Painless implantations under local anesthesia

Painless implantations under local anesthesia

Precise pain elimination during implantation

After a detailed diagnosis and planning, the implantation, the placement of the dental implant takes place. With precise pain cancellation, implants can be made painless. The pain cancellation can be selected individually and tailored to the intervention. Implantations can be performed for the patient without anxiety, relaxed and calm. The implant is used on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, sedation / analgosedation (twilight sleep) or, if desired, under general anesthesia in the jawbone. Most implantology procedures can easily be performed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia.

With the local anesthesia can be performed in most cases a painless treatment. Local anesthesia is sufficient for most implantations. Benefits of local anesthesia include a desired patient assistance during the procedure, low medical risk, and less time and expense. The patient does not need to be cared for by an anesthesiologist and permanently monitored.

For longer and more complex treatments, a patient may be relieved by a slight sedation. Dentists or surgeons often offer sleep drowsiness or sedation to anxious patients or, in the case of complicated procedures for reassurance, in addition to local anesthesia. Sedation is an alternative to general anesthesia. Patients remain conscious throughout the procedure. They are approachable and can respond to instructions. However, patients can not remember the details of the implantation. After waking up, patients are able to recover quickly.

Of the Twilight sleep (analgosedation) can be especially recommended for sensitive patients or anxious patients. Sedation and a tranquilizer make patients more relaxed and calmer. At the same time the sensation of pain is turned off. Patients are put in a relaxed state. Advantage of sedation: A patient does not need to be sober and does not have to undergo a preliminary examination. Sedation can be done promptly and immediately on an outpatient basis. The patient is not exposed to the risks of anesthesia. The lower cost of sedation also means a significantly lower burden on the patient.

The general anesthesia is recommended if many implants are placed or extensive bone augmentation procedures, augmentations are required. In general anesthesia, an experienced anesthesiologist takes care of patients during sleep, during the procedure and during recovery. Before the operation or implantation, the anesthetic is administered to the patient so that he falls gently into deep sleep. The anesthesiologist monitors the body functions with a professional monitoring and checks the vital functions, such as breathing, circulation, blood pressure and heart function. Since the respiratory drive is cushioned under general anesthesia, respiration must be supported during treatment. Various methods are used. Depending on the intervention and individual situation of the patient, a choice can be made between intravenous intubation anesthesia, mask anesthesia and twilight sleep. The individual anesthesia procedures can be combined with a local pain elimination.

Before the procedure, a practitioner usually decides together with the patient after the consultation, which kind of pain elimination is possible for him.

Typically, a normal implant from the first cut to the suturing of the wound takes less than an hour. Pain after an operation should not occur. Complications after placement of a dental implant are rare – implantation is a routine procedure for an experienced practitioner.

Tissue-sparing, minimally invasive procedures reduce the surgical effort and ensure faster wound healing.

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