Ovulation without a period – there is

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breast-feed, or even those who have a very long or irregular cycle. Could you get pregnant even though you haven’t had your days in a while? It is worth thinking about it – because so many people have already come surprising pregnancy conditions.

Ovulation without a period: how was the cycle again??

If you are wondering when your fertile days are and whether you should use contraception even though you don’t have your period, then you should recall, how your cycle works. The start of the cycle is the first day of your menstrual period. In the middle of this period ovulation occurs in an average long cycle of about 28 days instead of. If the egg cell is not fertilized, it is excreted with the next menstrual period, i.e. in the following cycle, together with the mucous membrane that has built up for the implantation of the fertilized egg cell.

First comes ovulation, then the period

So that means, first comes ovulation, then the period. That sounds confusing because the first day of bleeding is called the start of the cycle. It actually is the reason for the new cycle but a previous ovulation.

So it may well happen that you have not had your days for a while and have not ovulated, but then – unnoticed or noticeable – ovulation occurs again. You may not become aware of this until the next period, when the unfertilized egg together with the rejected tissue of the endometrium is excreted in a menstrual period.

Signs of ovulation: how do you recognize your fertile days?

The reverse case: period without ovulation

The reverse is also possible, namely that you always have your menstrual period but never ovulate. This can happen, for example, due to a hormonal imbalance – if you want to have children, you should be examined to be able to take countermeasures. And women who take the pill also do not ovulate, but there is still bleeding. Even after the birth of a child, it can take time for ovulation to return. During menopause, it is also common that the usual menstrual period takes place, but no more ovulation. Period without ovulation or ovulation without a period – everything is possible.


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