Group vacation in Italy – having fun together!

Large and small groups are guaranteed to find the right destination in Italy. Culture-packed cities like Rome, Florence or Venice for joint sightseeing with colleagues can be on the agenda, as well as winter sports with club members. Or unwind with your friends on the most beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast or the Italian Riviera. For activities in the shimmering turquoise waters, Sicily and Sardinia are ideal. And with wine tastings, Tuscany, Puglia or Lombardy entice you. Hikes lead through picturesque countryside or up volcanoes. The country’s lakes also welcome group travelers. Here are the best tips. read more

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Thailand – Destination Experts Victoria, Chris & Liam

We are a small family (Victoria, Chris and Liam) living mostly in Thailand and we write about it on our blog Nesting Nomads. 11 years ago, Chris and I were the 1. We have been to Thailand for the first time and after we got over the initial culture shock, the country just wouldn't let us go.

That's how we ended up returning almost every year and staying longer and longer at a time. The north of Thailand has become our home in the meantime. When our son was born, we were a little nervous about how he would handle our Thailand love. Fortunately, he got infected by our enthusiasm and then also removed our last doubts. Since 4 years we live now 6-9 months per year in Thailand. read more

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Traveling in Australia – Tips for trips with the campervan

Cuy @ Pinnacles

Especially the west coast of Australia is best traveled by campervan. The same goes for our insider tip Tasmania. You can find our highlights in Australia here.

15. July – 14. September 2011

Australia did not disappoint us even on our second visit. Despite the abrupt departure from Western Australia due to the Tiger Airways disaster, we were and are again thrilled by the landscape, wildlife and the road trip. The national parks in the Top End of the Northern Territory are worth the sometimes endlessly long drives, as well as Karijini and Cape Range are must-sees. In the southwest we liked Esperance and surroundings best. Sydney and Melbourne are two metropolises that are really worth living in. Situated by the sea, both cities offer vibrant life and beach recreation close by. On weekends, it is easy to roam through nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. read more

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On a castle tour in Saxony: Special excursion destinations & Tips

The Schlosserland Saxony has a lot to offer – I was recently able to see this for myself. Each of the many castles has its own exciting story to tell and is special and worth seeing in its own way. The agony of choice on this castle tour in Saxony was between the traditional wine castle with a real prince, the oldest castle in Germany with a porcelain manufactory, the castle in which once ruled a fat man, a one-eyed man and a revolutionary or the diverse hunting and pleasure palace. Which is your dream castle? read more

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The beauty of Lake Constance: 5 ideas for excursions in Constance

The most beautiful city at Lake Constance? Constance would have a good chance to win this title. The flair: Mediterranean. The atmosphere: relaxed. Barely there, it feels like a vacation. Stroll through the historic center, sit in a cozy cafe, swim in the lake and enjoy a glass of Lake Constance wine – Constance is the ideal starting point for our planned island hopping. What’s more, the largest city on Lake Constance is so charming that you would like to stay longer. Or soon to return. read more

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Duisburg North Landscape Park – industrial culture on a grand scale

Here in the Ruhr area, you can find a piece of industrial culture in every corner. Today I would like to introduce you to an industrial monument that is practically in my neighborhood. My absolute favorite place in the whole Ruhr area. The old Duisburg North Landscape Park, also known as LaPaDu or LaPaNo, attracts more than a million visitors each year. read more

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10 Top Tips for Bremen: Sights & Dream places

As a northern German girl with a preference for relaxed Hanseatic cities, I have of course been to Bremen many times, not to say regularly. Bremen is a really pretty Hanseatic city, which not only offers relaxation, but also a lot of things worth seeing.

By the way, Bremen is also a mini state in Germany. Framed above and below, left and right, by Lower Saxony. In a nutshell: Bremen is definitely worth a short and also a long trip.. read more

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Australia’s mango season – The goldmine of farm jobs


Looking for jobs to fill the 88 days for the Second Year Visa is getting harder and harder. I know this myself, the only offers are either super low paid, or you have to shell out hammer hard weekly rents in a working hostel to be allowed to work there!

When I was in Australia I thought: “There must be other ways to get the damn second year visa”..” read more

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