Everyone who has a child needs a child car seat! There are hundreds but very few of very high quality. Image source: David Tadevosian / Shutterstock.com

It’s easy: if you have a child, you need a suitable car seat! This is also not about avoiding punishment, but about protecting the child in the event of an accident.

Child car seats have restraint devices that optimally protect your child in the vehicle throughout the journey. Depending on the age and weight of the child there are Child car seats of various classes. A child is only optimally protected in the car if the car seat fits the age and size of the child:

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Six Bilerbuch farms for your vacation with children

Vacation with children on an intact farm in Bavaria, the vacation becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Child-friendly vacation, this is always a farm holiday. Children need one Children’s Playground and sometimes a home baked it Stick bread at the campfire.

Here you will find six picture-perfect farms for her Vacation with children in beautiful Bavaria.


Fantastic view and comfortable 5-star ambience in our holiday home in the Bavarian Forest.

With the prince

We offer cozy wooden houses and holiday apartments in a secluded location in the Bavarian Forest.

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Koo-Di KD061 / 02 – Easily storable – fits in every handbag or place in the pram Available in gray Machine wash at 40 ° C The koo-di pack-it universal rain cover is ideal to keep in the basket when you are traveling with the pram. Easy to put on and adjust.

More information about Koo-Di KD061 / 02

Koo-Di KD063 Pack-It Universal stroller sun protection

Koo-Di KD063 / 02 – The koo-di sun & sleep-shade won the Practical Parenting Gold Award in 2009. The sun & sleep shade replaces the old muslin or blanket thrown over the stroller to your baby’s blinds and let them sleep, and it blocks 93% of UVA / UVB rays. Hold you her package it sun & Shade sleep-in the stroller basket ready for use at any time.

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Red cheeks are part of it.

Yes, every baby gets teeth once and that is not very pleasant for the little ones. Besides comforting and calming, you can also help your baby in other ways.

Either an amber necklace around the neck or a teething ring for all occasions. Here you will find everything you need to make this exhausting time a little easier for your child.

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When you have a baby, you can’t get around a pacifier. This object spends most of the time in the child’s mouth. For this reason, there are many different things to consider when buying a pacifier and you should not buy any product lightly.

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It all began with a study project by Jan Vieth in 2002, and based on his experience from camps in Canada, the USA and Australia, he wanted to introduce a combination of the various basic principles in Germany as well.

Here the main aspects are not just a varied program or a great accommodation. Much more it is about the cohesion, which is built up and promoted in the international camp community. No matter if child, youth or teamer, no matter from which country or culture – everyone should feel comfortable and experience an unforgettable time together. Friendships are made here even though you live thousands of kilometres apart. Our experienced campers include newcomers immediately, as this is exactly why they like our camps so much. They come to make new friends and refresh old ones. Many parents tell us after the summer camps about mutual visits, some of which took us as far as France, Spain or Canada. They also tell us about the increased motivation of their children to listen more attentively to language lessons at school so that they can have a better time next summer at the camp.

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It’s my body! Many children want to decide more about their looks and other things. What can parents prohibit? Cut and dye hair? Ear holes? Vegan diet? We’ll clear you up.

cut hair

Younger children don’t really care what their hairstyle looks like. But the older you get, the more important you look. Some want to stand out, others want to bring their style to bear. You can determine your hairstyle yourself? And your parents can force you to cut your hair?

According to Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, your opinion should always be taken into account according to age. Parents should take their children seriously and support them in their development. It is important that you develop your own style. And trying it out is part of it. That is why they should respect your opinion. However, parents can protest if they think your decision can harm you.

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We are Susi and Franz and have been living with you in the church tower since summer 2016! Sometimes we trip past the community office and tell Sonja what’s going on with us. Sometimes we write something down, which you can read here and in the community letter.

Susi’s star wonder

Of wishes and miracles

do you know what it is like to want something really special? When the wish is so huge and special that you can no longer think of anything? Yes, then you know exactly what I mean and how I have fared recently. Mom asked me three days ago what I would most like to get for Christmas. Actually, I always have a lot Wishes, but I couldn’t think of that day. Maybe I was just too tired. Immediately after kindergarten I snuggled into a larger pillow with a tiny blanket and fell asleep. I hadn’t even eaten anything then, I was so exhausted.

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The Christmas season is a very special time for believers. They are not so much concerned with the material aspects, but rather with the immaterial and spiritual aspects such as faith, compassion, love and peace. If you are looking for Christian Christmas sayings in this regard, you will find it here. The sayings can be spoken orally or presented as Christmas wishes using a Christmas card.

It is particularly important that the message is received correctly. Namely, the message, especially in the Christmas season, to reflect on the Christian values ​​and to live them. There are many people who don’t see themselves on the sunny side of life right now. Christian Christmas sayings are particularly convenient for you, because this way you can regain strength and courage.

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ABC Design 2019 leg cover shadow

The growing leg cover – shadow by aBC Design ensures warm feet and legs for your little darling, especially in cold weather. Sewn-on Velcro straps provide additional support. The combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton ensures optimal heat exchange. The padded foot cover is particularly light and therefore much more comfortable for your child than conventional leg covers.

As a result, the leg cover grows with your child – and is not much too big, especially at first. The water-repellent outer material protects against wind and rain. To clean the foot cover, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it by hand. Your little one will feel right at home right away in the soft, padded leg cover.

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Explore Tango – Discover Bodywork – over 100 workshops – Tango non stop – 9 days dancing, feasting, playing, sunbathing .

  • Milongas & balls in the evenings
  • Tangocafe / Tangoencuentro during the day
  • Daily approx. 20 workshops for Tango, Pilates, Yoga & other bodywork methods
  • 22-strong international team of teachers
  • Concerts & Shows by dancers, artists & acrobats
  • Cheap workshop flat rate
  • Individual registrations welcome
  • Childcare & children’s program, horse farm, climbing park, .
  • Participation is also possible on individual days of the safari.

The TangoSafaris are events that are also aimed at families and singles. Most of the participants register on their own, so you will easily find room and dance partners.

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