Painless treatment of anxiety patients frankfurt

Fear patients are in good hands with us – treatment with instinct and empathy – even under general anesthesia – in our dental practice in Frankfurt.

Are you a fear patient?

Have not you been to the dentist for a long time, because the thought of dental treatment causes discomfort, anxiety or even panic? Or are you delaying an upcoming dental treatment for as long as possible and rather accepting a toothache? Are you ashamed because your teeth are neglected or ugly? Are you afraid of the pain of dental treatment??

Do you feel addressed? They are not alone: ​​More than half of the German population count themselves as so-called anxiety patients and experience feelings of anxiety and stress before and during their dental visit or dental treatment.

Here’s the good news: Dentist fear – this does not have to be in the future! You too can have healthy, beautiful teeth and speak and laugh at ease.

We are proud to be one of the top 5 Dentists for anxiety patients in Frankfurt on Jameda and to be listed on ProvenExperts with more than 1100 satisfied patients. Read reviews from our patients!

Where does the fear of dentists come from??

In our long-standing treatment of anxiety patients, we have found that the most common cause of dental anxiety is a traumatic dentist experience at a young age. The dental treatment was either very painful or the patient was overwhelmed by sudden treatment steps that were not previously explained. This usually causes the patient to associate a dental visit with pain and anxiety. Another cause may be reports from friends or family members about bad experiences with the dentist, which have negatively affected the dentist’s own “image”. Even typical sounds and odors at the dentist can trigger negative emotions.

Other reasons for dental fear It can be the fear of pain or the injection – a kind of “fear of anticipation” and a feeling of helplessness and abandonment, because you can not speak well during treatment and do not really understand what is being done or what is coming.

Dentist fear: possible consequences

The fear of visiting a dentist often leads to the patient not going to the dentist for years. This in turn can lead to an increasing deterioration of the dental health.
Teeth that are easy with one filling could have been treated, are often completely destroyed and beyond saving. root inflammation, Caries, Bleeding or falling gums (periodontitis), loosening of teeth and even halitosis are more consequences.

But not only the oral health can be impaired, the self-confidence of a fear patient can suffer as well, because you are reluctant to show bad teeth.

Fear patients are in good hands with us – what we can do for you.

Before treatment: We take anxiety patients seriously!

Please leave us already Know before your first appointment if you are an anxiety patient. During a detailed consultation we will work with you to find out exactly what you expect from us and how you want to be treated by us. For example, some patients do not want to address the issue of anxiety at all, others want to talk about it. When you come to us for the first time, you become one receiving sheet fill in so that we get to know you better. Please write too much rather than too little when asked, “What do you expect from us?”.

During the treatment

During the treatment we take care of it, that the patient always feels in control. The practitioner and his team take a lot of time, always Explain exactly what is being done and what sounds and sensations are to be expected, so there are no surprises. Also, we do not use any technical terms that may lead to misunderstandings or confusion because we want the patient to understand exactly what steps and why these steps are taken.

Treatment without pain

The team of our dental practice specializes in treating you painlessly. With our modern treatment methods laser, Special implants and Intraoral camera such as low-radiation digital x-ray you do not need to be afraid of pain. On request, we also provide the treatment general anesthesia by.
Therefore, you as a fear patient do not have to rely on us implants or medical dental treatments without. If necessary, we treat you under general anesthesia. Also attaching Non-prep veneers is absolutely painless, since it does not have to be drilled.

Anesthesia without injections and without pain

On request, we can now also make our local anesthetic much more pleasant and even painless. The novel SAT system & The Wand (The Magic Wand) is one computer-controlled dental anesthesia without syringe, which makes up for many of the disadvantages of conventional syringes.

You do not have to be ashamed!

Fear patients who have not been to the dentist for a long time are often ashamed of their neglected teeth. You do not need that. Our treater and assistants We fully understand your situation and try to make your treatment as pleasant as possible.

feel-good atmosphere

Another, as we find important point, is one aesthetic and pleasant atmosphere in the dental office. We want you to join us already practice feel good. This also means that it does NOT smell like a dentist with us.

Sensitive and caring practice team

Our dental practice P. Tomovic in Frankfurt has been at one for many years empathetic and painless treatment of anxiety patientst. We take you as anxious patients very seriously, are targeted to your fears and desires and treat you with tact and empathy. All patients will be from the dentist and his team caring and caring.

Our goal is that you are no longer afraid of the dentist!

Our dental practice is recommended by many of our patients mainly because of our empathetic and painless treatment methods.

These are not empty promises. You can convince yourself if you follow the recommendations of our patients and read.

Want to know more about our painless and sensitive treatments?

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