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The three musketeers in a medieval courtyard. He belongs to the Alten Hofhaltung Bamberg / Screenshot Youtube

The right scenes are also part of a hearty cloak and dagger film: the most defiant medieval castles and rococo castles with Versailles charm. “The Three Musketeers” (2011) with Orlando Bloom of course confirm this rule. The movie was recently repeated on Pro7.

The film shot in Bavaria should become the logistically most elaborate production in the Free State.

It was filmed mainly where Bavaria is still Burgenland: In Franconia (Bamberg, Würzburg) and on the Czech border in Burghausen. 2500 extras were allowed to participate. The quadruple amount, however, had been applied.

How the Herner Motte came to the Sauerland

How fresh from the hardware store: Motten replica in Herne 2010 / Photo:

The construction of a medieval wooden castle for 350,000 euros was one of the most elaborate projects for the exhibition “Aufruhr 1225! Knights, castles and intrigues “in 2010 in the Ruhr area.

For weeks on a small hill in front of the LWL Museum of Archeology in Herne a brand new, original-sized wooden castle tower with palisade stretched in the cloudy sky, a so-called moth.

Thousands visited the “wooden castle as in the Middle Ages” and looked from above over the rather dismal center of Herne.

After the end of the exhibition, the question arose, of course, where to go with the accurately crafted, 22-meter-high structure (in which even the quiet village in the form of a bay window had not been forgotten).

Castle Spangenberg becomes a time capsule?

Schloss Spangenberg: The hotel is currently not operated / Photo: Wikipedia / Ingmar Runge / CC BY 3.0 DE
Update January 2015: There is a new tenant for Schloss Spangenberg.

In one of Hesse’s strongest fortresses time seems to have stopped. The former hotel in Schloss Spangenberg southeast of Kassel is dawning unused. It is on the way to becoming a kind of time capsule of the 2010er years.

Should that remain so would future researchers who venture into the castle rooms in 100 years, find under a thick layer of dust tidy, rustic rooms with clean beds, with analog corded telephones on the bedside tables – as if the guests from the middle Merkel Era just left.

Kasteel de Haar and the onslaught of the elves

Trailer for the Elfia 2014, the Elf Fantasy Fair on Kasteel de Haar

The water castle Kasteel de Haar near Utrecht / Photo: in the public domain

This Kasteel de Haar near Utrecht looks like a moated castle, which has just played a bit of a backdrop to an operetta: Lots of turrets with pitched roofs stretch into the Dutch sky. As if a somewhat overloaded Loire Chateau in the place Haarzuilen flopped.

The towers seem to have had no military benefit except perhaps to confuse potential besiegers with the sheer volume of targets for their guns. Ditches surround the facility, but rather for visual reasons.
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Deutsche Welle shows “Germany’s most beautiful castles”

The Wartburg is according to German wave the “most beautiful castle in Germany” / Image:

When Deutsche Welle (DW), which is well-known for its in-depth informative reports, publishes an online photo series on “Germany’s most beautiful castles”, I get curious. And hope for great pictures and maybe a few links to background articles, photos, the film archive of the station.

In the latest DW ranking (“Germany’s most beautiful castles”) there is unfortunately no indication. There loveless castle images of Fotolia, dpa and Picture Alliance are collected together and provided with three to four lines of text.

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