Overview of well-known children’s poems

Hop, hop, ride.

Hoppe Hoppe Reiter,
when he falls he screams.
He falls into the ditch,


Asters are already blooming in garden,
the sun arrow hits weaker
Flowers that await death

rabbit salad

Entered the garden in the morning
Liese, small and cute.
There was a rabbit in the salad,

The five chickens.

I was once in the village,
there was a storm.
Then five chickens quarreled

Elle size

The poplar speaks to the sapling:
What are you doing so wide
with the small plums?

The swing

How nice to weigh yourself,
to fly through the air
on the blossoming tree!

children sand

The Most beautiful there is sand for children.
There’s always plenty of it.
It runs incomparably


The forest and meadow are so colorful,
and Vogelsang resounds over blooming ground.

Are you already on d.

Have you been on the sun?
No? – Then break out of a broom
out a little piece of walking stick

The headstrong Sc.

The pig, the pig, that’s right
full of defiance and stubbornness.
Wherever you would like to have it,

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Known children’s poems – there is something for everyone!

Find the most beautiful poems for children at a glance.

Find lots of poems for children, search for specific children’s poems, or simply get inspired. Everything is possible on Sprachspielspass.de. Wonderful texts like
Advent, Advent, a little light is burning! First one, then two, then three, then four, then the Christ child is at the door. read with the children and have other poetry texts to choose from.

We all know it from our own childhood: recite a little poem for celebrations and special moments. This immediately puts a smile on everyone’s face. Poems and rhymes are an easy way to give children a feel for language. They have fun and love to play with speech. It has been scientifically proven multiple times that children learn faster and better in a playful environment. Content stays in the head more effectively and children remember what they have learned much better.

Rhymes and poems contribute to this learning process and help the little ones learn new guards. You can find well-known children’s poems at sprachspielspass.de and there are certainly poems that you will appreciate and know from your own childhood. You can now find these poems and much more at a glance, search for other well-known children’s poems or simply let yourself be inspired. Poems inspire the senses, give the mind the opportunity to rearrange and stimulate thought.

Many of the most famous children’s poems are already known, but it may well be that the complete text is not known and you want to print it out so that you can memorize it with the children. You can recite children’s poems again and again in primary school, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.


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