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Painting, handicrafts and creative actions with children

To our animation programs also belongs together Painting and crafting.

We are happy to present you with some suggestions for your children’s birthday party, children’s area at the wedding or at a larger children’s party, street party. You have a say in what is made. We bring everything with us: material, painting aprons, templates and … our experience and commitment :-)

If you have a Christmas party or Entertaining clients With family plans, we adapt our crafting patterns to your company or message!

Children love to let off steam creatively! Since most of our employees are educators or come from the artistic field and have a lot of handicraft experience, there are hardly any limits to the children’s imagination. We are also happy to adapt to the topic of the event or the industry.

birthday party

If you have a motto for your children’s birthday party, it makes sense to tinker with it, e.g. Swords, swords or protective shields for a knight’s party, crowns, chains for a princess celebration or telescope, treasure chests for the little pirates and and and …

A common handicraft round is a good opportunity for the children to find themselves at the party by "coming down". A breather for the children, parents and entertainers, which also strengthens group loyalty.

How about a common WERK, common picture for the birthday child or wedding couple? A great reminder as a gift!


Raffini Kinderevents tinkers almost exclusively with conviction and passion Recycling materials!

We want to bring recycling crafting closer to children – it is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and creative! For you as a commercial customer, it also has a positive image.

We want to be on the spot thank everyone, which for us permanently wine corks, yogurt cups, cardboard rolls, etc. collect. We need large quantities in the long term, which we as a family and team cannot “produce” ourselves. Would you like to collect for us? Please feel free to contact us, here is the list of the required recycling materials.

Craft templates, instructions

In our blog and in the You Tube channel (see VIDEOS on our homepage), as well as some handicraft tutorials, instructions as inspiration.

Some of the handicrafts ideas you can see in the picture gallery.

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