Everybody knows it: you go to where you think you parked your car, and it is gone. In the first moment a shock, until you remember that it is located somewhere else. Once again all went well. But they have this luck not all. In germany, unfortunately, more and more cars are being stolen. Especially high quality vehicles with keyless-system can be locked in seconds digital crack and drive away. Before the theft is noticed, the vehicle is abroad and is disassembled into its individual parts. a nightmare for owners of a high-value car. Sure, the insurance might cover the theft, but they can often ask awkward questions "what has been done to prevent theft?" or "the vehicle was locked?" and refuse to pay.

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We explain to you what the child seat obligation in germany is all about and until when it applies.

  • What is the child seat obligation?
  • Until when do children need a child seat in the car??
  • Where can my child sit in the car?
  • Must the child seat face in the direction of travel??
  • What is the penalty for driving without a child seat??
  • Compulsory child seats for cab and bus?
  • Which regulations apply abroad?
  • Where is the safest place in the car?
  • Which child seat for which age?
  • What to look for when buying a child seat?

What is the child seat obligation?

The child seat obligation means that every child up to 12 years of age or up to a height of 150 cm may only travel in a child seat in the car. A child seat is a restraining device that protects the child particularly well, for example by means of a side impact protection or a catch body that absorbs the energy in the event of an accident and thus relieves the child’s spine in the best possible way.

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Best car rentals wiesbaden, germany. No hidden costs. Free cancellation

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All child seat deals& bargain january 2022

Britax Romer child seat Advansafix i-Size in Fire Red for 236,59€ or Cosmos Black for 245,69€ + 8 baby points

Have just shot the britax roemer child seat dualfix 2 R in black for 265. In addition there are just beautifully many baby market points. Coupon is about to expire. :P

Is correct. Only a child of 100 cm belongs in a reboarder anyway.

With the 5 point the upper body is held in the seat. Thus the only movable is the head thereby the energy discharges in the neck. With the 3 point harness (yes there is the one from the car itself) the upper body and one arm can roll with it so the load is more distributed.

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84 children died on german roads in 2015. In the tables of the Federal statistical office, a low number compared to previous years. in 1978, just under 1,000 people died in road traffic accidents.450 adolescents. The trend is positive – at least when viewed solely in terms of the statistics. But behind every underage traffic fatality is a personal story of suffering – especially for parents and siblings. Reasons for the significant decline in the number of accidents and the number of children. The number of injured and killed children is high. Increasingly better safety technology in motor vehicles is part of this.

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Child seats must be one thing above all: safe. Of course, comfort also plays a decisive role. This is especially true if you want to travel longer distances by car with your offspring. From a reliable side impact protection from the design of the car seat to its 3-point harness, there are many factors that conscientious parents should keep in mind when looking for the right child car seat.

In doing so, the large child seat comparison under the arms. Here you will learn in january 2022, which quality criteria make a high-quality and reliable child seat. You can also find out in detail what the different child seat groups are all about. Why a reboarder might make sense for your child, you will also find out below.

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The child seat from 9 kilograms is the insurance for the safety of your child. No matter whether short distances or long vacation trips, this child seat will always be used. It is the first real child seat after the baby car seat, and in this sensitive stage, the child seat from 9 kilograms is tailored to the needs of your toddler.

In our child seat from 9 kilograms test 2022 we have compared various child seats and want to help you with your decision. We have listed facts, advantages and disadvantages of each model for you to find the ideal child seat.

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The child seat chicco kiros flies away in a crash test!

2021: recall of "osann" child seat

migros calls on behalf of the manufacturer osann the child seat back : osann ENO 360° SL twill navy child seat

Incorrectly fastened seat belt doubles the risk of injury

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the child seat test, the TCS, in cooperation with the dynamic test center, carried out an accident simulation. The test showed that in impact simulations, the head loads of poorly restrained children were twice as high as those of correctly restrained children.

Good child seats protect lives

TCS has been campaigning for child safety in cars for years. The focus is on the TCS child seat test, which is constantly revised and adapted to current conditions. We also show you how to use child seats correctly and provide many useful tips and explanations on the applicable regulations.

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Welcome to our great child car seat test 2022. Here we present you all child seats tested by us in more detail. We have provided you with detailed background information and also added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

With this, we want to make your buying decision easier and help you find the best child car seat for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, on this page you will also find some important information that you should definitely pay attention to when buying a child car seat.

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car insurance comparison 2021 when is it worth switching??

Car driving becomes ever more expensive by the rising energy costs. If you want to save money, you can take out a car policy with a cheaper provider. The rate comparison shows, however, that the price alone should not be the only factor when making a choice.

Once in the year make the autoversicherer cash fall. Then the industry wants to know what they have spent. It lists in detail how often accidents occurred, which models were affected, where the pile-ups took place, whether natural events played a role in the damage, and how often thieves helped themselves to the vehicles. In the end, these and other features are included in the premium calculations.

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