Aesthetic dentistry – beautiful and white teeth for a lifetime

Do you know a Hollywood star whose teeth are not beautiful, straight and bright-white? Neither do we! Beautiful white teeth look healthy and make you sexy. They are also immensely important for professional and private success. Yellow teeth, on the other hand, are associated with a lack of care and smoking.

In our dental practice we offer the entire range of services of modern holistic, aesthetic dentistry (services such as dental aesthetics or tooth beautification, dental cosmetics, total restoration, denture restoration, amalgam restoration). This includes small fillings in the desired tooth colour, laboratory-fabricated ceramic veneers up to all-ceramic total restoration of the defective dentition.

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What are open jaw flights?

Open Jaw Flight (OJ) is a special form of outward and return flight in which two different routes are flown to or from the destination, which have only one airport in common. This means that a total of three airports are used for the journey.

What does single and double fork flight mean?

The “Open Jaw Flight” again distinguishes between a simple and a double variant. The characteristics of these flight concepts can best be explained using an example: A passenger flies from Frankfurt to San Francisco to embark on an extensive exploratory tour of the western United States. So he arrives in San Francisco, rents a camper or rental car and the adventure can begin. Since the passenger wants to see the most beautiful and interesting places in the American West, including the Yosemite National Park, the Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, the flight from Las Vegas back to Frankfurt would be much less expensive. This means that the entire distance from Las Vegas to San Francisco would not have to be covered, which saves transport costs as well as valuable vacation time. In such cases, open jaw flights are the optimal travel option. If the destination of the outbound flight differs from the location of the return flight, one speaks of a simple open jaw flight. These flights also work the other way round. Thus, air travellers can take off again from the airport of arrival, but arrive at a different airport than the airport of departure.

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Children must be introduced to the subject of dental care in a gentle and understanding manner. By the time they reach school age at the latest, they are old enough to take brushing their teeth with their own hands, but still far from experienced enough to do everything right. Your support therefore remains essential. It is therefore almost an obligation to motivate your child to follow a dental care routine. The following article shows what is decisive.

The right cleaning technique for children

Brushing your teeth needs to be learned – adults know this all too well. Even the older ones often experience problems or misuse of toothbrushes and the like, which sometimes lures unpleasant guests, such as caries, into their mouths.

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Last update: 27.02.2019

The summer holidays offer numerous possibilities for a varied short holiday with children. Create your perfect holiday by choosing your destination. Let your children build sand castles at the North or Baltic Sea while you rest or go on a bicycle tour together. Rent a cozy holiday home in Denmark or climb mountains in Austria together. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and delicious pizzas in Italy or long sandy beaches in Spain. Inspire your children and spend a great family holiday.

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In treatment room 1 of his practice, dentist Dr. Dietmar Oesterreich (Vice President of the Federal Dental Association in Germany) welcomes a new patient.

Sylvia M.* neither complains of toothache nor has she come for a routine check-up. “I want my teeth to be as white as they used to be,” she says, pointing to her discoloured teeth. She suspects her intense coffee enjoyment. The two upper middle incisors appear particularly dark. A detailed examination of the findings does indeed reveal the presence of dyes, but the discoloration of the two incisors has another cause. An x-ray brings it to light, and the 30-year-old patient remembers: “Since I was 16, the incisors have been treated at the root”. Over the years, the root canal filling has made the teeth look darker and darker. Dr. Oesterreich also points out the dark plastic fillings in the lateral, upper incisors. “Fillings do not change due to whitening, we have to replace them afterwards.”

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DateTimeEvent19. Octoberclosed event24. October from 19:00 Closed event25. October20 o’clockConcert Traummänners27. October18 UhrPiano Bar – Next Generation2. NovemberConcert Acoustic Voice String8. NovemberWaDaWidd Comedy9. Novemberclosed event10. November10 UhrBrunch

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Current events

TraumMänners on Friday, October 25th in conclusion with Covermucke, now there is German Groove-Rock: The “Männers” have fulfilled their “dream” of bringing their own music to the stage with German lyrics, lots of fun and unbridled joy of playing. The result is straight rock, soulful blues, soulful funk, even a polka with squeeze comode is processed into groove. Music that doesn’t really fit in any drawer, but is unmistakably influenced by the handmade sound of the seventies. The lyrics tell, how can it be different, of course also of the great love, in “fire danger” enough … a look into your eyes already rises the temperature …, or “Again with me” of the futile … the love of the life with you – was never yours … but also of the world-weariness, when “The black bird” flies once again much too deeply, or of sorrowful men’s themes … clear, I don’t-make that- worry-yet not today-yet that’s enough too … “Tomorrow” too …

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This workshop combines 3 single day modules on sustainable fashion: a trip to a textile collection point, an experiment on modular fashion and a clothes exchange party at school. The modules can also be carried out individually.

Flowchart / Modules:

The workshop was developed and carried out within the framework of “Palast der Projekte – die ökologische Zukunftsstadt” in the Fichtelgebirge-Grundschule Berlin. It is documented that 22 children between 6 and 9 years (1-3 class) work for 3 days with about 3.5 hours working time for each child (8:00-12:00). The procedure is documented in days. Each day is a module. The modules can also be carried out separately.

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Central Florida Pinball Restorations

Taking my love of pinball from a simple start at age 10 where I used to play pinball in a local Woolworth department store while my mother shopped.

1966 Williams A-Go-Go

Captive Ball (Roulette Wheel), Unique 4 flipper set up, drop down style front cabinet which required shorter 25” legs.

Specializing in early 1970’s thru early 1990’s restorations

We do full or partial restorations, cabinet refinishing/repainting, wood panel replacement, and custom stencil work. Let us make your favorite pinball machine look like NEW!

I Buy Used Pinball Machines

I buy old pinball machines. Turn your unwanted pinball machine into cash.

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Large tooth gaps can hardly be concealed, even in the posterior molar region. A dental prosthesis ensures that you will appear self-confident again in everyday life with a complete smile. Find out here which dentures there are, how the treatment proceeds and what costs you have to expect.

How is a dental prosthesis used?

A dental prosthesis is usually used when tooth gaps are so wide that they cannot be closed by one or even several bridges.

Bridges have a higher wearing comfort, a better hold and a longer durability. For this reason, a bridge over a denture is the preferred instrument for closing tooth gaps when sufficient anchorage options are available.

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Wonderful sunshine! We have been waiting for this for a long time! Everyone wants to get some sun, enjoy the fresh air and move outside. Especially the children have a special urge to move in spring and are happy when you play with them outside. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate list of 10 outdoor activities with children for Munich and Bavaria. If you want to know more about the location or the place, just click on the link – you will then be directed to the detailed article or to my blogpost.

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