Own master lab, dental practice dr

Own master laboratory

In our dental laboratory in Bramfelder Chaussee 1, 22177 Hamburg, from the first to the last treatment step, only our master dental technician Mr. Persiel produces your fixed quality dental restorations with recognized, modern, high quality and durable materials.

We make every effort to treat you as best as possible for your long-term satisfaction. This includes the use of dentures, which meets the very high quality requirements in our practice. The success of your treatment can only be the result of a trusting collaboration between you, our practice and our master dental technician. This master stands for traditional values ​​like reliability, trust and punctuality. For your fixed dentures are exclusively gold-containing precious metal alloys or All-ceramics used to virtually eliminate the risk of allergic reactions. This quality dental replacement is an individually manufactured, highest-precision medical device. All materials used for your dentures are of course according to German standards CE-certified and pollution-free. Also, your dentures are manufactured under a microscope, worked out and checked to ensure the best possible fit of the dentures. These are just a few important quality features that make up your high quality dentures. In this quality level, therefore, the dentures can be produced only in Germany by a suitably qualified master dental technician.

The master certificate of our dental technician master Sven Persiel

As a patient, you can rely on a smooth production of your dentures, as the dentists and dental technicians from many years of cooperation know. It is only through this close cooperation that many questions that ultimately determine the functionality and aesthetics of dentures can be solved together with you as a patient. In each individual case, we can achieve the best possible result in consistently high quality with individual solutions, including yours.

And not to forget: should a quick repair become necessary, the damage will be remedied in the shortest possible time to the fullest satisfaction.

By the confidence in the high quality craftsmanship of the masterful execution we will give you this successful treatment by a written extended warranty to certify on your dentures. The warranty conditions can be found under “Warranty”. Why should you as a patient forego this safety for your health??

Cover photo (left): Camlog
Cover photo (right): Michaela Kuhn

Dr. med. dent. Torsten Stecher · Endodontics (root canal treatment) · Implantology

Dentist Kathrin Stecher · Periodontics (gum treatment) · Senior dentistry

Rissener Dorfstraße 56 · 22559 Hamburg · Tel: 040/81 49 42 · S1, stop: Rissen · bus line 286, stop: Rissener Dorfstraße

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