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Values, emotional intelligence and personality traits that every child develops are no accident. As responsible adults, we set a good example.

Children need us. There are countless reasons for this. The most important are physical, emotional and mental development. And when we speak of emotions, we have to outbursts of anger be mentioned. Because in childhood it happens again and again.

Values, emotional intelligence and personality traits that every child develops are no accident. As responsible adults, we set a good example.

Without noticing it, we teach them with our daily actions. Our children watch us, learn and imitate us.

For this reason, it is counterproductive to ignore your child when he is in the middle of a tantrum. You will probably be surprised! Why not?

Then find out why your child needs special attention in this situation.

Outbursts of anger: what to do?

Try with a lot of calm and infinite patience neutralize the tantrum. The ultimate goal is that the child is able to deal with their feelings. Feelings that are clearly too much for it.

It doesn’t know how to control yourself and finds it impossible to deal with it. That’s why it is impossible to communicate appropriately.

There is no way to show these emotions properly. There is no response that can represent it logically. At such moments, the children need us to communicate with their emotions.

They will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will always remember what they felt.

Children need us, in good times and in bad

Children need us in good times, but especially in bad ones. In good times, it is our job to honor achievements, successes and victories. In this way we contribute to a positive strengthening of your personality.

A good self-esteem, security and self-confidence are the consequences of this strengthening. In this way, the child learns to gain autonomy and independence.

You give it wings, but it has to learn to fly as high as it can and as far as it wants.

Indeed children need us even in bad times. Then they need our presence, our society and our support the most. It is therefore important to respond positively to outbursts of anger.

It’s about helping children through this process; teaching them to cope with the huge flood of emotions that they cannot control; to show them the right way.

You have to get in your Put the child in and help him recognize and manage his feelings.

It’s about developing emotional intelligence; your Child with Educate the heart in a positive way. Respect, assertiveness and empathy are fundamental; Limits, but above all a lot of patience and love.

That is all that children need so that they can develop into a good person.

The stress hormone cortisol

Under no circumstances should you leave a child to himself if he is in the middle of one of his outbursts of anger. Even if the situation worries you and you can hardly believe it, there is an undeniable reality.

When the child is so upset, it actually suffers and feels miserable.

Cortisol plays a central role in these common but troublesome childhood processes. It is the stress hormone that circulates in the child’s body in this particular case and affects his behavior.

What is the result? It’s not about manipulating children. In this situation, the child has no control over his emotions and impulses. If it loses this battle, it will be doubly frustrated.

How should we behave during the outbursts of anger??

Your child will feel faint. His inability to calm down or express himself will also worry him. It suffers a lot, anger controls his body and mind. The child needs you now!

Finally the same thing happens as with physical damage after a typical child accident. The child wants us by his page, it just wants us to be with him.

Our job as parents? The main thing is to offer them peace and comfort.

And when it comes to emotional pain, children also seek help. Simply because they are Quiet, Safety and need the protection that only parents can provide. The love, affection, encouragement and motivation that we can give them becomes important elements.

It is clear that these little ones really need us to become familiar with these emotions and feelings.

They need to understand what is happening to them, control what is too much for them, and finally express their needs. It is about managing and communicating your inner feelings.


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