Buenos Aires Travel Tips: 48 hours in the tango capital of the world

Buenos Aires – cosmopolitan of cities, world capital of tango, bursting with the joie de vivre of dancing egomaniacs who know how to enjoy life to the fullest. And all this despite dictatorship, national bankruptcy, recession and capital flight in recent years! And so it is said that the real attraction of Buenos Aires are the Portenos (inhabitants) with Argentine self-confidence in their blood and unbroken pride. If you have only 48 hours to get involved in the hustle and bustle of this city, it is advisable to choose a hotel that offers moments of tranquility and at the same time reflects the spirit and flair of the metropolis. The ideal starting point is the “Alvear Palace”, a Leading Hotel of the World, in the district of La Recoleta. read more

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Oberallgau Tips in and around Immenstadt

Oberallgau is a place with wonderful nature, sights and fun activities. Local towns like Immenstadt are historic and a true place of culture and history – it’s not for nothing that it’s the oldest town in the Oberallgau district. All around there is a wonderful nature, first of all the big Alpsee with its various bathing and water sports possibilities. The town center is historically characterized with a lovingly maintained town castle as well as wonderfully nostalgic squares and fountains. read more

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3 Tips for the best time to travel in Costa Rica

travel time-costa-rica

You want to travel to Costa Rica and wonder when is the best time to do so? Learn which months in Costa Rica are best for which activities.

1. What is the climate like in Costa Rica?

In general, Costa Rica can be visited all year round, the seasonal temperature variations are small. Seasons like in Europe do not exist there, rather a distinction is made between rainy season and dry season. read more

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Starting a career abroad

Those who want a career must have worked abroad at least once. Is that really so? The fact is that globalization has opened many doors for us inside and outside Europe. And it doesn't hurt to get a breath of fresh air. The idea of getting to know something new, far away from family and friends, appeals to many young graduates. There are many possibilities to work abroad- a popular one is to start a career. But what is the best way to proceed? read more

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These tips will make your next trip to Europe a success

Travel to Europe soon? If so, keep these 7 helpful tips in mind when planning your trip.

How to enjoy your stay on the “old continent” to the fullest.

Taking a trip in Europe is a dream for many people.

Discovering different cultures, practicing their languages, meeting new people and exploring the beautiful and so diverse landscapes are reason enough for the long trip. read more

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Fine dining with a view

Franziska Restaurant

If the waiter greets you shaking his head as you walk in, it usually means you have no chance of getting a table. He already suspects it: Another guest without a reservation. That is why I book now before. Always!

Do you also know? It’s just that the good restaurants are usually fully booked, because of course they are good and nowadays people like to go out: Out to dinner, out for lunch. Especially in the cities the restaurants are always crowded on weekdays and for example in Frankfurt I’m rarely lucky to get a table without a reservation. A seat at the counter is a good alternative every now and then, but a nice table with all the comforts and candlelight is part of a nice dinner out, especially for special dates, candlelight dinners or customer visits. That’s why I now regularly make reservations at the restaurant. read more

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14 tips for traveling with your partner for the first time

So you’ve finally decided to take a trip with your boyfriend. Traveling with your boyfriend for the first time is both a daunting and exciting experience. For most couples, it’s the first time they spend 24 hours or more together without getting involved.

At first glance, it sounds like the perfect recipe for romance: seeing wonderful places with the one you love, trying new things and enjoying them, eating exotic and sumptuous food from another place. read more

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Camera phones for traveling: What matters?

During a trip there are many moments that you would like to capture as a souvenir. In order not to burden the luggage additionally with a camera and accessories, more and more vacationers fall back on their cell phone for taking photos. What distinguishes a good camera phone and what features you should look for, you can find out here. In addition, we give some photo tips, which provide for successful vacation photos. read more

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Small Liquor Bottles And Other Travel Tips For Families

Small Liquor Bottles And Other Travel Tips For Families

Video: Small Liquor Bottles And Other Travel Tips For Families

Second, I read somewhere that you can bring your own miniature bottles of liquor on the plane as long as they meet TSA requirements regarding liquid ounces. We will. Actually, I probably should have started with this tip, it’s that important.

Next, plan your finances beyond your adventure. Make sure you leave something for all the waiting bills to come home with. If possible, pay some of your larger bills in advance. It’s a relief to know you can spend the money in your bank account on your vacation without worrying about rent or car payments. read more

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