Our experience in the ekp krabbelgruppe, mama ocllo blog

Our experience in the ekp krabbelgruppe, mama ocllo blog

Courses for babies: our experience in the EKP toddler group

There are many courses for babies: baby massage, baby swimming, PEKiP etc. For reasons of time and space, we have chosen a classic EKP toddler group. Here is a short review.

Are courses necessary for baby development?

No, I personally am not of the opinion. Courses from midwives, church and government agencies are certainly conducive to baby development, but not a MUST.

From my own experience I can say that our participation in the EKP Krabbelgruppe was in many ways an enrichment. Miguelito, baby of the toddler group, made big leaps in development by trying to emulate his 2-year-old playmate and mate. And I not only got to know songs, games and crafting ideas for babies but also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other moms.

Again, I do not think that babysitting is necessary for babies’ development, but enrichment certainly does; at least as long as baby and mom can relax and get involved in the weekly meetings without getting into stressful situations. Say, the time and the travel time to the course should be weighed well, because every mom knows what it means to do something with a tired and / or quirky baby something.

What does EKP mean??

EKP® stands for Parent-Child Program and means regular inter-denominational group meetings that promote the mutual play of parents and children or babies. In the EKP Krabbelgruppe – for babies and children from approx. 8 months to 3 years old – people sing, dance, do handicrafts, play and eat together.

Qualified EKP group leaders, who are trained and trained by the Munich-based training organization, set up a course program on their own responsibility and adapt the activities to the number of course participants and the age of the babies or toddlers.

Valuable suggestions and >Since my own childhood is now some time ago and there are currently only baby Miguelito in the “German” part of our family, baby songs and games have slipped into the back drawer of my memory.

Thanks to the EKP baby group “summ summum”, a little bee is happily buzzing around in my head, murmuring the soap bubble song to me and I’ve become creative when it comes to exciting baby toys that our household is offering.

And since Miguelito, as I said, is the baby of the toddler group, I got to know not only finger paints and crafting instructions for the “big ones” (from 18 months), but at the same time safe alternatives for babies under one year old. A big thank you to our dedicated and creative group leader who brings new game ideas to every hour.

A steady group of toddlers over a longer period of time

I also like the fact that we will see a lot of babies and mums over a longer period of time and thus have the opportunity to participate together in the development of our little ones. And we are lucky, because Miguelito’s playmates are very nice and all those who initially had to learn that you have to take care of the smaller, are now very lovingly with our “baby” in the group. Really nice to watch. This is how Gross learns from Klein and viceversa!

The summer break is over, but on the 22nd of September – Miguelito’s first birthday – we continue. And who knows, maybe then on two legs. We are curious.

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