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Even with thorough, daily dental care, plaque develops over time. Especially in hard-to-reach areas such as interdental spaces and inner tooth surfaces. This biofilm – consists of bacteria, plaque and tartar.

With our trained team for prophylaxis and dental hygiene we help you to optimize your oral hygiene.

Professional tooth cleaning – as an important prophylactic pillar for the long-term preservation of your oral health.

In the process, plaque is gently and thoroughly removed with an ultrasound device and special scalers (hand instruments), especially in areas that are difficult to access.

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Many people would prefer to enter the dentist’s office already anaesthetised or under hypnosis. It is almost unimaginable today that until 200 years ago people had to undergo any dental treatment without anaesthesia. That’s why we take a look at previous treatment methods.

Everyone knows the paralyzing feeling of fear, which is immediately noticeable in sweaty, shaky hands. The reason? The half-yearly visit to the dentist is on the agenda again. If many of us are already suffering from anxiety with largely painless treatment methods, then for previous generations the visit to the dentist must have been comparable to the visit to the executioner!

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Stars, tears, big feelings

18 078 716 Euro – the children of the world say THANK YOU!

At the 16th big “Ein Herz für Kinder” Donation Show yesterday evening everything revolved around the most important people in our lives!

More than 60 celebrities collected the spectators’ donations in the live show.

speech of thanks in the wording

Honorary prize of the evening “The Golden Heart” for Queen Rania

It was a performance full of strength, courage and hope: Queen Rania was awarded at the big “Ein Herz für Kinder” gala.

Stars such as Manuel Neuer, Andrea Berg and Vladimir Klitschko presented aid projects and reported on the use of the money, 100 percent of which goes to children in need.

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The occasions from which children or adults enter tracks and railway facilities are many and varied. Children only want to play, visitors to Wasen may want to shorten the way home or teenagers may want to make a quick selfie. But they all have one thing in common – the ignorance of the dangers.

Sentences like “I’m watching out!” are typical for people who take the dangers lightly. But when people walk on the tracks, they always risk their lives carelessly. And quite apart from the dangers to life and limb, such careless actions always lead to considerable disruptions in railway operations. Especially when children are seen near tracks, this line is always closed immediately as a precaution. The resulting delays are considerable and even train cancellations caused by people on the tracks have reached a new high for the Stuttgart S-Bahn in 2017. There are therefore many reasons why it is important to educate people about the dangers.

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The civil war in Syria began with this boy.

Bashir Abazed is boring, he goes to school in Daraa, Syria. He and a few friends spray critical slogans on a house wall for fun and thus trigger the Syrian revolution.

Source: The World

B ashir Abazed is boring. The sun is shining, it is a warm day in February 2011. Bashir is 15 years old, he goes to school in Daraa, Syria. A time of upheaval has just begun. President Ben Ali has been overthrown in Tunisia. Egypt had its first “Day of Wrath”. People take to the streets, the Arab world is restless. Dictators who had ruled for decades suddenly turn into hated men. The “Arab Spring” has begun.

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The Association of Single Mothers and Fathers (VAMV) supports single parents with up-to-date information, professional advice and committed lobbying, and the VAMV reflects the diversity of different ways of life. 1.6 million single parents in Germany, who live together with 2.2 million children under 18 years are alone educating in most diverse way: They are divorced, separately living, live in new partnership however separate dwellings, are widowed or simply unmarried – their interests stand for the VAMV in the foreground: a existence-securing work, a good care of children, successful handling contacts, guaranteed maintenance payments – briefly: a good life! Single parenting places high demands on mothers and fathers and demands all their commitment and personality. But they will find that their self-confidence, their assertiveness and their confidence grow into their own strength.

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Healthy nutrition for children is more important than ever. Parents are usually aware of this, but it is difficult to put it into practice.

As is well known, most kids like sweets and prefer chips, burgers and co. as their main course instead of vegetable pan and salad.

Since the little ones are less and less active today due to computers and smartphones, the importance of healthy child nutrition is even greater than ever.

You are what you eat – it is now assumed that many more diseases are due to diet than was previously assumed. And as parents you are responsible for your offspring. This is why it is so important to set the course right from the start and lay the foundations for a healthy diet in childhood. But what can a good infant nutrition plan look like? And: does healthy nutrition also work in kindergarten?

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If there’s a real winter wonderland, it’s definitely Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis! Snow-covered mountains and pistes as far as the eye can see and bright sunshine on the high plateau make for untroubled winter fun with the whole family. In order to make skiing holidays in Austria a real pleasure for everyone – babies, children and parents – the region around the Babyhotels and Kinderhotels Löwe & Bär is fully dedicated to family holidays. Enjoy together with your children the offer of the Tiroler ski area or know you your children in the children’s club in the best hands – ski vacation with child care is possible here!

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These animal masks are really so simple homemade. Here we show you how to make masks out of paper plates. And which animal are you: bear, panda, bunny or monkey?

These animal masks are the absolute hit with our children (and also in the editorial staff itself). Especially because they are so quickly made. You don’t have to decide for one animal, you just make them all! The Clou: All animal masks are made of cardboard plates. Here we show you how to make the masks out of paper plates.

Material for animal masks

– Paper plate – one plate makes 2 masks – clay paper in black, dark brown and light brown – craft colour in dark brown, light brown and pink – black felt pen – colourful paper straws – basic material: scissors, glue stick, Tesafilm, brush

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