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The world around the blog

So actually it’s already the cracker, if we look back: If everything initially turned to travel reports and travel tips, silently and quietly a whole world formed around it. All of a sudden, we were asked if we could even do a MeetUp with the Community could organize. We did. Bam, over 100 people came.

Suddenly we answered questions on Instagram and Facebook mindset: How did we get to all this here with the blog and Youtube? How did we find what we love? Can anyone find something for themselves? What happens in our minds during travel? And the topic sustainability: How do we implement it, even in everyday life?

Our blog has become more than a travel blog.

It became a small, own world, in which we not only talk about the journey through countries.
But also about the journey through your own head and your own life.

And all this should find its place here!

  • Our personal story
  • Our Favorite links, books & podcasts
  • our Community, which first makes the cosmos what it is

How did that happen??!

How did that come with the world tour? Why did we even want her? And anyway: Who are we ?! You can read our story and the story behind the faces here! We tried to stay short! Spoiler: Did not work. So, make yourself comfortable, get some popcorn and join us in our story with a red thread that went criss-cross! Thank God.

Our favourites

Ready for input? Great. Because here you will find our treasure chest of books, podcasts, links and everything that has brought us personally. It either inspired us, changed our thinking or gave us new perspectives. Also you can find here our favorites from everyday life: brands, companies, things that we use in everyday life at home and recommend from the heart.

When like-minded people find each other

We knew it ourselves: One deals with travel, with personality development and so many topics that are related to it – but somehow hardly any of the circle of acquaintances. Our readership has long been so much more: like-minded people who exchange, motivate and support each other. We have already organized three MeetUps and as soon as the next appointment is over we will let you know!

Latest thoughts from our blog

At last! The new blog is online!

Tidied up, cleaned and repainted! Many contents have been revised, new ones have come to it and our digital home has opened!

Ghost Net 1X1 • What are ghost nets?

Society Networks • What are ghost nets? How do ghost nets get into the sea? Why are ghost nets a danger to humans and animals??

Our life after the world trip • Update 2019

Our thoughts on 2018, our plans for 2019! Curtain up for whatever’s coming and what we’re up to – we’ll take you into our heads!

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