Pacifier test – comparison 2019 – the best models in comparison

Pacifier test & Comparison – The latest models 2018

Popular for generations: the pacifier

Of the pacifier has been used for generations and has been causing debates for just as long. Some people support the pacifier as a helpful tool in dealing with the child, while others vilify it from the bottom up. The truth is probably in the middle. The following guide gives you important key data, what you should pay attention to when handling the pacifier.

Our current pacifier recommendations

# preview product price
1 NUK Space pacifier look at
2 BIBS pacifier COLOR, natural rubber, Danish pacifier with cherry shape look at
3 Philips Avent ultra-air pacifier 0-6 months, maximum air circulation, twin pack, with motif look at
4 Philips Avent Soothie 0-3 months look at
5 Philips Avent ultra-air pacifier, from 18 months, bite-proof nipple, twin pack, SCF349 look at
6 Philips Avent ultra-air pacifier 6-18 months, maximum air circulation, double pack, with motif look at
7 NUK 10177108 Night & Day Silicone Pacifier, jaw-form, 18-36 months look at
8th Philips Avent Classic Design Pacifier 0-6 months look at
9 Philips Avent Classic Design Pacifier 6-18 months look at
10 MAM silicone pacifier 0-2 months look at

Pacifier Test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Pacifier test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Pacifier test found? "13 silicone pacifiers in the test"
To the test
Review report issue 01/2018

What are the exact benefits of the pacifier??

It combines three main advantages. These include the following aspects:

  • Sleep aid or comforter
  • A help for premature babies
  • A help against sudden child death

The pacifier is often used as a comforter or as a sleep aid. The utensil looks, as in a music box, usually soothing to children and can therefore also be used to fall asleep. It has been proven that sucking can relieve the pain. Often, parents give their children a nipple when they are in the middle of colic. Again, the nipple has a calming and pain-relieving effect.
The nipple can be particularly helpful for premature babies, because they get used to this experience with the pacifier much faster to the bottle. It is therefore possible that the hospitalization associated with premature birth can be shortened here.
Recent studies suggest that using a pacifier can also minimize the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

How to use the Schnuler correctly?

It is always recommended to use a jaw-like pacifier. This is beveled and adapts individually to the child’s mouth. Also make sure that the sign of the nipple is always larger than the baby‘s mouth, so it can not disappear in the mouth and cause serious problems there. It should also not be the wrong way round in the baby’s mouth, since he inevitably provides for misalignment. Hygiene is the most important factor in this area. Therefore sterilize the rubber vacuum cleaner again and again. One common mistake that parents make over and over again is putting the nipple into their mouths themselves. However, this is urgently to be discouraged because bacteria and viruses are often found here, which the child’s organism can not know and process. You should always exchange the nipple also regularly, so that no bacteria or the like can fix there. They thus bypass bacterial herds in the sense of your child. A favorite mistake to soothe the child is also to dip it in honey to calm the child. You should urgently refrain from this, because that automatically leads to tooth decay.

Alleged risks when using the pacifier

In addition to the advocates, there are always the critics in dealing with a pacifier. It may cause the use to increase the risk of infection. There is a connection between the use of the pacifier and a possibly existing otitis media. The use of a rubber sucker can increase the risk of developing a stomach infection or other infections that may cause vomiting, fever, colic or even diarrhea. Again and again one hears the negative effects between a rubber sucker as well as the thumb sucking and the jaw and tooth development. Nevertheless, experts do not recommend a general disuse. Nevertheless, parents should not completely forego a rubber vacuum. It is only advised against a continuous use.
The pacifier can also promote language problems, as the child usually stops the typical babbling. The babbling serves as a basis and exercise for language development.

It is also advisable in this context to find a healthy measure for the use of a rubber vacuum cleaner. It’s like most things. Too much is not good and too little is not conducive.

Our pacifier recommendations

The market is almost infinite. A short consultation in the specialist shop or by the midwife or the pediatrician can make the selection a bit easier. Here are three recommendations that you can find on Amazon.

Philips Avent Ultra soft nipple 0-6 months

The all-round supplier Philips Avent of course also has rubber suckers in its portfolio in addition to numerous baby special products. These rubber sucker are characterized by a special softness. They are additionally provided with a flexible suction shield. The symmetrically manufactured teat shape creates a natural development of the teeth and the palate as well as the gums. The product is BPA-free and tasteless and odorless.

NUK Trendline silicone pacifier

NUK has made with this product an authentic real replica of the female breast. It fits perfectly into the baby’s mouth. It also has a thin and narrow neck, which reduces pressure on the teeth and jaw.

MAM Air Silicone 0-6

MAM offers a particularly innovative style. It is well suited to the skin and has an extra-airy design.

The pacifier can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. There have always been unsuspecting advocates and impeccable critics. The truth is so often in the middle. Make sure that you have sufficient hygiene in this context and replace the nipple regularly, so you bypass bacterial herds.

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