Parents and children experience a colorful program at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof

Hikes together, sporting challenges or switching off in our Vivid Spa: In the Hotel Gut Brandlhof in Saalfelden, guests of all ages get their money’s worth. Spend exciting and relaxing family holidays in the Salzburg region.

As a family-friendly hotel, the Brandlhof offers children and adults a diverse range of activities – from sporting activities, time to relax to numerous options for exciting family outings. Families experience modern living comfort in our rooms and the spacious suites thanks to the well-thought-out spatial concept. A children’s menu and portions suitable for children ensure the well-being of our young guests in the restaurant at the Brandlhof.

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Children’s games Educational games 2 3 5

Bini Bambini Academy

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"Painting and dancing" is a creative space for children. Draw all the colorful, mischievous creatures step by step. Watch the newly drawn crocodile come to life and dance to rock and roll, or a fox play a fiery salsa.

Press the buttons and follow the silly steps of a hippo, panda, cat or one of the many other characters. Create a unique dance for each of them. Speed ​​it up or slow it down. Mix and match the different actions. Show your imagination and create a true dance masterpiece!

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You will then send the application in full Familienkasse. An appeal against a negative decision can then be brought within one month at the social court named therein. The children’s allowance is paid monthly along with the child benefit, for a maximum of 36 months if the conditions remain unchanged. More information on data protection. Parents can apply for a child supplement that has sufficient income to cover their own livelihood, but not that of their unmarried children under the age of 25. In order to be able to claim the child supplement as an additional benefit, a separate application is necessary. This is possible if a loss of other, higher claims z.

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Autistic children are a big challenge for parents and those around them. Young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASS) have a special perception; they develop special interests and unusual skills. Strange behavior and unpredictable reactions often make relationships with other people difficult.

In the Josefinum, with locations in Augsburg, Kempten (Allgäu) and Nördlingen, we treat young people with autistic disorders (such as Asperger’s syndrome) and various developmental problems – from infancy to the age of 21. We also involve families intensively. The aim of autism treatment is to integrate the young patients as best as possible into their social environment (family, kindergarten, school, work, leisure).

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The doctor will check your child’s age-appropriate development during the check-ups. What he looks at

Everything OK? The checks at the pediatrician provide security

It is full of valuable information: the yellow health care booklet. It accompanies your child from birth to around the age of six – and should therefore be treasured like a treasure. With each of the checkups The pediatrician records his observations U1 to U9. It also contains the growth curves for head circumference, weight and height compared to the age. The doctor enters your child’s values ​​in these so-called percentile curves so that he can assess his age-appropriate development with regard to body measurements.

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Tooth cleaning costs

Teeth cleaning costs

The cost of professional tooth cleaning ranges from € 40 to € 150 depending on the treatment effort. You have to be aware that you have to bear the costs for good tooth cleaning. If a professional tooth cleaning costs € 40, it can be assumed that it cannot be done carefully enough, otherwise it will not pay off for the dental practice. The cost of teeth cleaning is almost always borne entirely by private health insurance companies.

The situation is different for statutory health insurance companies: the health insurance benefits only include the removal of tartar once a year, but the costs of tooth cleaning for a complete professional tooth cleaning must be borne by the patient privately.

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Whether early English or bilingual kindergarten – there are already foreign language offers for babies. Are they useful?

Learn languages: the sooner the better? Not necessarily true

Babies on colorful blankets, proud parents and a singing educator who took place "All my ducklings" rather "Old McDonald had a farm" warbles. On closer inspection, the crawling group turns out to be an early childhood get-together: English lessons for under one year olds. The little crawlers get to hear songs and sayings in the world language in the group.

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Dental healing – molar tooth fills automatically thanks to visualization

An experience report on the power of the mind

The following impressive example of an adult over 40 who regenerated a molar tooth using a simple visualization technique (he just imagined this tooth to be healed) provides brilliant proof of the power of the human mind over the body, which extends down to the tooth area extends into it. [2]

I have to tell something absolutely heretical. About 5 years ago on Christmas Eve I had an inlay 1 hour before we wanted to go on vacation, because unfortunately a rye core of my whole rye bread roll was not a rye core but a stone. When I realized it was too late. Catch a dentist here in the country, and also one who works biologically: none.

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Dental care and fissure sealing in children

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Milk teeth fall out anyway, why should you take care of them? Because dental care for children has an impact on life.

Saarlouis, January 30, 2018 – Caring for children’s teeth properly

Children’s teeth, like adult teeth, require proper and regular care.

Anyone who thinks that a carious hole in a milk tooth has no meaning is wrong. Something should be done early to prevent caries bacteria in the mouth. Brushing children’s teeth properly and teaching them regular oral hygiene is one way. There are additional measures that are recommended for children’s teeth.

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After we did some do’s & Dont’s, topics like religion, behavior and dress code in the Maldives, we want to take a closer look at the topic Entry requirements in the Maldives received. Because the entry requirements for the Maldives are quite different from those of other countries, even if at first glance a lot appears to be the same as in other holiday regions. But if you know what to look for, the Maldives’ entry and residence regulations are very easy to understand.

Information on the entry requirements for the Maldives at a glance

  • A visa is required for the stay
  • Visa application is completed on the plane
  • Completed application will be approved at the airport
  • When packing suitcases alcohol & leave revealing magazines or pictures at home
  • Medications such as the pill should be prescribed in writing by the doctor

Entry into Maldives: how to get a visa?

As far as general entry into the Maldives is concerned, the entry requirements for the Maldives are fairly easy. The free tourist visa get vacationers at their Arrival at the appropriate airport. You have to fill out the necessary forms on the plane. Then nothing stands in the way of entering the Maldives. At least not if you meet the other requirements. These are:

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