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Tuesday December 11, 2012

Planet Müller

I met Birte Müller when she was still studying book illustration with Rüdiger Stoye in Hamburg. In the meantime, she has published over 20 picture books. Among them as beautiful as "Goodbye, Grandma", as bizarre as "Fritz Frosch" and as personal and impressive as "Planet Willi". The book that tells the story of her son Willi, who was born with Down syndrome. A book that I would really like to recommend to you.

Christina Cherry

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Christina Cherry

When it comes to hitting toddlers, I keep reading and hearing the following "advice" – let’s call it by name: reproach – to the appropriate parents: "if my daughter were to hit, I would talk to her that it doesn’t work" …

I guess almost every adult talks to their child when they start to articulate themselves…

And that’s exactly the point: Why do small children hit??

Children hit for different reasons. Here are some of them:

1. Slashing is a means of communication:

Christina Cherry

Who does not know them, the noble minstrels, who in the Middle Ages expressed their admiration and solidarity with their adored and noble persons from higher social classes in wonderful poetic songs and thoughtful poems? Poems were very popular at the time, especially for the big cradle festival, and were mostly performed in large style and in front of many people.

Poems are a particularly artistic form of conveying feelings and desires. They bring the essentials clearly to the point with powerful words and convey a deep message that usually creates great feelings for the recipient. Lyrical verses are almost always written in rhyme form, so that they anchor themselves particularly quickly in the thoughts and produce a certain harmony. Doing so Birthday poems Nowadays, they no longer sound really traditional and stale, but can also be designed completely modern or even peppy. On what occasion, if not the most personal holiday of the year, does a poem you have written fit better? You don’t have to be a born poet to find suitable rhymes or verses, but you can now find a lot of inspiration online to find suitable words for grandma’s 70th birthday, brother’s 18th birthday or for a big celebration of your work colleague.

Christina Cherry

If your child is currently learning to read, you can help them with these 7 learning exercises.

Learning reading exercises are a great way to get your child off to a good start in school.

These fun games keep children alert and interested. Your reading skills will improve so quickly that you won’t even notice.

Learning to read is a lengthy process and can be frustrating and exciting at the same time. Parents have to be very patient.

Mothers and fathers play an important role in teaching children these core competencies. With a little creativity and a lot of time, you will be able to help your child learn to read.

Christina Cherry

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Klose with debut for traditional team

The world champion in the Werder jersey

Oldenburg – From a visual point of view, it has hardly changed. Basically not. Still that upright walk, those quiet movements, that shy look. And above all: still the figure of a professional football player. Miroslav Klose would have on Friday evening too good and like to be able to play in a Bundesliga game.

Or in Series A. Just as you like. But he didn’t. Klose has been a football retiree for a good year, and so it happened that the 2014 world champion made his debut in Oldenburg on Friday evening at the age of 39: that of Werder’s traditional team. She dominated the tournament in the EWE arena and offered the very best football-entertainment: 6: 1 final victory over 1. FC Köln and a total of 23: 5 goals. Four of them by Miro Klose.

Christina Cherry

A long time ago I had a patchwork turtle to sit in a magazine for little ones Dwarfs discovered. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the pattern anymore. But since I still have the magazine, I used the photo to create a pattern. That was not the case heavy. I still had a lot of worn jeans lying around. I used this very well for the little turtle can. With the patterned denim that I still had in my left-over box, I wanted to add a little color. I separated the labels from the old jeans and sewed them on the turtle shell.
Today it finally happened. Our little darling celebrated its first birthday and took possession of the little turtle straight away. I was very happy that he really liked the turtle. The hard work was worth it.

Christina Cherry

The World Labor Organization (ILO) complains that child labor is not being tackled sufficiently. Amnesty International points out that German auto companies also benefit from child labor in Africa.

The allegations are addressed to leading electronics manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung or Sony, but also to German car companies such as BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen. According to Amnesty International, they should continue to benefit from child labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That goes from a recently published report by the human rights organization entitled "Time to recharge" (Time to recharge).

Christina Cherry

tinker horse invitation cards yourself

Horse Invitation Cards For Printing Free: Invitation Cards Kids Birthday Horses Crafts

Horse Invitation Cards Free Printable – You Decide, that Your wedding will be on a beach with sand under your feet and waves providing a relaxed rhythm in the background. You choose your date and find a clean place for your wedding. Beach invitation is the perfect way to announce the Happy Event for your guests. Your goal, of course, is to make sure your family and friends share your day and celebrate your wedding.

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Invitation Children’s Birthday Swimming Pool Templates: Form Invitation Children’s Birthday Swimming Pool

Invitation kids birthday pool templates – kids are always in the latest and most popular new Cartoons interested in television or the latest film. And then, of course, there are always the old superheroes like Superman and Batman. Girls love fairies, princesses and barbie is one of my favorites. A party theme may also be based on a favorite actor or singer to your child, or may prefer a party theme of animals or characters from your favorite fairy tale book night.

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