Our mission statement

Our mission statement – that’s what we stand for!

Experience-far-traveling understands itself as value-oriented enterprise, to which it is important, in addition to the economic success, to make sense and to make a positive contribution to our world.

With special experiences and real encounters, we move people in the heart! This is the leitmotif that we use every morning in the experience team to get to work. We want to offer you much more than just booking overnight stays and sightseeing tours. Making your journey a real experience is our aspiration – with activities that will bring your host country closer to you, and with encounters that will enrich you.

To live up to this claim, the experience team has formulated the following nine guiding principles that guide our actions and guide our decisions. With concrete measures and a lot of dedication, we bring these guiding principles to life in our daily work. Because fulfilling your individual travel needs and inspiring you with our own travel passion is our goal. We look forward to assisting you in the realization of your next dream trip.

What do we do on an experience-far-away-journey??

“With special experiences and real encounters we move people in the heart”

Our guiding principles

With special experiences and real encounters we move people in the heart – that is our motivation! With our nine guiding principles, we have created an orientation that helps us in our day-to-day work meet these requirements. Because we want to plan your individual dream trip for you, which moves you in the heart!

Our passion for traveling inspires our customers.

We live for traveling. “From travelers for travelers” is not an advertising message for us, but lived everyday work. Through our extensive travel experience, we also see ourselves as a source of ideas for customers who do not yet know what they want.

We provide individual travel dreams with comprehensive service.

We offer an all-round service and adapt every journey to the wishes of our customers. We take care of many things and are also happy to special requests.

We are empathic sellers.

We listen to our customers and offer them the right trip. We take their needs seriously and take the time to plan each trip individually.

We prepare the way to real experiences that enrich our customers.

08/15 travel is not our specialty. We encourage our guests with our travel offers, even leaving the beaten paths and embarking on the journey to real experiences that will be remembered. We choose our accommodations wisely. We value accommodations with local flair.

We are true country specialists & Professionals for travel event.

Whether experiences, sights or transfers: We know the countries in which we sell travel, like the back of our hand. That’s why we know how to make every trip a good overall package.

We live social, ecological & economic responsibility.

We take care to use the resources available to us so that our descendants can still benefit from it. Fair and sustainable business relationships are a central element of our added value for us.

We are a reliable partner & stand in every relationship to our word.

Reliability is the foundation of our travel planning and execution. We are there when our customers need us.

We are lovers: open & Honestly.

Our advice is always open and honest so that all travelers know what to expect on the journey. We appreciate any feedback and the opportunity to improve.

Appreciation is not just a word for us. We show you. always.

Everything that people contribute to the success of the company both internally and externally, we value. We always give expression to this appreciation.

Do you have questions about our mission statement? Then we are happy if you contact us:

If you would like to know more about our social commitment, visit our Sustainability 2.0 pages:

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