Say goodbye to everyday life and hello to relaxation and action in the family Hotel Rhön feeling in Thuringia! Whether family vacation or group vacation, whether biking or wellness – in the family hotel in Thuringia you have the choice. Design your free time as you wish and rely on the best service and all the modern amenities of a top leisure hotel. Inexpensive package offers, modern, inviting rooms, the finest gastronomy and numerous leisure activities in and around the hotel: in the Rhön Feeling you are fully looked after.

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Dental services, pan clinic dentist cologne on neumarkt

dental aesthetics

A bright white smile with straight, even teeth is important for many people.



Hollywood stars or you, everyone has the desire for snow-white, shiny teeth.

3D Diagnostic

3D Diagnostic

The innovative and high-resolution process for 3D imaging of the jawbone.


Root canal filling

In addition to preserving the hard tooth substance, the aim of caries prevention is to maintain tooth vitality.

Services provided by dentists in the PAN clinic

Your satisfaction, your health and your radiant smile is the top priority of our dental practice in Cologne.

Click on our services for detailed information.

If you have any questions about individual services, please call us on 0211 – 2776410 or write us a message using the contact form.

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So some Plant from garden or balcony can cause poisoning. Poisonous plants that children should stay away from

Sniffing allowed: The next generation should know that the garden splendor is not to eat is thought

No matter how beautiful they look – poisonous plants should not be near children. Because the little ones want to touch and research everything. It is easy for a poisonous berry to disappear from your mouth at lightning speed.

Do not leave children unattended

Here you will find a selection of plants, trees and shrubs that can easily be dangerous for your offspring. However, you don’t have to do without an attractively landscaped balcony or garden: Mother Nature has enough beauties available that are classified as rather harmless. Even so, you shouldn’t leave your little one unattended. Her child should also learn that it shouldn’t just eat berries and plant parts. Warning: Houseplants can also be poisonous.

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Sickness benefit if the child falls ill (Photo: © -Bernd Leitner /

Employees are generally entitled to leave from work if the child is ill. On the other hand, entitlement to wages is limited and depends on the duration of the illness.

1. General

Employees are only paid when they work. The rule is: "No wages without work".

Some exceptions The principle of “no wages without work” means paid vacation, continued payment of wages In case of illness and continued payment before and after childbirth in accordance with statutory maternity protection. In these cases, the remuneration continues to be paid even though no work has been done. There is also a claim to in some other cases Remuneration despite loss of work. These cases regulated in the BGB are:

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Dental services, pbeakk

Dental services

No matter what age: healthy teeth and gums make a decisive contribution to the quality of life. And not just because well-groomed teeth give an attractive smile – but for another reason as well: the health of your gums and teeth has a significant impact on your whole body. We support you in matters of dental health – with our dental services.

A wide range of services

Depending on the specific condition of your teeth, your dentist uses various dental measures. These include, among other things, preventive examinations, caries treatment, pulling diseased teeth, root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, surgical interventions, treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases and much more. Your dentist can also carry out orthodontic or implantological treatments if you have certain indications. Basically, these dental services are covered by our basic insurance.

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All inclusive Turkey vacation packages

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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

Full coverage – for preventive care, early detection and treatment

Dental treatment includes all activities that are necessary for the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases as well as a possible supply of dental fillings.

Your dentist checks and decides which treatment is useful and necessary for your teeth individually. But no matter which treatment you choose: with the SBK you save costs on your dental treatment, because the SBK takes care of it for you.

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Depression in children and adolescents is a topic that one hears little about, but it comes more often than expected in front. There are many causes of childhood depression. As parents, how do you recognize the warning signs and what can you do about the disease??

Even babies can suffer from depression

Depression in children doesn’t stop at babies, for example as a result of neglect or abuse. The younger the child, the more difficult the diagnosis is. Parents should therefore watch your children closely. Because one Depression is not only evident in behavior. Affected children also react physically. There is abdominal or permanent headache, listlessness, fatigue and lack of drive.

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Laura Knechtel lives in Hamburg and has been working for NetMoms since 2016. She thinks that life with children is twice as fun and therefore enjoys every second to the fullest with her godchildren and nieces. A teacher has been lost to her – at least she always hears that from parents. If she doesn’t write with passion for moms and women, you can find her on her yoga mat or on Fehmarn at the windsurfing spot.

Will it be a boy or a girl? Almost every mom would like to have this question answered immediately after the positive pregnancy test. But it can take some time before this happens! In order to pass the waiting, we have 18 options here, maybe the answer to that sooner.

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Well-groomed slopes, fast descents and unforgettable après-ski parties in the hotspots of the Alps.

Sun skiing in spring

Secure last places and save € 50!

Obertauern / Austria

The perfect accommodation for all piste freaks. Departure directly at the house, Freeride Action Day & Freestyle course.

Obertauern / Austria

The Tauernhof is located directly on the Tauern circuit. You can freestyle and freeride in special courses.

Alpine Center
Obertauern / Austria

Freeride Action Day & Freestyle training with professionals – the perfect Home base for your winter vacation.

snow house
Zauchensee – Ski Amadé / Austria

Your accommodation is located directly in the ski area, in the middle of one of the largest winter sports networks in Europe!

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