Whether for the way to school or for a wild bike tour Children’s bike 24 inches is a must-have for every teenager aged 9-14 years. Of course there are important criteria that should be considered before buying a 24 inch children’s bike, that’s what we are there for. We try to answer all questions so that your child can also ride safely and safely through the area on his bike in the future.

Price-performance winners for boys [Click on the picture for the offer]

Price-performance winner for girls [Click on the picture for the offer]

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Especially when it comes to the subject Balance bike for 2 year olds goes, many parents are one little Overwhelmed. Questions like "is my child old enough for a Balance bike "or" Which balance bike is best for 2 year olds "are placed in the room. While some children only use the balance bike when they are three years old kick off, there are already many two-year-old children who are ready to use a balance bike for 2-year-olds at this early age.

Basically, a balance bike is there to teach the child not only balance but also motor skills to prepare him or her sooner or later for everyday cycling. Especially with a balance bike for 2 year olds, special attention must be paid to the fact that the size can be adjusted directly to the height of the child in order to ensure not only riding fun but also safety.

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We say goodbye to Karl Walter, who left us after a serious illness and leaves a large and painful gap in our ranks. With his death we lose a competent, helpful and reliable friend, whose warmth, humility and kindness made our lives richer.

Karli played a key role in shaping the sporting events at TSG, throughout Wiesloch and far beyond. This is also proven by the numerous sporting honors in total, including 12.

  • the golden badge of honor of TSG Wiesloch
  • the golden badge of honor of the Badischer Sportbund,
  • the golden badge of merit of the Badischer Turner Bund,
  • the letter of honor of the German Turner Federation and the
  • the gauge needle of the Turngau Heidelberg.

Obituary for Karl Walter

We to take Farewell to Karl Walter, who left us after a serious illness and leaves a large and painful gap in our ranks.

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Current Maxi Cosi child seat offers of the week

Current Maxi Cosi child seat offers of the week

Offers of the current week

Maxi Cosi child seat price

For Maxi Cosi child car seat are currently 1 offers in 0 brochures available. The cheapest price for Maxi Cosi child seat was found at (€ 9.99) at Rossmann.

product brand dealer price
Booster seats IDEAS WORLD Rossmann € 9.99

* The price of the Maxi Cosi child seat offers shown may show regional differences.

You missed these Maxi Cosi child seat offers

In the past there were in the drugstore and toy sectors & Baby and furniture & Established at Rossmann, BabyOne, Rofu Kinderland, trends and Smyths Toys cheap offers for Maxi Cosi child seat

Maxi Cosi child seat

€ EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS roba hexagonal playpen "Animals" 1) 2) 224.90 UVP * 119.99 99 Maxi-Cosi car seat "Rodi SPS" Gr. 2/3 1) 2)

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Agreements make it possible: Foreigners who live in the Maghreb can collect German child benefit. With 1-2 children you earn MORE there than when you work!

I no longer understand the world: discussions about blackboards, child and old age poverty and elsewhere we are throwing the money out with full hands!

Because German child benefit is popular.

Very popular. German financial institutions also pay it to foreigners who do not live in Germany at all.

The countries of residence of child benefit recipients in the European Economic Area:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Cyprus

But there are also states with which Germany joins Social security agreement including child benefits (!) has closed:

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Tafeiya. – Non-slip, stylish retro vinyl coasters. Diameter: 10.1 cm. Perfect gift for music lovers. Stylish retro vinyl coasters, perfect gift for music lovers, non-slip, food-grade insulated coasters, perfect for your cups or dishes to protect your wooden or glass tables.

Tafeiya coasters, customizable, 12 pieces, retro CD vinyl records, anti-heat / slip coasters for coffee, tea, beer, beer, wine glass, home and bar – 10, 1 cm in diameter. 12 great coasters in a white pack 2 x 6 coasters, great gift for any home or office. Scope of delivery: set with 12 drink coasters 1 x white box + 2 x colorful packaging boxes. Color: 2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 black, 2 white, 2 pink. This can be a great gift for the initiation, but also as a decoration on the table or for the artist among you, a musician and music lover and not just as a coaster, you can use it as a part Of your masterpiece.

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The world’s population is growing: by almost three people every second. Photo: Benny Jackson on Unsplash

Today more than seven billion people live on earth. In the middle of 2017 there were 7.55 billion. And the population growth continues: around 83 million people are added every year. That roughly corresponds to the population size of Germany. But how has the world’s population developed historically??

If you look at our world population clock, you need to have a quick eye to keep up with the current number of the world population. Because almost three Earth dwellers are added every second.

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The Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 buggy is one of the most popular buggies among young parents in Germany. As usual for Quinny, this model also comes with numerous extras that are already included.

Quinny Buzz Xtra 4

So you get included:

  • Adapter for Maxi-Cosi baby car seats
  • Foldable pushchair attachment for the extension to the travel system
  • A very well designed XXL sun canopy
  • A rain cover for rainy days
  • Shopping basket already included
  • In addition, a clip for a parasol is included

Since we already have some Quinny stroller tested, we know how excellent the quality and workmanship of the models from manufacturer Quinny are usually. Of course, this is another reason for us to make high demands on Quinny buggies. Quinny’s Buzz Xtra 4 didn’t disappoint us either, and it showed all its strengths in our test.

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You don’t only learn the English language with books and index cards. Audiobooks are also great for learning English with children. There are 5 good reasons for this medium.

The audio book is very suitable as a learning companion for learning English – and can be used anytime and anywhere © Tomasz Zajda fotolia.com

* This article was created with the kind support of audible.

The English language surrounds us all daily, no matter whether small or large. You can speak and understand a lot of advantages: Alone for Understand of many lyrics on the radio, the Do research on the Internet or for understanding when traveling in distant countries – English is world language. English also plays an important role in the increasingly networked and therefore increasingly international professional world. Reason enough to learn the English language! But how?

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A very special recipe for a children’s birthday cake – a wild guy cake.

This cool birthday cake will surely make boys’ hearts beat faster.
He is the hit at every child’s birthday, a wild-guy party or other occasions.
The children will be thrilled.

And so the Wilde Kerle cake is baked …

Wild guys cake


Ingredients for a sponge cake

couverture chocolate
powdered sugar
an orange smartie
a brown sugar stick


Find a sponge cake recipe that you find delicious and bake a sponge cake from the ingredients required in a round springform pan.

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