Maxi-Cosi Mura 4 Plus combi pushchair including accessories concrete gray

The spacious seat can be installed and adjusted in the opposite direction to the direction of travel and, thanks to the foam-filled rubber tires, flat tires are a thing of the past. The mura plus brings everything with it, rain protection and protective foam filled with rubber – never flat tires thanks to the practical foam filling Flexible travel system – totally flexible, what one wishes for a short walk through the city or a day tour! All-weather protection – Equipped for any weather thanks to the extra-large sun canopy, unlimited mobility: With just one click, a Maxi-Cosi baby seat or a pushchair attachment can be attached.

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Celebrate over the New Year in sparkling powder snow and New Year’s Eve in the snow!

Well, that’s going well! Start the year 2021 with a ski trip in powder snow and celebrate a great SNOWTIME with friends, family or your partner. Find the here cheapest offers for your New Year’s skiing holiday including ski pass and accommodation / hotel at the best price! Watch now:

Booking tip: Last minute skiing holiday New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in the snow – what could be nicer??

Because who hasn’t dreamed of it before?, his Experience New Year’s Eve ski trip against a snowy winter backdrop and thus usher in the new year? Such a New Year’s Eve in the Alps is definitely a very special experience that you can spend with friends, family or your partner. A skiing holiday on New Year’s Eve not only guarantees a lot of fun and variety while skiing, but at the same time off-piste an extraordinary celebration that neither you nor your family or friends will forget so quickly.

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Birthday poems 22 beautiful birthday poems. short & funny birthday poems for greeting cards, Facebook or congratulations via SMS. Send a four-line for your birthday or choose one

Birthday wishes for children. Below you will find various birthday sayings, so that you have the option of yours And the feast begins, Happy Birthday,

▷ adult daughter birthday sayings. Another year has passed and I will be 30b next Saturday. * I am happy to let my birthday in. But I don’t want with him

39th birthday poems boyfriend / girlfriend or son. that you’re already 39. Since today is your birthday, we are visiting you because you have invited us to water the new year and together

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Tummy care during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

During pregnancy the body is in a state of emergency. The stomach and chest gain in volume within a very short time. Fortunately, the female body is designed to store more water for the stretch and elasticity of the skin, and to contract the tissue after birth. But depending on care and disposition, it can still be the unpleasant Stretch marks come. With a good one belly care can the Stretch marks be prevented.

What are stretch marks and how do they develop??

Stretch marks, also known as stretch marks, are fine cracks in the subcutaneous tissue, which come about through a rapid weight gain or weight reduction. In early pregnancy, these often appear as reddish streaks. Particularly affected are often the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. After birth, the stretch marks fade, but are still visible with slightly silvery contours on the skin. A regular stomach care can prevent that.

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Questioner: Tanja from Bremen

What happens in the brain when we watch a horror movie? And why do some people like it and others don’t?

The editor’s answer is:

Privatdozent Dr. Thorsten Fehr, University of Bremen: Let’s assume that a person is sitting alone in front of the screen and is watching a horror film – that is, a film with a splatter component, a lot of blood and cruelty. Man hears and sees. That is why the primary visual cortex and the superior temporal lobe, which is responsible for processing what is heard, are active. The Wernicke site is responsible for processing what is spoken in the film. If the film viewer also feels the impulse to react verbally to the horror film, for example by screeching or screaming, the area on the lower left in the front part of the brain is also active. These described brain activities occur in almost all people when they watch a horror film.

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Hello. Hey, drugs. Sit down. Yes, right there on the mirror is fine.

No, you are not in trouble. We need to talk.

# 15. Don’t tell my kids about what we’re doing here

Johanna Goodyear // Getty Images

OK. Yes! Where were we? Yes!

Look, drugs, it is important to be frank and honest about our need to keep my children’s secrets from being shared. You never know what you and I are doing here. Never.

# 14. I love her, I love her so much

But it’s more than love. There are simply things you don’t understand about the medication. Things only a parent can know. You would have to use words that do not exist to describe the feeling. Foozitance. It gives you a deep feeling of foozitance.

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You like to book a trip and pay on account? It was the same for me. After a lot of googling and rumbling around, I found out: It’s not that easy! Conversely, this also means: it works!

Even if many travel agencies claim otherwise: Of course you can book your trip online (and take advantage of the good internet prices) and pay in the traditional way by paper invoice (or in installments).
You just have to know where! And of course I’ll tell you here.

Pay travel on account / in installments

I picked out all the travel portals for you here, where you can pay on account. I differentiate between 2 categories:

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by jameda
written on 04.04.2016

HIV infection does not prevent the desire to have children! (© Subbotina Anna – fotolia) HIV is still a stigma that does not stop at family planning. Many affected women are unsure whether they should fulfill their desire to have children. Can an HIV-positive pregnant woman give birth to a healthy child? Jameda wanted to know this from Ms. Sonnenberg-Schwan, who is a member of the National AIDS Advisory Board, a psychologist at the Munich Women’s Health Center and a member of the advisory board of the non-profit foundation Sexualität und Gesundheit.

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Galloping into happiness

"Heaven on earth is on the back of a horse" – many small and large children hotel guests would immediately sign this sentence. Whether mucking out together, first riding lessons on the in-house riding arenas or adventurous rides on our well-behaved school horses – riding dreams come true in the Kinderhotels Europa.

Highest quality

At Kinderhotels Europa, we don’t do things by halves. The highest quality is our top priority. This also applies to the riding stables, which are directly connected to the Kinderhotels Europa. To guarantee this, new quality criteria have now been set.

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The very popular, well-known adventure game at every party or children’s birthday party. A scavenger hunt with friends.

Who hasn’t participated in a scavenger hunt before??
It is great fun and gives the participants the feeling of adventure.
In the classic scavenger hunt, one or two “foxes” are sent out, the the Lay the track.
To do this, they sprinkle pieces of paper over and over to mark the way.
The “hunters” then start the scavenger hunt at intervals.
They follow the tracks or the trail and aim to find the "foxes".
In the end i.e. a treasure may be waving at the destination.

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