The Halloween event 2019 in Pokémon GO has been announced! For the first time there will be Darkrai in Raids and Shiny Makabaja celebrates his debut!

What kind of event is this? As already teased, there will be another Halloween event in 2019. This time there will be numerous bonuses in Pokémon GO and as a highlight the new raid boss Darkrai.

When’s the event running? The bonuses last 2 weeks and run from October 17th at 10 pm, this Thursday, until November 1st at 10 pm.

All about the Halloween Event 2019

It’s the bonuses: A huge load of bonuses is waiting for you within the 2 weeks. This includes:

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Woodcock fighting – What to do against woodworms?

How can I get rid of woodworms??

Woodworms are annoying pests that can damage old furniture and even the roof structure of a house. Here’s what you can do to combat woodcock and when to consult an expert.

The woodworm, also known as a housebuck or bug beetle, can cause great damage. While the infestation of old furniture is no reason to panic, the woodworm in the roof can even be life-threatening. Woodworms love places with high humidity and prefer to lay their eggs in damp or dead wood. The larvae drill into the wood and develop there for several years to a beetle. When talking about woodworm, it is almost always meant the wood larvae that leave many holes and a lot of eaten wood.

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Irritant cough (dry cough) often occurs as part of a cold, but can also have other causes. The coughing attacks are perceived as agonizing and often rob the affected person of sleep at night. We reveal the causes behind dry coughing and what helps against irritable coughing. We will introduce you to prescription-free and prescription-only medicines as well as effective home remedies.

Cold as a possible cause of irritable cough

Coughing is not an independent clinical picture, but a symptom that can occur in the context of various diseases. Irritant cough can indicate bronchial asthma, pleurisy, and diseases of the heart or stomach. Similarly, certain drugs, such as ACE inhibitors, can cause a dry cough. However, irritable coughing occurs particularly frequently during the course of a cold.

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Study of leisure time activities in children: personal development is more important than school performance

New study on children’s leisure activities: personality development more important than school performance

Almost every second family attaches the greatest importance to the personal development of their offspring, only for every fourth do school performance come first. In contrast, sporting activities with only ten percent and creativity with eight percent agree. This is the result of a current Forsa survey commissioned by Bepanthen to promote children, for which a total of 1,008 parents of children between the ages of 6 and 16 were interviewed.

There are again significant differences with regard to the age and average household income of the families surveyed: While 38 percent of 18- to 39-year-old parents consider the child’s personal development to be particularly important, exactly half of those surveyed over the age of 50 see this years.
The situation is similar for families with an average monthly household income of over 3,000 euros: for every second family, personal development is more important than school performance. Families with an income of less than 3,000 euros per month rate their own personal development and school performance roughly the same, however, and these have to be balanced.

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Study tips for stress-free shopping with children

Shopping stress-free with children Survey results, personal insights and tips on everything to do with family shopping

Children of all ages have beautiful, but also difficult, sides – the latter can be seen quite clearly, for example, in the weekly bulk shopping in the supermarket. In baby age, when the changing table and nursing corner should not be far away, in toddler age, when children can not choose between sitting in the shopping cart and running themselves, or as a school child, when the offspring absolutely want to have the far too sweet crispy cornflakes from advertising – otherwise there is it a drama. No wonder that as a parent you start to sweat. We therefore asked more than 500 parents about their experiences, wishes and problems and put together tips on how to get shopping with children as stress-free as possible.

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Information about your trip to the USA

Your USA trip

Faster, higher, farther … the US is considered the land of opportunity and still the superpower with the largest economy in the world. They are home to the largest corporations, the most visited websites and the most famous brands worldwide. In the US, everything is a little bigger than normal, whether it’s shopping malls, cars or fast food portions.

A destination of superlatives with numerous attractions that has something for (almost) everyone to offer.

USA in a nutshell – some key data

  • Total area: 9,826,675 km²
  • Residents: 327.774.344 (23.05.18)
  • Population density: 33 inhabitants per km²
  • States: 50 states (+ 1 federal district + various island territories)
  • Climate: from arctic to tropical
  • Biggest city: New York City
  • Capital: Washington D.C..
  • Political system: presidential democracy
  • Acting President: Donald Trump
  • Highest elevation: Denali (6190 meters)
  • Deepest point: Badwater in Death Valley (85.5 m below sea level)

The national borders of the United States cover a length of 12,221 kilometers, with the common border with Canada a total of 8,895 km long (2,477 kilometers are located between Alaska and Canada). The border with Mexico is significantly shorter at 3,326 kilometers. The US coastline on the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico covers a total of 19,924 kilometers. In the north-south expansion, the US also brings it to about 2,500 kilometers and an extension of about 4,500 kilometers between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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Study: Children love magazines. Parents too!

popular with kids. Correctly read. And yes, we mean booklets made from good old paper!

The Children’s Media Study 2019 * clearly shows that children between the ages of 6 and 13 can still enjoy reading a magazine today. 74% of this age group read at least one of the 46 children’s magazines offered by the publishing houses and queried in the study.

Children read more, not less

There is a clear trend that our children reach for and read a magazine several times a week even in these digital times: the use of magazines, comics and books has increased by a further 5% compared to 2017 and is now a good 76%.

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The big family tent comparison 2019 - vaude, camp fire and more

The big family tent comparison 2019 – Vaude, Campfire and more

My wife shows me the Amazon page with the family tents.

“I do not want to spend our holidays in such a bunker. You have your outdoor weekends – and we? “

Where she is right, she is right.

I once picked out the five most interesting family tents to alert you to important differences in your selection.

Towards the end, a small guide with the most important questions and answers about the best family tent follows.

But first my personal favorites in advance:

Best family tent – Vaude Badawi Long 6 persons

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Cable cars in Germany

Cable cars in Germany ensure rapid transport to the highlands on the edge of the Alps. While in the summer especially hikers use the mountain railways for a quick ascent, in winter skiers and snowboarders belong to the largest group of users.

Cable cars Germany – Hündlebahn
Photo: © | B.G.

The Alpspitzbahn links the winter sports resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the Garmisch Classic ski area. Unlike the name suggests, the cable car does not lead to the summit of the Alpspitze, but ends at an altitude of 2,033 m below the Osterfelderkopf. Hikers reach via a so-called iron path directly to the summit of the 2,620 m high Alpspitze.

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Stress and addictiveness: Why cell phones are so dangerous for children

Stress and addictiveness Why cell phones are so dangerous for children

Researchers warn of the dangers of excessive cell phone use by children and adolescents.

Düsseldorf Every few minutes, the smartphone is used. The internet-enabled cell phones have become a constant digital companion for children and adolescents. The vast majority of them already have such mobile access to the Internet and handle their communication via it. Whoever has none is excluded. Many parents observe the handling of mixed feelings. Mannheim researchers now agree that the constant digital temptation in your pocket is problematic. Almost every tenth (8 percent) young smartphone owner is at risk of addiction. However, the scientists still consider banishing the multifunction devices not a good idea.

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