Packing list thailand for couples (checklist to print out – check off)

Packing list Thailand for couples (+ checklist to print & check off)

It goes to Thailand for you and now you ask yourself: “What should we pack everything and what should we not forget in any case?” If so, then you will certainly find here some useful answers!

By now we have visited the land of the rising sun 7 times and have now written down our optimized packing list for you. You will find all the important utensils, no matter where you are going.

Of course, you do not have to take everything with you; Above all, the list should serve as an inspiration and help you pack. At the very end of the post, you can even download the Thailand Packing List for printing.

Further contributions for your Thailand planning:

Important & special equipment for Thailand

You do not need any special equipment for a normal backpacking trip to Thailand. However, there are still a few special features that are often forgotten and we have sometimes even left home.

For example, one or more sarongs for temple visits that will allow you to cover your shoulders and knees. If you’re also on the islands in the south, a dry bag on many boating, strong sunscreen, bathing shoes on some beaches and a few other things make perfect sense.

  • Sustainable sunscreen *
  • Mosquito spray (either this one here * or just buy locally)
  • Mosquito net * (not every accommodation has its own nets)
  • Mouthguard for scooter driving (cheaper locally)
  • Sarong for temple visits * (shoulder and knee coverage is required)
  • Drybag * (for boat trips etc.)
  • snorkel *
  • Slippers *
  • Rain poncho * (Important!)

Backpacks, daypacks & Pack Accessories

Thailand is the ultimate backpacker destination. And we always travel with our 50 liter Tatonka backpacks to Thailand. We just love the two things!

In addition, you should take next to the big backpacks necessarily one or two daypacks, which are very convenient for excursions and you can also use as hand luggage backpacks in the plane. This is our complete backpack equipment:




  • 2x set of 4 Amazon Basic panniers * (keep your backpack tidy and worth the price of gold!)
  • 4x combination locks for the backpack *
  • Raincape for Marcos Daypack *
  • Large plastic bag (for shoes)

finances & money

EC cards only work conditionally outside of Europe, so internationally valid credit cards are more convenient for withdrawing cash at ATMs in Thailand. The best travel credit card currently available for Thailand is the Santander 1Plus Visa Card, as Santander Bank is the only German bank to reimburse all foreign fees that are due when you pick it up in Thailand.

If you have any problems, you should definitely take a second bank card from another bank, the emergency numbers of your banks, as well as your TAN generator or the TAN list.

Without the right travel documents no trip. These include driver’s license, identity card, passport, visa and all travel documents such as airline tickets and booking confirmations. In addition, you should make a double set of photocopies of your most important papers. This greatly facilitates the reissue in the event of a loss.

  • passport
  • Passport photos (only for visa extension)
  • identity card
  • Impfausweis
  • International health insurance * (insurance certificate)
  • International driver’s license (very important!)
  • Normal driver’s license
  • Air, bus or train tickets (on the smartphone)
  • booking confirmation & Address of accommodation (on the smartphone)
  • Emergency and service numbers of the bank and travel insurance
  • Copies of the most important travel documents (passport, identity card, health insurance cover, international driver‘s license)
  • Plastic sheets for copies
  • Waterproof zip bag * (for documents)

International health insurance – which is the best?

The proper health insurance when traveling is enormously important! We compare several providers & betray our choice.


For Thailand, it is better to pack less than too much! In Thailand you can wash your clothes everywhere for quite a bit of money and buy new clothes if needed. The decision on how and what you take with you to wear, we can not accept you, but at least give a small guideline value with our clothing list .

Saras Kle >Shoes

Even though light sandals and flip-flops are always practical, you should definitely take some firmer shoes for trips and activities to Thailand. If you also plan one or more trekking tours, proper hiking boots are a must. We always have all three types of shoes with us.

sponge bag

In addition to a sunscreen should be in your culture bags all the classic toiletries that you use every day at home. In addition, not every accommodation offers shampoo and soap. The following care products end up in our toilets during our trips to Thailand.

Sara’s toiletry bag

  • Culture bag *
  • Toothbrush made of bamboo *
  • Natural toothpaste *
  • Brush by Tangle Teezer *
  • Hair Tire Fair Hair Set of 3 *
  • nail scissors
  • tweezers
  • Sustainable Cotton Swabs * (Ecologically degradable)
  • Sustainable body soap *
  • Savion hair soap *
  • 2 x soap bags *
  • Deocreme *
  • Menstrual cup * or menstrual sponge *
  • disposable razors
  • wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer *

Marcos toiletry bag

  • Culture bag *
  • Toothbrush made of bamboo *
  • Natural toothpaste *
  • Sustainable Cotton Swabs * (Ecologically degradable)
  • Savion hair soap *
  • body soap
  • Soap bag *
  • Deocreme *
  • Electric wet shaver from Braun * (I love it!)
  • Sustainable sunscreen *
  • Vegan condoms *

travel pharmacy

We always try to take as few medicines as possible. In Thailand you get everything you need for a disease, just much cheaper.

You should pack a few little helpers anyway, especially when things need to be done quickly. For example, medicines for gastrointestinal problems, because sooner or later they usually appear. Also important is an after sun body lotion, Tigerbalm against insect bites, blister plaster and a few other things.

  • Iberogast * (helps against mild gastrointestinal problems)
  • Digestive complex * (if nothing works;))
  • Paracetamol * (reduces fever and pain)
  • Electrolytes * (in the case of gastrointestinal diseases the salvation par excellence)
  • Azulenal ointment * (wound ointment)
  • Waterproof plaster *
  • Blister *
  • Buscopan * (especially for the woman with convulsions)
  • Charcoal tablets * (for bad diarrhea)
  • iGel eye drops * (for irritated and dry eyes)
  • Tigerbalm * (“panacea” – very effective especially in case of a headache)
  • Alcohol as a disinfectant (usually bought locally)
  • iodine
  • some bandages

technology & electronics

In technology, we can take you the pack decision as little as the clothes pack list. In any case, a good camera with a matching charging cable should not be missing, as well as an additional SD card.

A power bank or the Amazon Kindle have also saved us one or the other long transfer day! What else do we have with technology? This is everything

Our photographic equipment:

  • First camera: Olympus OMD-EM1 Mark II *
  • Olympus Wide Angle Lens 7-14mm f 2.8 Pro *
  • 1x Olympus replacement battery *
  • Sigma fixed focal length 16mm f 1,4 *
  • Tamron zoom lens 14-150mm *
  • Rode camera microphone *
  • Second camera (much, much cheaper): Sony Alpha 6000 system camera + standard lens SEL-P 1650 *
  • Sony Zoom Lens SEL55-210mm *
  • Sigma fixed focal length 30 mm * (52 mm diameter)
  • 2 x Sony spare battery *
  • Mini tripod with movable legs *
  • Sirui travel tripod made of carbon *
  • 3 x SD cards * (1 x 16 GB, 2 x 32 GB)
  • Camera cleaning kit *
  • SonyHDR-AS 50 Actioncam *
  • Swimhandle for Actioncam *

laptops & Hard Drives:

  • 2x Apple MacBook Pro *
  • USB-C adapter *
  • 2 x Caison laptop bag *
  • 2 x SSD External Hard Drive * (By Sandisk)

Other useful engineering equipment:

  • 2 x Kindle Paperwhite * (e-book reader)
  • Sony Bluetooth Box to listen to music *
  • 2 x Mpow in-ear headphones
  • Powerbank 2000 mAH *
  • Iphone X *
  • Honor 8 Smarptones *
  • World Travel Adapter Skross Pro *
  • Intenso USB Stick 8 GB *
  • 3 x USB cable


Thailand is a popular tourist destination and very safe, but black sheep are everywhere. We store our expensive valuables and documents, such as camera, passport or driver’s license, so always in the Pacsafe if we do not have them.

For your money, we can also recommend an opaque breast bag to your heart. Small padlocks for the backpacks or the locker in the hostel, you should also grow up.

  • Breast or fanny pack * (good for money, smartphone or ID)
  • Pacsafe * (never again, especially in cheaper accommodation)
  • 2 x combination locks * (Some simple hotels or hostels have lockers)

Other useful things

Thais try to speak English, but it usually remains with isolated and sometimes difficult to understand sentences. Therefore, we can absolutely recommend a phrasebook for Thailand. In addition, locals enjoy seeing tourists trying to learn their language.

Besides the phrasebook, there are a few other useful things that we would not want to do without:

  • 2 x sunglasses
  • 2 x travel towel * (very important)
  • 2x foldable bottle *
  • Notebook & two pens*
  • Skip Bo Travel Game *
  • Travel laundry bag
  • Veggiebags * (to avoid plastic bags when shopping >Packing list Thailand for Couples – Checklist for printing

So, at the very end you can download the print list, print it and check it out completely free of charge. Simply click on the link and the download will start automatically. Have fun with the packing list!

Do you have any further questions about our couples packing list for Thailand or would like to add something? Then just write us a comment!

Note: This post contains our personal product recommendations with so-called affiliate links. Do not worry, the products will not be more expensive. If you buy something via one of these links, we get a small commission. You help us keep Love and Compass alive and regularly publish useful content for you. A thousand thanks and a lot of love for it!

Hey! We are Sara and Marco. World travelers. Lateral thinker. Lovers. And the founders of Love and Compass. Germany’s largest travel blog for couples. We share here all our travel tips, information, experiences and most beautiful moments with you. Our motto: coconut and tongue kiss! We are so happy that you are here!

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All comments

Hello Sara, Hello Marco,
beforehand a big compliment to your side. I could not stop reading.
We, Konstantin and Cordula, booked our trip to Koh Lanta a few days ago. We have never been there. But we are big Thailand fans. So far we were 3 times on Koh Samui and have 1 night in Bangkok (spectacular) experienced. Since we always fly in the winter (3 weeks, end of November – just before Christmas), we had the last time bad luck with the monsoon on Koh Samui, so that we could rebook after 6 days of continuous rain, thank God in a sister hotel in Pattaya , We never wanted to go there, but in the end it saved our holiday weather. Maybe I should anticipate that I (Cordula) is 49 years old and has many young colleagues traveling the world as backpackers. I admire this very much, but Konstantin and I come to the conclusion that this way of traveling is no longer optimal for us. As a rule, we book holiday packages and have thus had good experiences. Now we really want to explore another corner by scooter. Your tips are also very helpful for package travelers. Thanks a lot for this! We are very excited about the island and full of anticipation! Can you go to the hotel Lanta Sands Resort& Spa report something? After long deliberation, we decided to do it and for the first time put together the journey itself! Of course, as a little Thailand experienced vacationer, we only booked breakfast. We love the fantastic Thai food and of course we will not enjoy the main meals at the hotel, but rather try the restaurants and food stalls on Lanta. Incidentally, I find it fantastic to note that you do not participate in the trekking tours with elephants. We were in Sri Lanka and have seen similar conditions there. We both love these fantastic animals and have been content with feeding only there. As sexy as it may be, please do not support the trekking tours! Thanks again for your tips! (We are very curious about the monkeys!) With one of the main reasons why we have booked a bungalow in the hotel complex, is the hope that one or the other dog runs to us. That was always the case on Koh Samui! FANTASTIC! Keep it up, I’ll get back to you at the latest after our holiday! Have fun with what you are doing or where you are! Greetings from Cordula and Konstantin from Hamburg.

First of all, thank you for your kind and praising words. That makes us happy! :)

Nice that it pulls you to Koh Lante. A really beautiful island, which is much quieter and more original than Samui. We just love Koh Lanta! To the hotel Lanta Sands Resort & Unfortunately, we can not say anything about fun. But if you look at the reviews and pictures, you can hardly do anything wrong. :)

Oh that with the continuous rain does not sound good …. How was Pattaya in the end then? We have made a very big bow there so far.

Yes, elephant trekking tours are just awful. We have already seen videos of how the elephants are made submissive for months and years by beatings and maltreatment. Just incredibly sad. :( That’s why it’s extremely important for us to raise awareness and educate people, and things just have to stop in the future.

The one or other dog will definitely get lost to you. There’s definitely enough on Koh Lanta. :)

We wish you a great trip and greet us Koh Lanta!

All the best from Kuala Lumpur,
Sara & Marco

Hello Sara and Marco,
I think it would be great if you linked your sunscreen links to sustainable products that are Reef Safe. In general, the mineral sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium oxides as a mechanical screen (often baby products).
Care should be taken that there are no nanoparticles in it, but it is written on the package. Is in any case healthier for both environment, animal, as well as for humans. Lg bina

Thank you for your reference! To be honest, we use such sun creams for a while longer, but we have not had the time to link them to our entire packing lists. Will definitely catch up!

best regards,

Hello Sarah, I read with interest your packing list – sure everything is a matter of taste. But at 32 degrees only pants? No, I prefer an airy silk dress or one made of cotton. Since you have it not extra tight and warm on the stomach and butt. Or are clothes in Thailand inappropriate for German tourists? Naturally covered shoulders, knees and breasts .

Hey Petra! Definitely everything is a matter of taste! :) I wear no or very rarely clothes. The short pants that I have in the packing list are usually made of fabric, cut a little further and thus very airy.

You do not have to worry about the clothes! Can you definitely wear it? By the way, it is not a problem to wear short dresses with neckline. Even many younger Thai women like to wear tight clothing. :) Only in the temples is shoulder- & knee-tight duty.

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