Packing list beach holiday for couples – checklist for your holiday at the sea

Packing list beach holiday for couples - checklist for your holiday at the sea

Packing list Beach vacation for couples: The perfect checklist for a holiday by the sea

The packing list for a beach holiday is quickly summarized: towel, flip-flops and sunscreen. &# 128515; Joking aside. Even for a holiday by the sea, there are some important things that should find their way into the suitcase or backpack.

We are absolute beach lovers ourselves and choose many of our destinations for beautiful coves, snow-white beaches and turquoise water.

So that the packing in the future runs faster and you leave nothing important home, we now tell you our complete packing list for a beach holiday. At the end of the post, you’ll even find a free checklist to print and tick off.

Further contribution for your travel planning:

Suitcase or backpack? Make the right choice

Before we get to the individual utensils, we should first clarify one of the most important questions: What is more worthwhile for a beach holiday? Suitcase or big backpack?

The question is not so easy to answer and depends heavily on your way of traveling. If for you a beach holiday only consist of the airport to the hotel and come back, then a trolley * (drawing case) is certainly a good choice.

You can do it pack clearly and you can see it clearly less a sweat as with a backpack on his back.

On the other hand, if you change your location or have to walk with your luggage several times, we definitely advise you to take a travel backpack. Especially on uneven roads a backpack is much more practical.

Besides, you have free hands at all times without having to leave the backpack. Very helpful if you need to show any documents or navigate with your mobile phone.

We only travel with big backpacks. Even with a normal beach vacation or a short city break. We feel that way in ours Freedom of movement significantly less restricted as with a drawing case.

Important & Special equipment for a beach holiday

Yes, even for a normal beach holiday, there are a few items that are unfortunately often forgotten.

For example, bathing shoes, which are very useful especially for stone beaches, or a drybag that keeps your important things like wallet or smartphone dry on the beach.

Backpacks, daypacks & Pack Accessories

In addition to our two large backpacks, the Tatonka Yukons, we have a small daypack per person with us.

Daypacks are extremely useful for trips and on the plane as hand luggage. You can store there all valuables such as camera, ID cards, wallets or even some provisions for longer trips.



  • Tatonka Server Pack 20 Liters * (since February 2019)
  • Dakine Trek 26 liters *


  • 2x set of 4 Amazon Basic panniers * (keep your backpack tidy and worth the price of gold!)
  • 4x combination locks for the backpack *
  • Raincape for Marcos Daypack *
  • Large plastic bag (for shoes)

finances & money

We always travel with little cash and often pick up smaller amounts with our travel credit card. As a result, the trouble of loss and theft is much lower. Besides, we always have two credit cards to be on the safe side.

The best travel credit card currently is the Santander 1Plus Visa Card. Not only will you be able to withdraw for free but you will also be able to pay for it free of charge, and you will also be reimbursed for foreign fees collected by some foreign banks.

  • 1 x Santander credit card * (currently the best travel credit card)
  • 1 x Comdirect credit card * (replacement credit card)
  • purse
  • TAN generator or TAN list
  • Phone numbers of the bank
  • Some cash (about 50 €)
  • RFID blocker *

Note: We advise you to travel only with little cash and prefer to withdraw more often. Thus, a theft or loss is only half as bad.

important documents & documents

The correct documents are the A & O of a journey. Imagine you forget your passport or plane ticket. Then the theater is big! So that this can not happen to you, we have created here a suitable list.

  • passport
  • identity card
  • Impfausweis
  • International health insurance * (insurance certificate)
  • International driver’s license (outside Europe)
  • Normal driver’s license (Europe)
  • booking confirmation & Address of accommodation (on the smartphone)
  • Emergency and service numbers of the bank and travel insurance
  • Copies of the most important travel documents (passport, identity card, health insurance cover)
  • Waterproof zip bag * (for documents)
  • Plastic sheets for copies

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