Outdoor tips for children in Munich

The sun is shining and you are full of the urge to move? Then get out into the fresh air! Our outdoor tips for children and families will make you really happy.

For acrobats: Dirtbiken

Why you should stop by: Because you can really get away from it all while dirtbiking! From your first rides over uneven terrain to acrobatic jumps: The Munich Dirtbikeparks have fantastic designed courses – like for example at the Goteboldstraße (photo above).

For whom it is the right thing: For acrobats and courageous people – and of course all those who want to become one. And for everyone who likes to get involved and help shape the world. Because the children and young people often take care of the maintenance of the facilities and the remodelling of the routes themselves.

  • Tip: The waves of the pump track are also suitable for beginners. Advanced riders train their jumps on the dirtlines. More information about Dirtbiking can be found here

For the versatile: The Lußsee

Why you should stop by: The Lußsee is a true family paradise! The gently sloping pebble beach on the northwest shore is ideal for smaller children. On the north shore there is a great climbing playground (photo), volleyball courts and space for more action.

For those for whom it is the right thing: For all those who would like to have a lot of variety and a large selection of great activities at the lake.

  • Tip: With the Lußsee your options don’t stop here – the Langwieder See is right next door! More information about Lußsee and surroundings

For nature explorers: Forest experiences

Why you should stop by: How does moss smell? What do wild boars eat? And what do wild herbs taste like? You can find out all this at the Grünwald Forest Adventure Centre!

For whom it is the right thing: For nature lovers! Here you can enjoy the peace of the forest and experience it with all your senses.

  • A special tip: native mammals can be seen up close in the wild boar enclosure, where wild boars can be observed in their natural environment. Daily at 16 o’clock one can be present with the feeding. More information about the forest adventure centre

For creative people: adventure playgrounds

Why you should stop by: From ABIX am Hasenbergl to Maulwurfshausen in Neuperlach: On Munich’s adventure playgrounds you will experience a lot while playing and building. In addition to the fun, the playgrounds also focus on the educational aspect. In this way you learn things that you can still use well later.

For whom it is the right thing: For adventurers, game fans, athletes and creative people!

  • Tip: Especially in summer the water playground in the Westpark is the perfect mixture of cooling down and fun. While the kids slide, climb and splash around, a kiosk with a small beer garden awaits the parents right next door. More information about the adventure playgrounds

For the curious: play actions

Why you should stop by: You are bored and don’t know what you want to do? During the afternoons of the city, you are spoilt for choice: stilts, unicycles, hockey equipment, juggling gear, small play equipment and much more. In the summer there are play afternoons in the Ost-, West- and Luitpoldpark, in the Riemer Park as well as at the Isar (near Wittelsbacher Brücke). The actions take place every Sunday between 14:30 and 18 o’clock. In case of rain and wet meadow it will be cancelled!

For whom it is the right thing: For everyone with an unrestrained urge to move – and a lot of desire to get to know new games!

  • The special tip: In addition to the regular match afternoons, many events and activities await you with the games and activities offered by FreizeitSport. All dates and information

For the active: Action in the Olympic Park

Why you should stop by: Because the Olympic Park is simply unbeatable when it comes to outdoor action. It has a fantastic network of paths for blading and huge green areas for playing. You want water fun? No problem: Rent a pedal or rowing boat with your family and plunge into the Olympic lake! Or do you manage a “Hole in One” on the mini golf course? You can try your luck on 18 holes.

For whom it is the right thing: For all those who need outdoor action all day long.

  • Special tip: Refresh yourself in between with a limo in the highest beer garden of the city! The Olympia-Alm also has hearty food for refreshment. Even more great tips in the Olympic Park

For gondola fans: Castle canal Nymphenburg

Why you should stop by: Have you ever driven a real Venetian gondola? On the canal in the blooming Schlosspark Nymphenburg you have the chance. Gondolieri sail daily over the central canal in fine weather!

For whom it is the right thing: You will experience the Venetian flair in Munich throughout the summer season until mid-October from Friday to Sunday 11 am to 6 pm, Monday to Thursday by appointment. A trip lasts about 30 minutes and costs 15 euros per person. Because boating together is more fun, you can share the gondola with other passengers and the group prices are cheaper.

  • Special tip: The Schlosscafé in the Palmenhaus provides you at the Milchhäusl with bombastic ice-cream sundaes – it really goes perfectly with all the gondola splendour! More about Nymphenburg Castle Details and prices for gondola rides

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