his 2nd birthday or is invited and you are still looking for an accurate gift? A book is always a good gift idea, no matter what age (and soon it will be Christmas!). We have put together our current favorite books for 2-year-olds for you, which we ourselves read to our children every evening (for evening after evening), because they are particularly great!

Colorful pictures, funny rhymes and even interactive elements await you, let’s go:

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Book 1: Good night, gorilla

by Peggy Rathmann

The gorilla book was a gift for the birth of my first son and was very loved by both children. Caro currently has to read it to her daughter every evening. And that’s what it’s all about:

The zoo keeper turns his evening round and says "good night" to each animal. The gorilla fishes the keychain from his belt and unlocks the enclosure and the other animals. Everyone sneaks in single file behind the zookeeper unnoticed here – right into the bedroom! And when Frau Zoowärter turns off the light and wishes her husband "Good night!", She suddenly receives an answer from every corner. The cheeky gorilla even made himself comfortable in the middle of bed …

How does it continue? Will not be revealed! The children have a lot of fun, get to know the different animals and there are new details to discover even the thousandth time. Since "Good night!" Is the only text in the book, the children can also look at the book all by themselves thanks to the beautiful and funny pictures. We have often given it away for our birthday and can highly recommend it. > To the book*

Book 2: Little Titmouse

with illustrations by Eva Langhorst

Do you know the beautiful children’s song? "Little tit, little tit, say where are you from? Looking for food, looking for food, but everything was empty. " and so on.

This magical book illustrates the song so that you can sing and leaf through with your child. With us over and over again the absolute hit and a nice catchy tune &# 128578; After that, titballs were bought and hung up.

If you can’t do the song, you can find the sheet music on the back of the book or just have a look on the net and let it sing to you! > To the book*

Book 3: 10 buttons. Learn to count from 1 to 10

by William Accorsi

I discovered this book from a friend and bought it straight away. Since then it has traveled halfway around the world (you can see it) and that means something, because it is very difficult. But a great pastime on the plane or other waiting situations even for large children (even my 7-year-old catches up every now and then).

The principle is simple – 10 large buttons hang on colored ribbons. There are recesses on the book pages to push the buttons into the picture. The colors and the numbers from 1 to 10 are also learned in a playful way.

The pictures could be nicer for me as a mother, but the children don’t care and they have a lot of fun with the book. Unfortunately, currently only available to a limited extent – look at Amazon, eBay and other platforms for used versions! > To the book *

Book 4: Animals in the Sea

with illustrations by Natalie Marshall

There are many books with flaps and pull elements on the market. This book convinces us parents that it is stable and does not break when it is enthusiastically pulled. Thanks to the cut-outs, even small children can “operate” the book well.

A lot is pulled because there is a lot to discover! Seahorses, starfish and giant whales appear. The children love the colorful pictures (over and over again) and get to know the marine animals in a playful way. We parents dream of the next vacation on sea. There are colorful fish and corals to be discovered everywhere. If you want, you can also practice first counting.

Our tip: The book is the perfect size for the handbag and can be conjured up quickly when traveling, in a restaurant or when visiting a doctor! > To the book *

Book 5: Just rub your ears briefly

Are you still tapping the pillow??

This book was once published for Christmas and is so cute that parents want to "play along": Hasenkind should go to bed. But first you have to put on your pajamas, shake the pillow, pull up the covers and turn off the lights. And please rub your ears briefly!

The book is "interactive" because Hasenkind needs the help of the child. Clap your hands, stroke your back, press the light switch and much more is required. Together you bring the rabbit to bed – and then mom turns off the light! Very loving and entertaining and also suitable as a gift for birth. > To the book*

Book 6: Knock on!

by Anna-Clara Tidholm

"Knock on!" Is another interactive book. Every other side is a differently colored door to knock on. The child expects a room with different situations behind the door. A child playing. Monkeys at the pillow fight. Bunnies at dinner.

There is a lot to see, the objects can be named and searched for … and a new door is waiting to be opened! > To the book*

Book 7: What are the big vehicles doing?

by Daniela Prusse (Author), Monika Neubacher-Fesser (Illustrator)

This book was a gift from Grandma for her 2nd birthday and was immediately declared a favorite book, which can be seen after two children when they are worn out &# 128521;

As the name suggests, various large vehicles are shown – tractor, fire department, excavator and more. What is special: There are two sides to every vehicle – when turning the page the vehicle stops (because it has been punched out) and is now in a new situation (e.g. the fire brigade drives off, the fire is extinguished).

Once again there is a lot to discover on the website, for example the child can search for the cats and dogs or see what the children shown are doing. At the top of the book there are tabs that the little book lover can jump straight to his favorite vehicle. > To the book*

Book 8: Zilli, Billi & Willi

by Elizabeth Shaw

The wolf coughed and puffed

Zilli, Billi & Willi is a classic from my own childhood, luckily the book is still published now. It tells the classic story of the three little pigs, who each built a house. Made of straw, wood and stone.

The bad wolf comes and coughs and blows! The children are excited every time: which house can withstand? How does the story end? I love the drawings by Elizabeth Shaw and who, like me, becomes a fan can collect many other great books * from her. > To the book *

Book 9: When the stars sparkle in the dark

by Sabine Cuno (Author), Almud Kunert (Illustrator)

Well, you’re not in bed yet?

This book did not only inspire us because of its beautiful rhymes and illustrations. The highlight is the glitter on the star children, which actually sparkle like stars.

The book shows what the little asterisks do all night long: play, mischief, slide on the moon, romp on the cloud pillows. Until the sun comes up and everyone has to go to bed. (Always a good ending for a children’s book, because it makes the transition between reading aloud and bedtime easier!) > To the book*

Book 10: Bobo Siebenschläfer: picture stories for very little ones

by Markus Osterwalder

We also got Bobo as a gift ourselves, I probably wouldn’t have chosen it otherwise in the bookstore – completely wrong! It is not a Cardboard book and it has neither bright colors nor folding doors or other extras. For a convincing content and is a real classic on the bookshelf.

Bobo is a little dormouse and the stories tell banal stories from his everyday life. Since this is also our children’s everyday life, they are absolutely thrilled. Bobo goes shopping, he sits in the shopping cart and mom packs different things. Bobo goes to the zoo. Bobo celebrates his birthday. Bobo goes to the playground. Bobo has breakfast and accidentally knocks his cocoa over.

There is a loving drawing for each sentence. And in the end Bobo always falls asleep, he is also a dormouse. And who falls asleep after reading it aloud? "Not me! Want another one! " &# 128578;

If you also love Bobo, you will find many other Bobo articles * in the trade: various books (also in the cardboard version), matching CDs in simple language and with nice music and of course there is also a Bobo cuddly toy. > To the book*

These were our current favorites as a gift for our 2nd birthday. Do you have any great book tips for us??

The books are of course also great as a Christmas gift for 2 year olds!

And do you already know our 10 favorite books for the 3rd birthday and the 4th birthday? Here again all the books presented:


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