Overview kindergarden – fairy grotto town saalfeld

Integrative parent-child center "rainbow"

Lendenstreichstrasse 126
07318 Saalfeld

Admission age: 4 months to start school

Capacity: 156 children

Our integrative parent-child center "rainbow" is a place for all Children and families, regardless of their origin or what skills and abilities they have.


Our integrative parent-child center is located in a quiet green location on the outskirts of Saalfeld-Gorndorf "rainbow" a good starting point for nature trips. The bus station on the doorstep also allows us to quickly reach the city of Saalfeld and others Attractions to explore.

In the neighborhood of the Integrative Parent-Child Center "rainbow" There are various schools, the youth and district center and the district library of the district, so that we can create diverse encounters for the children through joint cooperation.

Our offers for children:

  • individual educational support and support for children from the age of 4 months until they start school
  • Learning and experience offers, the content of which is based on the personal situations and interests of the children
  • Education in close contact with nature in two groups of forest children
  • holistic curative education support for children with disabilities or special development
  • Therapy for children with confirmed support needs by the therapists of the IFF (speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy)
  • Group-wide offers such as children’s council, dancing, cooking, experiments, wood workshop, drama

Our offers for families

  • Parents’ talks, development talks (individual partnership-based cooperation regarding the development of your child)
  • Advice on all topics related to childhood language development
  • Parent advice on worries, problems in all family
  • where appropriate, mediation of help
  • Information about existing advice centers in the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
  • Support in applying for daycare fees, funds from the education and participation package
  • thematic parent cafes and gatherings
  • parenting courses
  • Parent-child group (crawling group)
  • various opportunities for participation and participation

day care center " At the goldfish pond"

Lutherstrasse 8
07318 Saalfeld

Admission age: 3rd month of life until school starts

Capacity: 255 seats

day care center "Hainberg Rascals" Dittrichtshütte

Panorama 1
07318 Saalfeld / Saale OT Dittrichshütte

Admission age: from 1 year to school entry

Capacity: 30 seats

Brief description / educational concept:

Concept based on Friedrich Froebel and Sebastian Kneipp

day care center "Hainberg Rascals" Unterwirbach

In front of Hainberg 21
07318 Saalfeld / Saale

Admission age: from 1 year to school entry

Capacity: 25 seats

Brief description / educational concept :

Kindergarten concept based on Friedrich Froebel and Sebastian Kneipp

day care center "children’s paradise"

Altsaalfelder Straße 34
07318 Saalfeld

Admission age: 1 year until school entry

Capacity: 74 seats

Brief description / educational concept

In order to give our children the best possible start to kindergarten and even before kindergarten begins, we offer all parents a home visit before the start of the settling-in period. This makes it much easier for the little ones to settle in, because they were able to get to know their educators at home in a familiar, safe environment at home. The child and parents have four weeks to get used to the kindergarten.
The children are accompanied by us teachers during kindergarten. They play, learn, laugh, sing, tell, paint, do gymnastics, … according to their needs, every day in different places, in and outside of kindergarten. Depending on their age, the children have the opportunity to take part in various events, such as B. at the Käfersportfest, at the Mäusecup, at music school concerts, at theater performances and we like to be visitors to our library. We have the daily reading time together and the morning circle, a baby project and a family sports festival, there is a big summer party, family hiking days and always great fairy tale games from our parents! Our school beginners learn to swim, they visit the choir of the Aquila elementary school, they decide whether they want to sleep at lunchtime, they visit the Froebel Museum, …
in short: our children like to come and look forward to playing and learning with their friends! Our location is very special with us: close to the city and yet with a rural character! We have a beautiful large garden by everyone Children at is used briskly in any weather. Here the children can let off steam, move and hide to their hearts’ content. At pleasant temperatures we can be found outdoors early in the morning and spend most of the day in the garden. Parent work is very important to us. There are regular meetings with our parents’ representatives and they plan various events with us, at which they then support us actively. The parents’ fairytale game for children’s day and Christmas, the family sports festival and the summer festival are particularly popular!


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