Pajamas for children – babies: parents must pay attention to this

Children’s pajamas & Babies: Parents need to pay attention to this

Pajamas for children and babies are available in different designs. Numerous colorful patterns and motifs are available for boys and girls. Which pajamas are suitable for your own child?

What parents at the Selection of the optimal pajamas for your child and how expensive a children’s pajamas should be, we reveal in this article.

Pajama variants for children and babies

Pajamas on and off to bed! ”A sentence that no child likes to hear. But children need a long and restful sleep, to process all the experiences of the day. It has a supporting effect choosing the right pajamas.

For pajamas for children in sizes 104-176, parents can choose between depending on the season long and short two-piece series.

In infants are often in sizes 56/62/68 one piece available. These have the advantage of being in the diaper area by push buttons can be opened and it is easier to swaddle at night. Two-piece sets can also have the disadvantage that children get cold in the abdomen at night if they move around a lot at night.

The baby is carrying a sleeping bag, a body is enough to undergo, otherwise the baby will sweat. However, they have the advantage that the baby has only limited freedom of movement. This prevents before sudden child death.

Are in winter Winter pajamas for babies recommended to avoid cooling down.

Parents should keep this in mind when buying pajamas for their children and babies

Ultimately, the same criteria apply here as for the adult pajamas:

  • Since the pajamas lie directly on the skin of babies and children, it is essential to ensure that the pajamas skin-friendly and breathable is. Cotton, viscose and flannel are particularly suitable for children’s pajamas. It is about natural fibers, that do not irritate the skin and are absorbent.
  • Parents should avoid synthetic materials, such as. Polyester. They hardly absorb the sweat and do not regulate the body temperature, so that the child sweats quickly.
  • On Terrycloth or flannel pajamas is the >Cute pajamas for girls

In different categories we present here the most beautiful pajamas for girls, by affordable models to the luxury class. So there is something for every taste and the individual needs of the child.

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