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If you don’t have a car, sooner or later you won’t be able to live without bike bags. These are a real salvation, especially for larger purchases.

Everyone knows the dangerous journeys when both the luggage rack and both handlebars are loaded with shopping bags. You have to wiggle your way through the traffic meter by meter and hope not to get out of balance. It is particularly dangerous that ordinary shopping bags can easily get into the spokes and cause a fall.

Bicycle bags are used here. Regardless of whether they are attached to the handlebars or luggage racks, they ensure a much safer ride and you can easily transport more than in simple bags. With a little patience, it is not difficult to find the right panniers for your needs. This makes shopping and cycling tours more comfortable.

And to answer a question right away. It is generally not possible to install a child seat and a bicycle bag at the same time (i.e. at the rear or front). Not only that the assembly points are usually not sufficient for this, no, footrests and bags usually also get in the way.

Whether handlebar bags can also be mounted on the luggage rack and vice versa, luggage rack bags also essentially depend on the mounting options and shapes, as well as the dimensions of the bags. In principle this is certainly possible, but in principle there are special bike bags for both the front and the rear wheel.

Important before you buy

Before deciding on a bike bag, you should clarify a few questions for yourself. This is the only way to be satisfied with the product later. One should be clear about what space there is in the pannier and for what purposes it should be used. It makes a big difference whether you want to transport heavy or light objects.

It is also important to know whether a single compartment is sufficient or if you want different compartments within the bag, in which you can store the various utensils. Another important question is the weather in which you are moving. If you can do without riding in bad weather, you should choose other bags than bike tour fans.

Crime in your own city or in the cities in which you move also plays a role when buying bags. The more insecure the respective areas are, the more useful are well-secured pocket models.

Furthermore, you have to ask yourself if you are looking for one Panniers or after one handlebar bag and what design it should have. Mostly you can choose between subtle and eye-catching designs. Special designs for men and women are now also available.

What to consider when buying

As soon as you have answered the roughest questions for yourself, you can go one step further and think more carefully about the purchase. If you want to go on longer tours with a pannier, you should put both a handlebar bag and luggage rack bags. The latter should be attached on the left as well as on the right, so that one does not get into an imbalance. The luggage carrier bags should then have a large compartment where possible, in which as much as possible can be packed.

The seams should be sewn as well as possible so that the bike panniers hold. A well-fitting closure is also important. Especially on longer bike tours, it makes sense if you can lock the bike bags and protect them from thieves.

So that the bags can be easily assembled and disassembled as required, you should either choose a model with the KLICKFix system or a variant with Velcro. In any case, the bags must not move while driving, but must remain in their position very quietly. Even in rough terrain and under heavy loads, there should be no pendulum movements.

Especially on longer tours or for everyone who relies on their bikes in wind and weather, it is important that the panniers are special waterproof are. Models with rain protection can withstand a little shower, but are usually not for the pouring rain. In addition, the rain cover does not always cover all sides optimal from.

If you want to carry clothes in your pockets, you should go to PVC-free made models pay attention. These have no unpleasant smell that is on clothing transfer could.

The handlebar bag is a card slot Particularly practical so that you always have the map in view during tours. Handlebar bags also make sense in the city, as you can store valuables there more safely than on the luggage rack. Ideally, the bags fit on every handlebar or at least can be adjusted. You should also be completely waterproof. With small bags, it is practical if they can be folded up very small and are particularly light. So they easily disappear into your handbag when you enter a shop.

Carrier bags, on the other hand, are particularly practical when they are risers have. In this way, they are simply converted into a backpack when shopping.

Saddlebags are the perfect addition to the other types of bags. They are attached under the saddle. For example, bandages and the like can be stowed away well there.

Next all Functionality, a saddle bag should of course always correspond to personal taste. The models are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs, so there is something for every taste.

The price also plays a not negligible role in the selection. Basically, if you want to have something from your saddlebag for a long time, you should focus on quality and rather spend a little more money. When processing the seams, you quickly notice the difference.


Most bike bags do not require special care. It is sufficient to wipe them regularly with a damp cloth and to let them dry well after a rain shower. They should not be kept wet when folded, otherwise mold can form.

Which pannier suits whom?

It is difficult to say which bike bag will suit who in the end. Basically, bags are suitable for the luggage rack if you want to transport a lot. It does not matter whether it is tours or shopping.

Handlebar bags are for everyone who doesn’t have to carry a lot or want to add to their large bags. Saddlebags are also a good addition to larger bags and are good companions, especially on long trips. In the end, everyone should decide for themselves which bike bags they really need and want.


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