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Own journey by car or train – vacation goals only few hours away

It often makes sense to decide on your own way to your holiday destination. If you are staying in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or other neighbouring countries, travelling by car or train is the obvious option – especially in view of the costs.

But we also speak of your own journey if you book the flight yourself and do not choose a package deal from the tour operator, where the journey is already included. Offers with your own travel arrangements do not necessarily have to be at home or in a nearby foreign country, but can also be several hours away by plane.

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Arrival by car or train – the best destinations

Germany is number one when it comes to Germany’s most popular travel destinations. Instead of travelling far away, the majority prefer holidays at home. This is because both the Alps in the south of the republic and the North and Baltic Seas can usually be reached within a few hours by car or train. The scenic diversity as well as the rich culture make our home country very popular.

Germany is also an ideal destination for last-minute travellers. If the weather forecasts for the next few days are favourable, you can travel at short notice – for example to one of the East Frisian Islands. Germany is also ideal for day trips. Take advantage of a sunny day to visit the vineyards on short notice or to enjoy sightseeing paired with culture in cities such as Dresden or Bamberg. But also not far from the German borders there are numerous travel possibilities, which you can reach at short notice by your own journey.

1st Austria: Some of the most beautiful cities of our neighbouring country are only a short distance away from the German border. If you live in Bavaria, you can reach Innsbruck or Salzburg in a short time if traffic conditions are favourable. If you come from another federal state, you should combine the sights and scenic highlights of Bavaria and Austria without further ado. So you can collect numerous experiences within a few days.

2nd Switzerland: Have you ever been to Freiburg? It is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, also because of its very favourable location. Because from there Switzerland is only a stone’s throw away. The city is located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland. Visit Basel, located directly behind the border on the Rhine. Continue by train or car to Zurich or Bern. In the opposite direction you will find the beautiful Black Forest. Your own journey can therefore pay off. Especially if you want to connect several destinations.

3rd France: Have you ever been to the city of love? If you are planning your own journey by train, there is a particularly fast and inexpensive connection from Cologne to Paris. Would you like to visit Champagne? These can also be reached from Germany in a few hours.

4th Netherlands: Visit the largest port in Europe in Rotterdam or the beautiful canal city of Amsterdam. Depending on where you live, you can reach the capital of the Netherlands in just a few hours, so that you can easily make day trips to the capital yourself. Do you know Enschede? The city is located directly behind the border and offers you a particularly beautiful city in which you can shop and linger wonderfully.

5. Croatia: If it is allowed to go a little further away, you drive by your own journey to Croatia directly under the sun of the Adriatic Sea. For the sake of distance alone, it is a good idea to prefer your own journey, as you will pass through countries such as Austria and Slovenia. The sunny regions of Croatia can be reached within eight hours by car, depending on the place of departure.

6. Italy: the same applies to Italy. If you shorten by car through Austria, you reach the beautiful Lake Garda in a few hours. From here the Italian metropolis of Milan is only a few kilometres away. You can reach this very well with the vehicle in the context of the own journey. The same applies to Venice. Verona lies practically directly at Lake Garda and can be reached from the southern part of the lake within half an hour.

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