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Pain after root canal treatment

Severe pain after root canal treatment – now root tip resection (WSR)?

Strong toothache after a root canal treatment can have different causes. Root canal treatment is necessary whenever caries bacteria, through the dentin, penetrate deeply into the tooth and attack the tooth nerve in the pulp cavity (deep dental caries). Another reason for a root canal treatment is when there is inflammation at the root tips in the jawbone and these can no longer be treated with antibiotics.

In severe inflammation of the tooth, the narcotic has a worse effect, which is why once an antibiotic is prescribed, which is to act against the inflammation.
After successful root canal treatment, the treated tooth should normally show no reaction to cold or warm as the tooth nerve has been removed.

How are the pains in the head? When does a root canal treatment become necessary??

If you are on a particular tooth:
– first suffer from short and triggered by special stimuli pain
– later suffer from throbbing intense pain

In case of root inflammation additionally:
– unpleasant bite pain
– strong heat sensitivity (cold is perceived as pleasant)
– swelling jawbone
– pus on the aching tooth

When do you have to see a dentist??
With the above symptoms, it is advisable to see a dentist immediately, as there are first signs of a tooth nerve inflammation with strong following pain.
The faster the affected tooth can be treated, the higher the chance of success of a tooth rescue!

Strong toothache after root canal treatment
Each tooth is individual, which also refers to the shape of the roots. Some roots have very thin channels that are strongly twisted or crooked.
Even with the highest precision and most careful operation, no dentist can guarantee a successful root canal treatment.
Only after an elapsed time of approx. 6 months, the success of a root canal treatment can be illustrated by X-ray images.
If the pain and inflammation are completely gone, it is a successful root canal treatment. However, if the inflammation in the jawbone has not completely disappeared or even increased, this can have different causes:

– Root filling not completely into the root tip
– Root canals curved – no complete root filling

In both cases, the root canals are not completely closed, and there may still be bacteria and germs in the tooth.

Last Rescue of Inflamed Tooth by Root Tip Resection (WSR)
The last possibility to save the inflamed tooth is by renewed root canal treatment (revision of the root canal filling) or by a root tip resection (WSR).
In the case of root tip resection (WSR), an access to the root tip is created from the outside, through a small hole. The root tip is exposed, the inflammation cleaned and cut off by means of special instruments, the inflamed root tips.

Only after 3-6 months can the success of a root tip resection (ESR) be assessed on the basis of X-ray images.

An abscess or a cyst are possible complications. Even if the root tip resection (WSR) fails, only the removal of the tooth remains (tooth extraction).

Self-help until the dentist appointment
Even with diminishing pain, the affected area must be constantly cooled. In any case, a dentist must be consulted as soon as possible to eliminate the causes.
Painkillers with Ibuprofen® and / or Paracetamol® (NSAID) help against the acute pain.

Why are the toothaches coming at night??
When the tooth nerve is attacked, the typical throbbing toothache develops. Most of the time he calls at night, when you are in a warm bed and most dentists and pharmacies have closed, because the inflamed tissue expands by the heat and then hurts more.

Avoid pain after root canal treatment:

Modern technology for successful root canal treatment and less pain: Electronic root canal treatment with Reciproc Gold

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