Our most beautiful forest photos – and why we love the forest so much!

Our most beautiful forest photos – and why we love the forest so much!

On our blog, we rarely refer to the day‘s events, here are also free of political statements. It should be about traveling, moments of well-being and the beautiful side of life. But the current happenings in the Hambacher Forst, one of the last large mixed forests in Europe, leave us angry, perplexed and sad.

Why does a single tree have to die to promote the extraction of fossil fuels? Why is the carbon leakage not finally becoming reality, instead of being pushed into the distant future? Why do we negligently destroy our living space and that of our children for profit? Why are arguments such as “the few trees more or less it no longer matters now” acceptable?

The forest right at our doorstep

A child of the open pit

I grew up in the immediate vicinity of lignite mine Inden. As fascinated as I was when I was standing in front of the huge hole in the ground – it alienates me so much today. I remember well a Tagebauführung in the dark. To stand in front of these partially up to 70 meter high bucket wheel excavators as a child is imposing. In addition it flashes and shines everywhere, one feels like on the moon, like in a gigantic adventure.

But there was also the flip side: Although we lived completely rural, rattling conveyor belts in the distance were part of everyday noise. In summer, barbecuing and relaxing on the terrace was a moderate pleasure. A thin layer of dust constantly covered the garden table, chairs, and tiles. Rivers were diverted, areas renatured, lakes created in places, the open pit had dug and freeways partially offset even several times.

In recent years, I often drove through a slowly dying village nearby. At first it slowly became emptier, then it became increasingly dilapidated and was guarded by a security service at night. Meanwhile, it has long since fallen victim to the excavators. So it will probably continue for some years to decades.

Our forests – a declaration of love

At the moment we live (still) in the city. And yet, almost every day is in the forest or in the countryside. How nice to see when our mini-motto looks out of the stroller with big eyes on the gently wiggling leaves in the wind. The break in the countryside relaxed immensely. The eyes calm down, the nose is happy despite city proximity on better air and feet over soft forest floor.

Yes, we love the forest. The soft green in spring, lush flowering woods in summer, golden autumn leaves and snowy winter fairy tales. On many hikes in the home and around the world forest photos of us have emerged. Most of them can be found in the many hiking reports here on the blog. But we want to take the current events as an opportunity to just show them bundled. Without big words, just acting and enjoying. Listen to the rustling of the leaves, feel the sun on the skin, hear the snow crunching under your feet. Smell the clear, rich air, soak up the scent of damp earth.

On our big road trip through Scandinavia we fell in love with the Finnish forests. There are countless birches that make the forests bright, friendly and gentle. Many forests in Finland are not reforested with mixed forest, but created as pure birch forests or pure beech forests. The land of the 1000 lakes is so fascinating because the lakes are separated by forests. Punkanharju in the Saimaa Lake area in southern Finland! The roads through Finnish Lapland often lead straight long and through the middle of the dense forest.

Oh forest, you home of fairy tales and legends

Walking in the morning mist through the woods – oh, how wonderful. When the fog settles cool on the skin and the air is even clearer than it already is. When a simple forest becomes fairyland where giants, elves and fairies hide.

Nebelwandern in the Black Forest: Up to Hornisgrinde! Many stories surround the Mummelsee – we believe right away when we are walking through the lonely forests in this weather. Looks like Black Forest – but is Tyrol! Fog hiking around Mayrhofen. Autumnal Tyrol – up to Maxhütte!

The golden forests in autumn

We are heading straight for my favorite season: autumn is just around the corner: the leaves are turning colorful, the woods are shining in the golden autumn sun! The transition from summer to winter is my favorite time for a long forest walk.

Golden autumn in Wendland! Autumn on the Lower Rhine on the premium hiking trail Schwalmbruch Autumn on the Lower Rhine on the premium hiking trail Schwalmbruch Autumn on the Lower Rhine on the premium hiking trail Schwalmbruch Golden autumn in Clentzer Switzerland Hiking in the Hunsrück Autumn on the Lower Rhine on the premium hiking trail Schwalmbruch Autumn on the Lower Rhine on the premium hiking trail Schwalmbruch View from the Felsenburg Rathen on the famous Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland. A true hiking paradise in Germany!

Winter in the forest | As if covered with powdered sugar

We live on the Lower Rhine and are only allowed to enjoy a bit of snow every few years. Most of the flakes are equal to slush and instead of winter magic there is winter frustration. But in our low mountain ranges, in the Eifel or in the Black Forest one experiences what one understands under a winter wonderland: trees, thick and covered with snow, icy branches and ice-cold, clear air.

At the Schliffkopf you will find the most beautiful view of the snow-covered northern Black Forest. The Schwarzwaldhochstraße is one of the most beautiful holiday roads in Germany and in the winter even a bit toller. Winter hiking in the Sankenbachtal near Baiersbronn Winter hiking in the Sankenbachtal near Baiersbronn Snowshoeing on the Schliffkopf Snowshoeing on the Schliffkopf

Wild forests

In the northeastern US, in the Olympic National Park, we explored our probably most adventurous forest trails in the Hoh Rain Forest. Wild and bizarrely entwined, the spruce and fir trees line up there. A natural wonder grown in hundreds of years. The air is humid, it smells mossy and swampy.

The Olympic National Park near Seattle should definitely be on your list!

Bad weather at the Hornisgrinde in the northern Black Forest. Here it was stormy, shortly before it burned here – wild in the truest sense!


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