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Continue to live at home in old age, even if everyday life no longer seems to be able to cope alone – outpatient care services support your loved ones with this heart’s desire. Your own home is a familiar place and source of memories. Outpatient care services help your loved one in their daily life so that they can stay in their familiar surroundings.

But outpatient care brings benefits not only for your loved ones. You too can benefit from the support with which you Arrange a job and care for your loved one can. The services of the outpatient services are varied and adaptable to personal needs. In this way, your relatives receive individual care.

We accompany you in the decision for an outpatient care service with the topics:

Do you have little time? You can get an overview under "Frequently asked questions".

When is an outpatient care service suitable??

Those in need of care should be able to decide for themselves where and by whom they are cared for. If your loved one wishes to stay in a familiar home, this is an outpatient care service a good decision. But also in other forms of living, residents benefit from the additional services of outpatient care.

The great added value of an outpatient nursing service is that the trained nursing staff can carry out medical treatments. You can find a detailed description of these in detail here. Thanks to outpatient care services, a Moving to a nursing home is delayed or in many cases avoided entirely.

Find out more about outpatient care for …

  • Domestic care: Three quarters of all those in need of care are cared for at home. A third of those in need of care at home use support services through outpatient care services. Mobile care services take responsibility and relieve you as a caring family member. Claiming help from outpatient services is not a sign of weakness. It shows that you recognize the benefits of having a professional look at caring for your loved one.
  • Assisted living: Common living for pensioners is often supported by outpatient care services. Independence does not mean that your dependents have to do everything on their own. Home care services help your relatives with basic daily care and take care of treatment.
  • Senior flat shares: In this type of living, outpatient care services are often used. The presence person who performs general care or housekeeping activities in a senior flat share is not authorized to receive medical treatment. The medical supplies take over the outpatient care services. Your family member benefits from a strong social network and a sophisticated medical infrastructure.
  • Relatives in preventive care: If you are absent as a caring relative, replacement care takes the pressure off you. Outpatient nursing services are well suited for this because the nursing staff represents you in your absence with a holistic care offer, which in addition to basic care also includes medical treatments. The nurse maintains written nursing documentation, through which you can understand the treatment measures.

costs & grants

Nursing services calculate each service individually. Your care or health insurance company will cover part of the costs incurred. The Assumption of costs depends on the type and duration of the care through the outpatient care service. Your health insurance fund will finance short-term home care for a maximum of four weeks. Your long-term care provider is responsible for long-term care needs. The grants you are entitled to depend on the degree of care your family member has.

Outpatient care services often help with daily body care. This includes mouth, skin and hair care, but also help with shaving and nail care. The nurse will help your loved one to wash, bathe or shower. You can with Costs of around 20 euros per supply expected. Please note that this is an average value that is only for your first orientation.

What does the long-term care fund finance??

If you need support for outpatient care services for longer than four weeks, the nursing care fund is responsible for the financial subsidy. The nursing benefits provide you with a budget that outpatient nursing services use to bill for their activities. The amount of this budget varies between 689 euros per month at care level 2 up to 1,995 euros per month at care level 5. If your relative has care level 1, he will not receive any benefits in kind.

Here you can only use the relief amount to finance the mobile care services. This is 125 euros a month. In contrast to the higher levels of care, you can use it here for body-related measures of outpatient care services. If you take preventive care, you can use the budget of 1,612 euros per year for outpatient care services use for hours or days in your absence.


There are volunteers in many communities. Ask your local government or your citizens’ office.

What does the health insurance fund??

If it is a matter of home care services, your relative’s health insurance company pays the care service. Here are the medical treatments for your loved one prescribed by a doctor. The general practitioner usually prescribes these measures, and the ward doctors if you have previously been hospitalized. Your relative receives home nursing care even without care. This also includes outpatient intensive care services after operations, for example respiratory care.

But putting on and taking off compression stockings is also part of home nursing. As with massages or physiotherapy, home care is a prescription benefit. This requires one Additional payment of ten euros per medical prescription on your part. You also bear ten percent of the costs for a maximum treatment period of 28 days per year. If your family member is exempt from the additional payment, these costs do not apply.

Additional financing options

Financing care is often a sensitive issue. Many caregivers ask themselves what is possible when the funding options through the nursing and health insurance funds are exhausted. We have good news: You can claim up to 20 percent of care applications as a special tax burden. So you can annually deduct up to 4,000 euros from tax. You save up to 333 euros per month. Care applications also include outpatient care services.

Outpatient nursing duties

Outpatient care services take on many different aspects of care. We have created an overview for you:

  • Medical treatment care: Outpatient care services employ qualified specialist staff and take over the medical supplies Of your loved one. The specialists in outpatient care give your relatives medication, change dressings and put syringes.
  • Basic care: The well-being of your loved one is directly related to personal hygiene and is independent of age. Home care services take care of that daily hygiene and help your loved one eat.
  • Mobility and housekeeping support: The nursing service helps your family member by going shopping, accompanying them to the authorities or visiting a doctor or washing their clothes. He also offers him mobilizing services and helps get up and go to bed. Outpatient care services also help your loved one get dressed and undressed.
  • Consultation: You benefit from the specialist knowledge of the nursing staff who train you in the care of your relatives. In addition, the nursing staff will help you to write applications and support you in the nursing classification by the medical service.
  • Respite Care: If you are ill or are otherwise unable to care for your relatives, the outpatient care service temporarily takes care of them.

Through the high utilization of outpatient services often only remains in reality time for the medical treatment and basic care of your loved one. Entertaining activities that are important for the psychological well-being of your relatives can provide care for the elderly.

Outpatient intensive care

Outpatient intensive care services take care of your relatives at home in the event of a serious need for care or a life-threatening illness. In this way, your relatives can be cared for professionally in their familiar surroundings despite the difficult circumstances. In the familiar environment, many people recover faster, because the psyche also has a large part in the healing process.

If you would like to continue to know your relatives in everyday family life, outpatient intensive care services are a good decision. But note that the Apartment developed barrier-free have to be. You receive grants that support you financially during the renovation. Part of the maintenance remains your responsibility. Therefore, in difficult individual cases, you should consider whether a full inpatient intensive care of your loved one is a better decision.

Video: Outpatient care services briefly explained

In this short explanatory video, the Association of Nursing Aid summarizes which tasks a nursing service takes on, which grants you are entitled to and which advantages an outpatient nursing service has.

In front- & Disadvantages of outpatient care

We have the for your overview Advantages and disadvantages outpatient care in the home of your relative:

  • Support from outpatient care services helps you, To reconcile your private life and care.
  • Your loved one will receive professional care in their familiar surroundings.
  • The nurses are for one medical care qualified.
  • You will receive for the financing of outpatient care services Grants from health and long-term care insurance funds.
  • You can understand the treatments performed through the care documentation.
  • Private care services have too little time, to provide social care for your loved one.
  • In the case of severe health restrictions, you take over a large part of the care yourself.

Support from the nursing service
Experience report by Friederike A.

After the six-month nursing period, I wanted to start my job again. It wasn’t just financial reasons, although they were very pronounced. After this the first When my husband was shocked by Parkinson’s disease, money was often a conflict issue. Future fears are gaining strength and the care of my husband was very demanding anyway. I love him very much and he loves me too, I know that.

We were all tense anyway. We rounded up the family council and decided together to find an outpatient care service. The nursing service now comes every day. It is a great relief for me. I help my husband to get up and have breakfast in the morning, which is an important ritual for us. In the morning the nursing service comes and supports my husband with personal hygiene, the tremor makes it difficult for him to do it himself.

They also give him the medication and thank God I no longer have to give him the injections myself. The nursing service was a good decision, for all of us as a family. I only work half a day now, but that’s a big step forward – financially and for my own satisfaction! The situation is better for me and that’s why I can look after my husband more lovingly in the afternoons.


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