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Tongue breakers and rhymes for children

At around 5 years of age, many children develop a preference for tongue twisters and rhyming. At this age, children can express themselves well and feel safe in their main language, so they start to actively play with the language themselves. Even the much younger ones like rhymes. Just think of the numerous children’s books, songs and knee riders that we, as parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunts or babysitters, read from the beginning or sing and play with children. In contrast to the younger children, preschool children try to rhyme themselves or to invent funny sayings. They also discover the world of jokes and begin to recount or invent them themselves.

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Hertz: Car rental with tradition and experience

The entrepreneur John Hertz bought Walter L. Jacobs a well-running rental car business in Chicago in 1923 and renamed it Hertz-Drive-ur-Self. However, Walter L. Jacobs managed and managed the company until he retired further. A few years later, Hertz opened the first rental station at the airport in Chicago and developed the more convenient way to travel with the Fly&Drive program. Over the decades, the company grew and Hertz expanded its rental car business internationally, expanded its range and steadily expanded its excellent service system.

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The children’s loft bed

Choosing a child’s loft bed is not easy, but we can help you!

On this page you will find:

The top 4 best-selling children’s loft beds!

The following recommendations have one thing in common, they are wonderful children’s loft beds. All are Solidly executed, tested for safety and are characterized by their very individual properties. We are convinced by the manufacturers Steens for Kids, Wickey and WNM and can therefore recommend these beds to them with a clear conscience.

Further recommendations for other loft and bunk beds and manufacturers can of course also be found on our other sites!

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38 New children’s room wall design ideas
Living spaces of houses are particularly important areas because the family members spend a lot of working time there. This is an area where family members meet to relax, watch TV, entertain guests, etc. It is therefore very important that the living area is a bright and happy place that everyone involved will enjoy.

The furnishing of the living room could be as pleasant as possible. It should ideally reflect the taste and personality of the residents of the house. We may not often have the choice between the architectural aspects of our living room, but we can definitely leave it up great habit by setting our own accents with furniture and accessories, not to mention moderately this lighting.

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Great craft ideas around the children’s party you here …

The birthday, the very special day of a child’s year, is approaching.
The parents, the birthday child and maybe that too siblings think together how the party should go.
Who is invited and how many guests are there?
What should the birthday invitation look like??
How do we decorate or decorate?
Becomes while the party also made something?
What to eat?
And many more questions.

Everything needs to be well planned and prepared.

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Natural Healing

Birgit Nau

On the poem 8

54516 Wittlich

Tel: 06571/9555530 or

Mobile phone: 0173/9651737


What’s what?

Therapeutic women massage (TFM) is a holistic massage and takes care of body, mind and soul the woman at every stage of her life.

Elements appear from healing work, lymphatic drainage, reflexology work, acupressure, detoxification, relaxation and hormone balance.

TFM promotes health and well-being, gives healing impulses, stimulates the body’s self-healing powers.

It can help with menstrual problems, the desire to have children, hormonal imbalance, menopause

and can also be used during pregnancy.

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week children were children who were cared for in a day nursery or a day care center for children in the GDR after the state maternity protection was granted.
At the beginning, care was given from the 6th week of life, later from the 3rd month. From the 80s, the children usually stayed at home for the first year. The children remained in the nursery until the age of 3. Afterwards, the children either switched to a kindergarten with day care or to a children’s home, where the weekly placement continued until they started school. There were also seasonal homes in rural areas where children lived while have been looked after throughout the harvest.

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Future for children of the world e.V..

Help for poor children, orphans in Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma), school, education, accommodation

Annual report 2019

I was on a project visit to Myanmar and Burma for three months. I’ve seen a lot of poverty everywhere, but I’ve also seen so many happy faces. So here is the report:

The students at the Sankt Aloysius Gonzaga Institute

Education – the central issue, especially in developing countries.

Future for children of the world e. V. attaches great importance to the well-founded education of the children we support. Meanwhile, more and more are graduating from high school. But what’s next? In Myanmar, the study places are regulated by the state. Most students study the specified subject at the distance learning university, because either the final results or the costs do not allow a regular study at the university. There they have to study full-time at the relevant university for two months each year (October and November). They spend the remaining 10 months at home or, with luck, find a low-paying job. After their studies, they are generally there as before, unemployed.

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»Today many children have too much power«

Zoë Readhead, as Head of Summerhill, follows in her famous father’s footsteps.

SZ-Magazin: Ms. Readhead, Summerhill has recently turned 90 and the state is still critical of your school. The inspectors had just returned. What did they want?
Zoë Readhead: This time it was just routine. The inspectors regularly check all schools in England.

A school where teaching is voluntary has long been a thorn in the side of the authorities. Please understand?
A lot has changed: This year we got the best assessment since our foundation. You obviously start to appreciate our work.

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Quotation research: a man should plant a tree in his life, build a house and father a son


FALSE QUOTES with evidence and comments. Hundreds of wrong quotes, memes, cuckoo quotes, citation puzzles, apocryphal, problematic and distorted quotes, misquotations, misattributed and fake quotes. (The collection is constantly being expanded.) By GERALD KRIEGHOFER.

Saturday April 21, 2018

"A man should plant a tree in his life, build a house and father a son." Martin Luther (allegedly)

The old adage is sometimes attributed to Martin Luther, among others, but has not been found in his writings.

The origin of the proverb is in two sources: in the Babylonian Talmud and in Montesquieu’s letter novel "Persian letters".

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