Our guide for wooden toys from 1 year old, made of wood

A year onwards, our children’s urge to move increases. In this phase it is very important that you as parents encourage and support this urge to move. From the age of 12 months, toddlers are usually able to sit, crawl and possibly even stand. The first steps are usually not long in coming. Now the motto is the right one Wooden toys from 1 year to find. You can now find out which toys are particularly suitable from the first year.

Wooden toys from 1 year

The Your child’s sensory perception gets sharper at this age. Your offspring is very curious in this phase and wants the adventure Life with all his senses explore. It is developing slowly but surely Grip and with that too fine motor skills always better.

Children can now also grasp smaller objects better. The Coordination of the hands in coordination with the eyes starts to work.

The following wooden toys are therefore suitable from one year particularly good:

Taste, feel and smell – The sensory impressions now accompany your child through the day. That is why it is very important that you pay attention to the quality of the wooden toys.

The most beautiful wooden toy is useless if it is painted with pollutant-containing paints or the surface is poorly processed. Clean the wooden toys also regularly – so you avoid dangerous bacteria and germs.

Wooden toys for fine motor skills

Because of the improved fine motor skills Wooden blocks are now particularly suitable for your child, because from one year they can estimate shapes and weights better. It also learns about gravity in a playful way. Plug and sort games also train the fine motor skills of the hands excellently.

Not to be neglected either hearing – Playing is all the more fun when there are many great noises arise. For this reason, various musical instruments such as Xylophones, drums, small guitars or tambourines very popular with the little ones during this period.

Wooden toys for movement

Should you child already be able to first steps to make then fit Animals to push or pull ideal for accompanying motor development. It haunts like a faithful pet wood animal Your child at every turn. Your child uses the acquired power to brake, start and use it to compensate for stumbling hazards.

Important: Make your home childproof. You will not believe how quickly your child can move from A to B..

To the Sense of balance Supporting your child even better are, too Wooden rocking horses best for. Rocking is a lot of fun and your child develops important ones Muscles to keep your balance.

Wooden toys from 2 years

From now on, the urge to move even further to the fore. The range of motion increases bounce, run and turn. In addition to moving, but also should Training fine motor skills don’t fall by the wayside.

Your child is now able to fine gripping movements, such as leafing through the picture book, independently. Apart from that, the language is now becoming increasingly clear.

Wooden toys for fine motor skills

Your child will creative, which is why you absolutely finger paint should come into play. Especially with colors you must expressly pay attention to quality seals. With "very good" colors from Eco test are a good guide, for example.

Holzbausteine are still a very good option To improve fine motor skills – but now the building blocks can clearly be smaller. Above all, knocking over the wooden towers is great fun while playing and the more it clicks and cracks, the more fun the playing experience is for your child. Also Plug toy still serves its purpose very well at this age.

Particularly well-developed children are already able to simple wooden puzzles to play. Rough wooden puzzles that fit into a form board are best suited. That not only promotes fine motor skills, but also that Seeing and the ability to concentrate.

Also Memory Games support your child’s fine motor skills. It also develops the ability to remember things and learn simple terms.

tip: Make sure that these games do not last too long because the ability to concentrate is still very limited.

A baby walker to learn to walk

A baby walker is ideal for the first steps, because it gives your child security.

The Balance and balance are perfectly trained – that’s why baby walkers are ideal to to increase security and self-confidence.

Important: Pay attention to safety and take preventive measures such as helmets and protectors.

Wooden toys from 3 years

From the age of 3 children make real leaps in development. Your child learns social behavior, thinks first friends and also develops his own personality. The Events are shifting also more and more outwards, because there is no longer enough space inside for the urge to move.

Also Fine motor skills are making rapid progress. Your child may already be able to hold a pen alone and paint rough outlines.

Wooden toys for fine motor skills

wooden Puzzles may now have more parts, because your child can also stay focused for longer. you Child needs now absolutely playmates, no matter whether parents, siblings or first friends. That affects that social behavior and the communication skills positive.

Since fine motor skills have already developed so far, you can already do them to your child Wooden beads to thread on trust. With this it practices the Eye-hand coordination. Also complex Wooden ball tracks are very popular at this age. No wonder the rolling back and forth is just fascinating.

Role playing: playing together

There are countless types of Wooden toys for social interaction. Not always, but mostly boys prefer wooden workbenches and tools. After all, they want to emulate Papa.

Farms, Wooden soup houses, wooden shops and Kids Kitchen are ideal role playing gameswhether girl or boy. Real situations are simulated and that is a lot of fun.

Outdoor toys

Since the action is shifting to the outside, of course, may Means not missing. Wooden wheels and tricycles are particularly popular. The children can really let off steam with them. Children aged 3-4 years seem to have an infinite amount of energy and this has to be implemented when playing.

The sporting activity is ideal for that Maintaining balance and does that later cycling much easier. Your child also stays fit and agile!


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